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Donald Trump Quotes

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Born: June 14, 1946, Occupation: 45th President of the United States Cite this Page: Citation He received his bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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He started many other side businesses too including owning the Miss Universe Brand of beauty pageants (from 1996-2015), producing The Apprentice (from 2003-2015), and many licensing deals. Without further ado, we present the most controversial and noteworthy quotes from President Trump.

I don’t know, I guess I should copyright it, maybe I have copyrighted it.” My Fox New York, March 2015 On Hillary Clinton: “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?” Twitter, April 16, 2015, On fighting terrorism: “If you look at Saddam Hussein, he killed terrorists. So when he said, we were safe, that’s not safe.” Fox News Sunday, October 18, 2015, On Rand Paul: “I never attacked him on his looks, and believe me, there’s plenty of subject right there.” Source: CNN Republican debate, September 16, 2015, On why he’s the right candidate: “I’m the most successful person ever to run for the presidency, by far.

“A president cannot defend a nation if he is not held accountable to its laws.” Dushanbe Stokes “The reality was that the United States in 2017 was tethered to the words and actions of an emotionally overwrought, mercurial and unpredictable leader.

“Yet behind all the populist hot air, and the big shot persona, is a man who is very cunning. As a real estate mogul worth billions, a man like Donald Trump knows how to relate to an audience better than a politician.

“Some say America's forgotten working' men rose up in a single, inchoate scream of rage at a system that for too long had provided them with nothing but empty promises, bad trade deals, and government-subsidized carbs. Some claim it's from a generation weaned on talk radio, Fox News, and the comments sections of a million tea party websites.

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In the case of Trump, there are also the continual tweets and right-wing and Christian right programming through radio and television. The relentless programming streaming from both ends of the political spectrum is pushing supporters ever deeper into Trump country. This brings me to an important point and a key aspect of my approach.

In my experience, telling a person that they are brainwashed, that they are in a cult, or that they are following a false god, is doomed to fail. It puts them immediately on the defensive, confirms you are a threat, possibly an enemy, and reinforces their indoctrination.

“We know from subsequent leaks that the president was indeed presented with information about the seriousness of the virus and its pandemic potential beginning at least in early January 2020. And we’re going to have a great victory.” On April 3, with 275,586 cases and 7,087 deaths, he again said, “It is going to go away.” He continued, repeating himself: “It is going away.… I said it’s going away, and it is going away.” In remarks on June 23, when the United States had 126,060 deaths and roughly 2.5 million cases, he said, “We did so well before the plague, and we’re doing so well after the plague.

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