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Donald Trump Response

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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Instead, the president spent the month obsessing over unfounded claims of a stolen election, delaying relief legislation before signing it, weighing in on cable news broadcasts and lashing out at members of his own party. And, on Thursday, the last day of the month and the year, Trump tweeted a video in which he boasted about his administration's response to the pandemic.

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The nation reported more than 6.1 million new infections and more than 74,140 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The latest totals make December the deadliest month of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States, surpassing April, when more than 60,738 Americans lost their lives to the coronavirus.

In a recorded message released Thursday, Trump took the lion's share of the credit for the unprecedented speed in the development of vaccines calling the feat a “medical miracle.” “We're doing numbers now like nobody's ever seen before, including having the highest stock market in the history of the world,” Trump said, adding “the best is yet to come” in his sign off.

Trump, who spent the past week vacationing at his private club in Palm Beach, Florida, returned to the White House on Thursday as lawmakers debated legislation that would increase COVID-19 relief payments to $2,000 amid historic unemployment and business closures. Trump, despite a slew of failed legal challenges, has not conceded the election to Democrat Joe Biden, who will be inaugurated Jan. 20.

The president's refusal to address other aspects of the unfolding public health disaster comes as the governors of Colorado and California confirm a new and potentially more infectious strain of Covid-19 in their states. But health officials have warned that a vaccine won't give the country immediate relief from the outbreak.

The nation's health officials have previously said their goal is to vaccinate at least 20 million Americans with their first shots before the end of the year. Instead, the president spent the month obsessing over unfounded claims of a stolen election and lashing out at members of his own party.

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Twitter users came to Dr. Anthony Fauci's defense after President Donald Trump railed against the media for giving the nation’s top infectious disease expert the credit for the COVID-19 response instead of his administration. “Something how Dr. Fauci is revered by the LameSt ream Media as such a great professional, having done, they say, such an incredible job, yet he works for me and the Trump Administration, and I am in no way given any credit for my work,” he wrote on Twitter Sunday.

The tweet prompted a number of netizens to defend Fauci and the media coverage of the health expert, insisting that he, along with other scientists and healthcare workers, deserve to get the praise due to their contributions during the pandemic. This has resulted in 350,000 deaths, most of which were preventable,” one Twitter user wrote.

Dr. Fauci is a world leading physician while Trump is losing his job in 17 days. All credit given to Dr. Fauci and the other scientists and healthcare workers during this time.

Other Twitter users slammed Trump for the way he handled the COVID-19 pandemic, accusing him of downplaying the crisis. Amid the backlash caused by his tweet, Trump's followers remained firm in their support of him.

Many expressed their gratitude for the way the president led the country in the past four years. “The fake news media will never give Trump credit for anything.

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Top government scientist Anthony Fauci said he has “never publicly endorsed any political candidate” after Donald Trump released a reelection ad that seemed to show him praising the president's response to the coronavirus pandemicPhoto: AFP / SAUL Lob The former First Lady criticized the outgoing President over his response to the coronavirus health crisis as she said the virus was “downplayed for far too long.” The rant was part of a thread calling on residents of the state of Georgia to vote in the Senate runoff elections.

The recording, which was leaked to the Washington Post, features Mr Trump instructing Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who is also a Republican. The President is allegedly heard telling Mr Raffensperger “I just want to find 11,780 votes”, enough to flip him the key state.

In the recording, Mr Trump allegedly added he faces a “big risk” if he does not follow the instructions. Since losing the election last November, Mr Trump has reiterated unfounded claims the vote was rigged to give Joe Biden the victory.

Michelle Obama criticized Donald Trump over his response to the coronavirus health crisis (Image: Getty) The alleged conversation sparked concerns among analysts, who took to Twitter to question Mr Trump ’s state of mind.

Kyle Cheney, a reporter for Politico, tweeted: Trump yesterday demanded Georgia's Secretary of State to concoct nonexistent votes and warned he could be criminally liable if he didn’t. And as the mob descended on the building Wednesday, Justice Department leaders reached out to offer up FBI agents.

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Despite plenty of warnings of a possible insurrection and ample resources and time to prepare, the Capitol Police planned only for a free speech demonstration. Still stinging from the uproar over the violent response by law enforcement to protests last June near the White House, officials also were intent on avoiding any appearance that the federal government was deploying active duty or National Guard troops against Americans.

The result is the U.S. Capitol was overrun Wednesday and officers in a law enforcement agency with a large operating budget and experience in high-security events protecting lawmakers were overwhelmed for the world to see. The actions of the day also raise troubling concerns about the treatment of mainly white Trump supporters, who were allowed to roam through the building for hours, while Black and brown protesters who demonstrated last year over police brutality faced more robust and aggressive policing.

Acevedo said he has attended events on the Capitol grounds to honor slain police officers that had higher fences and a stronger security presence than what he saw on video Wednesday. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said that as the rioting was underway, it became clear that the Capitol Police were overrun.

But he said there was no contingency planning done in advance for what forces could do in case of a problem at the Capitol because Defense Department help was turned down. U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sound, under pressure from Schumer, Pelosi and other congressional leaders, was forced to resign.

There were signs for weeks that violence could strike on Jan. 6, when Congress convened for a joint session to finish counting the Electoral College votes that would confirm Democrat Joe Biden had won the presidential election. The leader of the far-right extremist group Proud Boys was arrested coming into the nation’s capital this week on a weapons charge for carrying empty high-capacity magazines emblazoned with their logo.

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McCarthy said law enforcement’s intelligence estimates of the potential crowd size in the run-up to the protests “were all over the board,” from a low of 2,000 to as many as 80,000. Barricades were set up on the plaza in front of the building, but police retreated from the line and a mob of people broke through.

Sound, the Capitol Police chief, said he had expected a display of “First Amendment activities” that instead turned into a “violent attack.” But Gus Papathanasiou, head of the Capitol Police union, said planning failures left officers exposed without backup or equipment against surging crowds of rioters. The Justice Department, FBI and other agencies began to monitor hotels, flights and social media for weeks and were expecting large crowds.

Mayor Muriel Bowser had warned of impending violence for weeks, and businesses had closed in anticipation. The Justice Department’s offer for FBI support as the protesters grew violent was rejected by the Capitol Police, according to the two people familiar with the matter.

The acting U.S. attorney in the District of Columbia, Michael Sherwin, said the failure to arrest more people am making their jobs harder. “Look, we have to now go through cell site orders, collect video footage to try to identify people and then charge them, and then try to execute their arrest.

So that has made things challenging, but I can’t answer why those people weren’t zip-tied as they were leaving the building by the Capitol Police.” Associated Press writers Ben Fox, Mary Clare Janice, Andrew Taylor and Ashraf Khalil contributed to this report.

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Critics have detailed what they believe are striking differences between how US President Donald Trump dealt with Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters and the ongoing situation in the US Capitol. “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won't let that happen, Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way.

On Thursday as Pro- Trump rioters stormed the US capitol building, smashing windows, planting pipe bombs, tearing down fencing, and fighting police, Trump simply asked for “peace”. It became obvious the tear gas was used to clear the crowd so that Trump could have his picture taken outside the church, holding a bible.

The visit followed an announcement from Trump at the White House where he declared himself to be the “President of law and order” and demanded Governors deploy the National Guard in states where unrest was ongoing. In a pre-recorded speech posted to Twitter, Trump told the Capitol mob he “loved” them and continued to spread false claims of election fraud.

CNN's Abby Phillip also spoke on Trump's response to the situation in the Capitol compared to BLM protests calling it “incredibly shameful”. She explained that every block in Washington was locked down during BLM protests and now she is witnessing little to no action being taken.

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