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Donald Trump Voice Generator

Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Codes is best at mimicking the voices of Sir David Attenborough, Craig Ferguson, Sam Altman, and Gilbert Gottfried, but even those models struggle with unorthodox words and expressions. Things only get worse when we move onto voices the AI is less familiar with, like those of Hillary Clinton, John Oliver, or Tupac Shakur.

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That’s what happened when I entered a sentence including the words “Tesla” and “Elon Musk,” for instance. The difference in quality between voices is most obviously manifested in the way the AI stitches together words and sentences.

From hip star Kanye West to famous stand-up comedian Ellen, you can find top most Hollywood actors, actresses, singers, and other notable personalities to create short, funny, and witty videos. Let’s see the steps to use this celebrity text to speech website to create short parody videos.

It was entertaining checking out Headliners Voices to let celebrities like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Ellen, and many more to speak whatever I want. All you have to do is specify the text to make celebrities speak some dumb, funny, or sarcastic sentences.

It uses the program, a tool currently in beta that allows users to create custom narrations of words and phrases. Created by Phillip Pastor, who has uploaded more than 1,600 different words spoken by Trump (and promises to continue adding more), Say It With Trump is the hip, ironic way to order food, participate in phone conferences and propose to your long-time significant others.

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National Press secretary for the Trump 2020 campaign, and I am joined this morning by the talented the beautiful the brilliant Mercedes senior adviser for strategic Communications Mercy Welcome. I mean early voting has started 10 days down.

The people excited and enthusiastic about this president and looks like we're in a wonderful but this morning we are coming to you live from our campaign headquarters and just moments from now we will be joining President Trump as he cast his early in the Great State of Florida. Breaking news, But I'm pretty sure I know who he's going to vote for.

I'm going to wait and let him say it to the press, but I think he wants the four more years of peace and prosperity. I've to make sure we keep the Senate and vote Republicans those ballot those rolling blackouts in California, probably wreak havoc with that $20000 refrigerator.

You know, it's always going to be good, but we'll also be discussing the importance of voting in this historic election and what's at stake and let me tell you all you viewers out there you all need to vote and vocally the lines are long, but don't get discouraged. You're absolutely right mercy and either glide or President Trump will be tasked with overseeing the economic recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic, and we know that only one of these men has the proven record on economic recovery.

President Trump built the greatest economy in the history of the world once before is already doing it again. Jobs lost in the pandemic now there's still a long ways to go, but President Trump because under his leadership, we are witnessing the fastest labor market with three for economic crisis in history On the other hand, Joe Biden reside over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression well locked down Joe right, I mean, absolutely we have to talk a fact that when we were watching this debate, I wanna definitely get your impression what you've got about the debate.

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Uh for many reasons, obviously the present showing he understands the issues facing his country. He's the only one who has a record of passing policies that have improved people's lives regardless of race, religion or creed.

At the position of the president laid out pretty clearly, but for Joe to lock the country down again to get rid of the industry, ten and a half million pubs and admit that open by the way a little slit in there. I think that was a very telling went in the camp in the debate, which was when he made a statement attacking the oil industry, which the president was like.

Really, you know I think marrying himself off to the far left to the party like a like Bernie Sanders and going after an industry that has provided so much uh opportunity so much uh wealth into our economy so many investments into our economy even the oil industry themselves. Uh are ones that focus on how they can balance economic growth with taking care of our environment.

So I thought it was a very big moment in the debate and when the president unleashed the energy, we became a net. Reporter for the first time in decades, I mean in decades now look that means more than just having you know cheaper prices when you put in your car or a lower bill when you're heating or cooling your home, it's a national security threat to rely on the whims of China in the Middle East and Russia on energy production and Joe Biden wants to take us back to the state of where we're having to rely on other nations for our energy.

Side by side in their vision of the country, and I love the fact that president be prevented Joe Biden from pointing forward to 47 years because there was no you know no positive thing he ever did for the American people. Everything he did do crushed the American worker, killing our jobs, but he couldn't point forward because like you said with the energy industry, it's all Green New Deal socialist agenda open borders and making us pay for illegal immigrants.

So if you've got your friends out there who might still be on the fence and as we know uh it doesn't seem like there's a lot of those people left. I mean we just had this experience, a friend of mine literally sent me a text and said I've always I knew I was going to vote for Donald Trump.

Everybody uh the media is obviously very critical, they basically blamed the president for Kobe, which is absolutely outrageous, even using that as a political strategy and the president said, We have to reopen our condoms safely reopen our schools safely and responsibly, and he looked at Joe Biden says because you just wanna lock down because you're done, you're gonna lock down in the basement and I thought that was a very telling moment as well in the debate. Absolutely true and what was funny was Joe Biden tried to have it both ways many times in the day and that was another one, we said.

We cannot afford that let me the people who have suck everything they ended starting up a business for example, have been ruined by these lock downs now understand it was a difficult to say president had to do it, but in addition to the economic impact, we're long-lasting health impacts because of this shutdown you would do it again. The shutdown and the fallout we see now from health experts and medical experts who tell that it disproportionately affects those areas because of the higher rates now abuse both physical and mental uh schools.

Ireland so your missile meals forget the actual education aspect of it where the kids aren't learning anything from here um but also we're seeing grades, and we're seeing depression anxiety people aren't going for their cancer screenings. So it's clearly something that the president's on the right side of the American people are well I'm hearing, and we're getting close.

President showing up to the polling location, which we're looking forward to that so stay with us. He's will see him shortly um you know in the meantime, I think one of the other components we're seeing I think, especially when it comes to the present strong response on Cove with Operation Works.

Tell your friends about the fact that the presence working to develop vaccine yet that therapeutics to mark this man is working day in day out so that we defeat the virus that we are not scared of this virus. We're not going to let the virus dominate lives.

That's a priority, but I do want to say that wrap up on the debate the president reminded voters why they voted for him in the first place. They hold up the Trump kids to Congress her evidence whatsoever as a way to go Russia witch hunt hoax that was totally fake and made up now we know by the Clinton campaign, and they're not even asking and I understand people watching this really do want to know what flavor milkshake Joe Biden is into now even he could not write.

And vanilla, it's clearly not even he's just gonna, but it just shows a level and a pattern of being kind of inside um a mentality of we're going to use our taxpayer dollars to profit here for our, you know he did low very close buttons and if anyone knows about corruption, it's bill and Hillary Clinton. They were sources they ended suspending their They ended up suspending our campaign account um, and they're not allowing for the conversation to occur and let American people decide.

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