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Donald Trump Ymca Dance

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 08 November, 2020
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The Daily Caller tweeted a video of the president grooving on the stage to the Village People’s YMCA after a rally in Florida on October 12: “Many Takeovers are pairing their videos with a particular mashup of two songs: Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ and Savage’s ‘Swing,'” the outlet said.

trump donald ymca dance


Donald Trump posted a last-minute campaign video of him dancing to YMCA as Americans head to the polls to determine the next leader of the country. Mr Trump has regularly used the '70s disco song to close out his rallies during his 2020 re-election campaign, despite the band asking them not to use their hit tune.

Mr Trump has also been using Village People classic ‘Macho Man’ to close out his raucous campaign rallies. The last-minute video was posted as Americans head to the polls today to choose between Mr Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden.

Greeting supporters in Sanford, Florida Monday, Trump, at one point, showed off his best moves as the Village People's hit song YMCA played. The Monday evening event came less than two weeks after the president announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus, setting off a string of diagnoses in the White House.

Instead of performing the iconic YMCA dance routine by spelling the letters with his arms, Trump opted for subtler hand and leg motions. Prevnext For many, the conversation quickly turned back to the president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has faced increased criticism.

The president has faced increased scrutiny following his own coronavirus diagnosis and his decision to return to the campaign trail so quickly. Prevnext While Trump's dance moves certainly gained plenty of attention, Anderson Cooper's reaction to it was just as popular.

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Shortly after, the Village People released a statement on Facebook in which they said that “since our music is not being used for a specific endorsement, the President's use is 'perfect' legal.” Noting that Trump had “remained respectful in his use of our songs and has not crossed the line,” they added that”“our music is all-inclusive and certainly everyone is entitled to do the YMCA dance, regardless of their political affiliation.

POTUS DonaldTrump's presidential campaign anthem made somewhat of a comeback on Monday night, January 4 as he did his dad dance on stage to the song YMCA. Trump was seen dancing while at the YMCA at the Senate runoff rally located in Dalton, Georgia.

Another user added, “It still baffles me why they insist on playing a gay anthem to a crowd of homophones.” “I find it ironic that Donald ends his rallies with a gay anthem song about consensual anonymous sex amongst random men at the YMCA.

Using YMCA as your stick dance song (which celebrated gay sex in the steam room) is really f×cking stupid don't you think?” Back in October, the Village People's lead singer Victor Scorpio spoke to BBC and said that he had asked Trump to stop playing his songs and music at presidential rallies and had even threatened to take legal action against Trump.

However, in November, Willis had said that would let Trump keep playing the song and won't file a lawsuit. At the rally, Trump spent much of his time focused on his own White House loss and said, “Hello Georgia.

trump rally ymca florida dancing dances grandma internet potus splits working dance donald meaww getty

We had earlier reported that Trump was heard on an hour-long call with the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, to “find” enough votes to overturn his defeat on Saturday, January 2. Trump was heard pressuring Raffensperger and other officials to look for enough votes in the state's presidential election so that he can be declared the winner, according to a shocking audio clip that was obtained by CBS News.

DonaldTrump's presidential campaign anthem made something of a comeback Monday night as he dad danced on stage to the YMCA at the Senate runoff rally in Dalton, Georgia. The president launched into some awkward shuffling and fist-pumping to the Village People song at the close of the last-ditch rally held to try to drum up support for the two GOP candidates Kelly Offer and David Purdue.

But in November Willis said he would let Trump keep playing the song and a lawsuit wouldn't be filed. Trump dancing to the YMCA at a rally at Maricopa Lock Executive Airport in Miami, Florida, on November 2Several people took to social media to comment on the return with many quipping that Trump and his supporters must still not know 'what the song is about' as it is most well-known as an anthem among the LGBTQ+ community Trump's dance Monday brought an end to the rally where Republicans hoped to win over voters to take to the polls in support of Offer and Purdue Tuesday.

Despite attending to back the candidates in Tuesday's election, Trump spent much of the rally focusing on his own loss in the White House race. Trump then demanded Vice President Mike Pence 'come through for us' when he is set to announce President-elect Joe Biden the election winner at a Congressional session on January 6.

Also, at the event, Offer reinforced her claims earlier in the day that she would join 12 other GOP senators in challenging the Electoral College count. Trump's dance Monday brought an end to the rally where Republicans hoped to win over voters to take to the polls in support of Offer and Purdue TuesdayDespite attending to back the candidates in Tuesday's election, Trump spent much of the rally focusing on his own loss in the White House race Trump's trip to the Peach State came hours after President-elect Joe Biden held a rival campaign event in Atlanta Monday afternoon to try to give a final campaign boost to Democrat candidates Jon Scoff and Rev.

trump donald gifs dance tenor america hd

By electing Jon and the reverend, you can break the gridlock that has gripped Washington,' he added. If the two Democrats win, the party will hold a 50-50 split meaning Vice President-elect Kamala Harris then has the deciding vote on matters.

If one or both of the Republicans win they will take control, likely making it difficult for the Biden administration to pass policies through the Senate. But hours later he vowed to attend the event and tweeted urging people to vote.

Trump's presence at the event was cast in doubt in the wake of the leak of his phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad RaffenspergerHis presence at the event was cast in more doubt Monday in the wake of the leak of his phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, appearing to show the president desperately trying to pressure the official to 'find' votes to turn the state red. Raffensperger leaked Saturday's phone call and the conversation was first released by the Washington Post Sunday.

Subscribe Anew video encouraging people to get out and vote features Donald Trump dancing to YMCA. Trump is known for his dancing and wild antics at his rallies, and he’s been put to several pieces of music, even including some hard metal.

Whether you’re for the current President or want to go with Joe Biden, that’s your business, what’s important is you make your voice count. It doesn’t look like we’ll know tonight with all the mail-ins flooding the ballots, but hopefully this week we will have a clear and concise winner.

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Don’t forget to visit Rocker for all the latest exciting news on all of your favorite daytime television soaps. President Donald Trump, a man who is famously particular about his appearance, is fully embracing doing a dad dance to the Village People’s YMCA as the finale to his rallies in the campaign’s closing stretch.

Backstage, top staff and campaign aides often join in with the more traditional take, using their bodies to spell out Y-M-C-A to the strains of the cheesy ’70s anthem. Trump ’s rally dance has become a rare moment of levity in an otherwise miserable campaign year marked by a deadly pandemic, an economic recession and racial turmoil.

And while Trump has largely been shunned by pop culture, the dance has spawned a viral TikTok video challenge (even though he’s threatened to ban the site in the U.S.) and a parody on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Then order ‘Dancing with The Don’t and let President Trump teach you all the hottest moves!” Colbert’s show advertised in a parody infomercial.

Trump ’s campaign staff and family members have also been promoting clips and copycats as the president trails in most national polls and in many battleground states just two weeks out from Election Day. The efforts to make the dance “a thing” come as the president has been trying to demonstrate his vigor after returning to the campaign trail following his infection with the coronavirus, which put him in the hospital for three nights.

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