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Donald Trump Press Conference

Brent Mccoy
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders called the exchange “pretty pathetic” and wrote on Twitter that Trump “is a coward who tears down others to make himself feel powerful.” It wouldn't be the first time Jiang was confronted by racist remarks at the White House.

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Jiang wrote on Twitter in March that a White House official, who she did not name, had referred to the coronavirus as the “Lungful” to her face. Other critics suggested the exchange was laced with sexism.

“The President's unprofessional ism is always revealed most clearly when he is interacting with female reporters,” tweeted Olivia Nazi, Washington correspondent for New York Magazine. A spokesperson for CBS News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Wait Jiang, a White House correspondent for CBS News, asked the President why he sees coronavirus testing as a global competition when more than 80,000 Americans have died. Trump attempted to move on by calling on Kaitlin Collins, a White House correspondent for CNN, but Jiang interjected with a follow-up question.

Asked Jiang, who was visibly taken aback by Trump's demand. He made no mention of his ongoing struggle to overturn the results of the election during his remarks Tuesday afternoon, which lasted about 62 seconds in total.

Rather, Trump bragged about the stock market's latest milestone, which came as the U.S. economy continues to recover from the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic earlier in the year. The stock market, Dow Jones Industrial Average just hit 30,000, which is the highest in history,” Trump said in the briefing room.

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Neither Trump nor any other official responded to the stream of questions shouted out from the White House press corps. He was scheduled to appear again later Tuesday afternoon in the Rose Garden, where he and first lady Melania Trump are set to present the national Thanksgiving turkey, a White House tradition.

He also repeated multiple conspiracy theories that his legal team have cited in arguing, without evidence, that he was the victim of widespread electoral fraud. Rather, those suit have sought to block states from certifying the results of their elections by arguing, among other claims, that swaths of ballots should be discarded from final vote tallies.

The unexpected site of the press conference, a local landscaping business located near a sex shop and a crematorium, led to speculation that the Trump campaign meant to book the upscale Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia, five city blocks from the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where Philadelphia's ballots were being counted. Shortly after Giuliani began talking to the assembled reporters, the Associated Press projected Biden as the winner of the Pennsylvania vote and thus the presidential election.

Several news outlets characterized the event as symbolizing the end of Trump's presidency, although he had not conceded the election and his campaign's legal actions continued. The event was ridiculed by journalists and users of social media.

In response to the press conference, a Four Seasons-themed charity run was created, and the landscaping company capitalized on the newfound attention by selling T-shirts and other merchandise. On November 5, campaign spokespeople Corey Lewandowski and Pam Bond attempted to talk to the media just outside the convention center about a court ruling that allowed campaign observers to stand closer to the counting tables.

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Pro-Biden demonstrators nearby played Beyoncé's Party so loudly that Bond could not be heard. Lewandowski decided the Trump campaign needed to find a venue where such disruption was less likely, in a part of the city where voters had been more supportive of Trump's candidacy.

Early on November 7, Trump tweeted the location of the press conference as “Four Seasons”. Shortly afterwards he issued another tweet, clarifying that the venue was Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

According to The New York Times, Trump's team had intended to hold the press conference at the landscapers, but the president thought they meant the upscale Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia in Center City. “In reality, the mistake was not in the booking, but in a garbled game of telephone,” The New York Times wrote.

PBS reporter Daniel Bush said an unnamed company representative told him the Trump campaign had called and said their location “was close to an exit on I-95, and was secure, and that's why they wanted to use it.” The local Republican ward leader told The Philadelphia Inquirer that he was not notified in advance and that neither Four Seasons' owner Marie Strabo nor anyone in her family were particularly involved in local politics.

She had expressed support for Trump on a Facebook page in August, but was not exceptionally vocal, saying “we don't need to invite him for dinner.” It was later revealed that an hour before the event was first announced, a Trump staffer had called the director of sales at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Sean Middleton, to ask if the company would be willing to host a news conference.

trump press conference melts unhinged completely down

After agreeing to let the campaign take a look, Middleton drove to the venue to meet with Michael Strabo, director of operations and Marie Strabo's son. The meeting lasted around 10 minutes, at which point the venue was decided on.

Four Seasons is on the same block as a sex shop, across the street from a crematorium, and down the road from The Philadelphia Department of Prisons. Giuliani did not offer any explanation as to why the news conference was being held at that location.

In Four Seasons' parking lot, with help from Corey Lewandowski and Pam Bond, a lectern had been set up in front of a garage door papered over with Trump campaign signs in red and blue. Giuliani and Lewandowski came in with a group of people the former identified as poll watchers who they said had been prevented from properly observing the counting procedure.

In reference to the poll watchers, Giuliani stated “this is only two or three of about 50 people so far that have given us statements, affidavits, recordings. Also in attendance was a personal friend of Giuliani's, Bernard Erik, who had recently received a full presidential pardon for offenses including tax fraud and lying to White House officials.

Before the press conference began, a journalist present announced that CNN had just projected Biden's victory. During the event, while Giuliani was stating how strong their case was, a reporter interrupted to say that all the major news networks were now joining in projecting Biden's victory.


Giuliani also expressed in reference to Trump that “Obviously he's not going to concede when at least 600,000 ballots are in question.” As he spoke, some reporters began packing their equipment and leaving, before he had finished and the poll watchers had spoken.

Giuliani said that Philadelphia “has a sad history of voter fraud” including ballots submitted by dead people, specifically mentioning boxer Joe Frazier and actor Will Smith's father. The claims, which potentially originated from a pro- Trump blog the day before the event, were quickly dismissed by Philadelphia city officials.

Lewandowski cited one case of what he said was a documented deceased Pennsylvania voter, Denise On dick, of Homestead in Allegheny County, near Pittsburgh. Voting records show a mail-in ballot was sent to her two days later; on November 2, the ballot was recorded by the Pennsylvania Department of State's tracking system.

On dick's family confirmed that she had received an absentee ballot application; her daughter said she had helped her mother, who planned to vote for Trump, fill it out two days prior to her death and the state records show the application was received the day after On dick died. But she had not mailed the ballot in after her mother died, and she said her father could not recall doing so.

An official complaint was never filed; the county referred the matter to its police department. The event was also criticized for prominently featuring a convicted sex offender, though Giuliani later told the New York Daily News that he was unaware of the man's history.


On November 12, CNN reported that Corey Lewandowski, one of the speakers at the press conference, had tested positive for COVID-19. While Lewandowski was present at the Trump election night party, possibly making him a part of the White House COVID-19 outbreak responsible for at least three other diagnoses, he said he may have caught it while in Philadelphia, without specifying Four Seasons Total Landscaping as the site of his infection.

On November 14, Politico reported that many of the lawyers the Trump campaign had spent months recruiting prior to the election decided to withdraw as a result of the press conference. The event reportedly undercut the Trump campaign's legal strategy for challenging the election results that they had meticulously planned for months.

It drew humor and parody on social media, where it was assumed the Trump campaign had simply made a mistake with the booking, and it was compared to similar mishaps in the political satire series Veep and The Thick of It. “Four Seasons Total Landscaping” became the 21st most-popular trending topic on Twitter ; the following day it was at number one.

Yelp users posted reviews, activating an “Unusual Activity” alert, which temporarily disabled the posting of content to the page pending investigation to determine the legitimacy of the views. Visitors came to the building to take pictures of themselves with the company gates and logo in the background.

Two Philadelphia runners, Chip Chantey and Jeff Lyons of the Junk Miles with Chip & Jeff podcast, announced the charity “Fraud Street Run” (a pun on the city's annual Broad Street Run) for November 29, covering the 11 miles (18 km) from the landscaping business to the hotel. Later, the organizers decided to make it a virtual run, as they did not believe it was possible to maintain social distancing during the event.

trump conference

The event had proven more popular than they anticipated, eventually raising nearly US$63,000 for the food bankPhilabundance. The “Fraud Street Bike Ride” was organized by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to provide additional donations and included a bike-friendly route using bike lanes and multi-use paths along the Delaware River.

Following the press conference, Four Seasons Total Landscaping posted on Instagram thanking police for their participation. “Would like to thank the fabulous Philadelphia men and women in blue making this event a safe place,” they wrote.

The company's Instagram bio describes the firm as a “woman-owned, minority business... that does great landscaping & perfect snow removal” and is “trying to make America green again!” Four Seasons Total Landscaping also clarified that they were not attempting to make a political statement by hosting the Trump campaign.

Merchandise sales, including T-shirts, ugly Christmas sweaters, and face masks, have totaled about US$1.3 million. The profits will be used towards vendor payments, shipping costs, and other expenses.

In an interview with Business Insider a month after the event, Middleton said that they were still receiving calls from major media outlets around the world. On May 8, 2021, Four Seasons Total Landscaping will host a surf and turf gala to benefit four ALS related charities that were unable to do any fund-raising in 2020.

trump claims bias blocked social director pool getty directors

The idea for the event came from Larry Kaplan, a West Chester -based volunteer who in 2016 raised nearly US$100,000 by doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. ^ The only people to speak out of the group of poll watchers were: Daryl Brooks, Matt Silver, and Rosette Tarragon.

“I saw Donald Trump's presidency come crashing down at Four Seasons Total Landscaping”. Markab, Lachlan; Shebang, Ashwin; Stein, Sam (November 7, 2021).

“The End of the Line for Trump land Is a Poorly Rated Sex Shop in North Philly”. “The Trump legal team's failed Four Seasons press conference, explained”.

“Philadelphia Gears Up For Unprecedented Attention To Its Vote Count”. ^ McDaniel, Justine; Torso, Anna; Me lamed, Samantha; Wherein, Aubrey (November 4, 2021).

“Protesters march in Center City amid election demonstrations and release of body cam footage of Walter Wallace Jr.'s killing by police”. “Pam Bond throws herself into Trump effort to stop counting votes”.

trump duda poland troops president andrzej polish after rose garden meeting donald conference moving says listens germany speaks joint during

^ Roebuck, Jeremy; Hanna, Maddie; Goodin-Smith, Mona (November 8, 2021). How Team Trump's news conference ended up at a Northeast Philly landscaping firm”.

“US Election 2020: Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani's Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference mistake goes viral”. “Philly's Four Seasons Total Landscaping dishes the dirt on the news conference heard 'round the world: 'It was nothing we anticipated “.

“From Obscure To Sold Out: The Story Of Four Seasons Total Landscaping In Just 4 Days”. It's still not entirely clear how the Trump campaign ended up holding a press conference in Northeast Philadelphia near a sex shop, a crematorium and a jail.

She and Corey Lewandowski, Mr Trump's 2016 campaign manager, appeared to be helping other staff to rearrange the company's landscaping equipment to make way for a podium. ^ a b c d “Rudy Giuliani Trump Campaign Philadelphia Press Conference November 7 (Transcript)”.

“Loyal to Erik, Giuliani Missed Warning Signs”. Mr. Giuliani defended Mr. Erik, a friend and business partner Anne, John (November 9, 2021).

trump exotic joe donald he says into

“Disgraced NYPD commissioner Bernie Erik attends Rudy Giuliani's widely mocked 'Four Seasons' election press conference ". Disgraced ex-NYPD commissioner Bernie Erik was among the Donald Trump loyalists who confounded the world by standing in front of a Pennsylvania landscaping business Saturday Shanahan, Ed (February 18, 2021).

As he spoke, news came in that the American networks had called the election for Joe Biden. “@RudyGiuliani provided a handful of witnesses to 'mass electoral fraud'... and I had a brief exchange with him...” (Tweet).

About 30 minutes into his show, Giuliani was informed that the race had been called for Biden on television. “Fact check: No evidence vote was cast in Joe Frazier's name”.

The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General told the Associated Press in a statement this week that, “The court found no deficiency in how PA maintains its voter rolls, and there is currently no proof provided that any deceased person has voted in the 2020 election.” Harriet, Alexander (November 11, 2021). “ Trump hits out at Republican election official whose work on tackling fraud his campaign previously praised”.

Al Schmidt, the only Republican among Philadelphia’s three city commissioners Bennett, Max (November 11, 2021). “Philly Officials Dispel Rumors Of Dead People Voting”.

trump conference press side right

CNN White House correspondent Kaitlin Collins tweeted that said officials looked up each allegation of deceased residents voting. “Republican Philadelphia City Commissioner says they looked into a list claiming dead people voted.

Trump legal team vows to fight on, starting with fresh lawsuit Monday in Pennsylvania”. Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said he has “no obligation” to tell the truth to the media while acknowledging that he had not told the truth when asked earlier this year about his interactions with President Donald Trump.

“Fact check: Claim that Pennsylvania case is proof of 'dead people' voting is under investigation”. In an email, Allegheny County Communications Director Amie Downs told USA TODAY that although no one has filed an official complaint or report regarding this particular instance of alleged voter fraud, the county has referred the matter to Allegheny County Police for investigation due to the attention On dick’s story has received.

“Tourists flock to Four Seasons Total Landscaping after Giuliani debacle”. Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which is memorably located next to a sex shop, swiftly became a byword for politicians’ incompetence and a source of hilarity after the press conference Friedman, Matt (November 9, 2021).

“Man featured at Giuliani press conference is a convicted sex offender”. ' Vote Fraud' Witness at Rudy Giuliani's Four Seasons Total Landscaping Presser Is a Convicted Sex Offender”.


Acosta, Jim ; Collins, Kaitlin ; Vazquez, Megan (November 12, 2021). “ Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski contracts coronavirus”.

“Giuliani wrecks Trump campaign's well-laid legal plans”. “Lawyers decided to quit Trump case after chaotic Four Seasons Landscaping press conference ".

Trump's Four Seasons Total Landscaping Bill: On the House”. An NB CLX review of the president’s post-election campaign filings, submitted to the Federal Election Commission Thursday night, revealed no payment to Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia Nazi, Olivia (December 21, 2020).

“The Full(est Possible) Story of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Press Conference ". “New York Times: Rudy Giuliani put in charge of Trump's election lawsuits after series of losses”.

…after the former New York mayor held a widely ridiculed press conference last weekend at a Philadelphia landscaping company to make unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. “Four Seasons Total Landscaping flooded with joke reviews following Trump debacle”.

border trump patrol meme president entourage conference press instant bald donald hill flanked butt

Sure enough, Four Seasons Total Landscaping jokes and memes began to flood social media, and they were undeniably amusing. Trump team's Four Seasons blunder compared to The Thick of It: 'I can't get over how funny this is “.

Many people on Twitter found the error hilarious, especially considering it came on the same day that Trump was beaten at the 2020 presidential election by Joe Biden. “Veep and Thick of It creator Armando Iannucci reacts to Trump team's Four Seasons blunder”.

As news of the mistake broke out, people immediately began comparing it to similar mishaps seen in Iannucci's political sitcoms. Trump's 'Four Seasons Total Landscaping' debacle brought out all the Yelp comedians”.

…the Four Seasons Total Landscaping page on Yelp is currently adorned with an “Unusual Activity Alert” warning. “That Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle is already a Chat hangout for ferries”.

“Four Seasons Total Landscaping becomes a Chat hangout for ferries”. “Somebody has made a LEGO version of Trump's disastrous Four Seasons Total Landscaping conference ".


A Reddit user, who goes by R/OrchreJelly, has mocked up a LEGO version of the infamous event. Chip and Jeff have a podcast where they chat about comedy, music, movies, running, pets, and other assorted nonsense.

“From Philly to Germany, thousands participated in the virtual Fraud Street Run, inspired by the Four Seasons Total Landscaping news conference ". “Too popular, the Fraud Street Run inspired by the Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference goes entirely virtual and raises more than $19k”.

Final tally, the incredibly generous people who donated directly to Phil abundance have raised $54,471 ... and t-shirt sales proceeds, we are going to chip in another $8,200. So the final campaign total donation by the amazing people supporting the Fraud Street Run; $62,671 “Junk Miles Podcast and Friends Raising Funds for Phil abundance”.

Last month Michael Schloss, a presidential historian, invited his Twitter followers to suggest potential locations for a Trump presidential library. The responses included a federal prison, North Korea, Moscow, an outdoor toilet and Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia.

^ “Rudy Giuliani's “Four Seasons Total Landscaping” press conference gets its own web portal thanks to Writer/Producer Minnie Fa vale” (Press release). According to Fa vale, the level of comedy was so high in all the tweets he was seeing, and the news coverage kept on uncovering fascinating new details, that he needed to memorialize all of this great content with a dedicated portal.


Trump campaign appears to mistakenly book car park outside landscaping firm 'Four Seasons' for press conference ". “Four Seasons Total Landscaping Just Dropped Branded Apparel”.

' Make America rake again': Four Seasons Total Landscaping cashes in on Trump fiasco”. “MAKE AMERICA RAKE AGAIN”, read one sticker on sale on the company website on Monday.

It also featured the phrase “LAWN AND ORDER!” The stickers were selling for $5 each. “From Philly to Germany, thousands participated in the virtual Fraud Street Run, inspired by the Four Seasons Total Landscaping news conference ".

And so far, the company has sold more than 30,000 shirts with its catchy “Lawn and Order” phrase on them. “Host your next Zoom conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping”.

The landscaping company took to Twitter to announce that they were creating merch before releasing a Zoom background that'll have you feeling like you're a part of the Trump administration. “From Philly to Germany, thousands participated in the virtual Fraud Street Run, inspired by the Four Seasons Total Landscaping news conference ".


“For us to come out and make a political statement as Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Northeast Philly was never our intent.” “Business is booming at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, now a landmark on the Philadelphia tourist trail thanks to Rudy Giuliani's bizarre post-election press conference ".

On the day after the press conference, we probably had 600 or 700 calls to our office line, all of which we dealt with personally,” he added. “Next up for Four Seasons Total Landscaping: A surf and turf 'gala' to raise money for ALS awareness”.

“Seth Meyers Celebrates Election Results Coming Up Biden”. The Punchiest Punchlines (Four Seasons Edition) ^ Chavarría, Jo (November 8, 2021).

“What we know about Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the most famous business in Philly today”. “SNL's Rudy Giuliani Talks Four Seasons Total Landscaping on Weekend Update”.

This blunder was so funny on its own that it was a Saturday Night Live comedy freebie Rump, James (December 6, 2020). “SNL mocks Giuliani with sketch about voter fraud claims”.

trump ap epic donald president speech fact check cpac action md political conference times trumps

MacKinnon’s Giuliani then ended SNL’s opening sketch by reiterating that he will not give up the fight to overturn the election result and referenced his now infamous press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Pennsylvania. ' SNL' returns with 'Rudy Giuliani' and his witnesses contesting the election”.

“Comedian Tim Hacker's new song about Four Seasons Total Landscaping suggests that 2020 is looking up”. And now comedian Tim Hacker has blessed us with 'Rudy At The 4 Seasons'… O Tannenbaum, Michael (November 11, 2021).

“Comedian Tim Hacker writes ode to Rudy Giuliani's visit to Four Seasons Total Landscaping”. Comedian Tim Hacker, an Allentown native, was inspired by the former New York City mayor's profoundly ridiculous press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

“Tim Hacker Pens New Ode to Rudy Giuliani's Four Seasons Landscaping Press Conference ". Tim Hacker has written a new song, “Rudy at the 4 Seasons,” memorializing Rudy Giuliani's already infamous press conference outside a landscaping business in Philadelphia… ^ Zither, Joshua (November 10, 2021).

“Michael Spicer trolls Trump with 'genius' spoof advert for Four Seasons Total Landscaping”. A comedian has released a spoof video ad for Four Seasons Total Landscaping which, rightfully, has gone viral.

trump bald donald patch finally his hair

“Michael Spicer's hilarious advert for Four Seasons Total Landscaping covers ALL of its services”. Everybody's favorite Secret Political Adviser, Michael Spicer, has produced the advert that Four Seasons Total Landscaping must wish they'd put out.

“Four Seasons Total Landscaping becomes high-end diorama art in Berlin”. 'Four Seasons Total Landscaping and Fantasy Island Adult Books 2020' (wood, plaster, paint, metal, lights, LCD screen, media player, speakers, transformer) ...

Inside windows built into the Four Seasons’ parking lot wall, a video of the actual press conference plays, interspersed with scenes of “Boat,” the Sasha Baron Cohen movie that caught Giuliani shoving his hands down his pants. ... And now it’s been commemorated in a piece of conceptual artwork that will sell for up to $15,000 on the other side of the Atlantic.

“Four Seasons Total Landscaping diorama will sell for $15,000 in Berlin”. “Philly's Four Seasons Total Landscaping dishes the dirt on the news conference heard 'round the world: 'It was nothing we anticipated “.

The phone rang around 8:45 a.m. Saturday, interrupting Sean Middleton’s Bible study in Doylestown. A Trump campaign staffer told the director of sales they were surveying areas along the I-95 corridor, asking if the company would be willing to host a news conference.

trump latinos hell

In A World Exclusive, Icon Interviews The Manager of Four Seasons Total Landscaping”. “I got a call from Trump ’s people on my cell phone at 8:45 am, and they asked me if they could visit our parking lot here to see if it might work for a press conference,” recalls Sean .

... “I met with Trump team members at 9:30 am, and within ten minutes, they confirmed with me that Four Seasons Total Landscaping was the perfect location.” ... “Rudy set up a war room in our front office, and he was going over his talking points,” says Sean.

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