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Donald Trump Kundli

Brent Mccoy
• Friday, 08 January, 2021
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PlanetsCRRashiLongitude NakshatraPadaRelationAscLeo06-51-24Magha3Sun D Taurus29-50-09Mrigasira2EnemyMoon D Scorpion28-06-00Jyeshtha4Debilitated Mars D Leo03-40-45Magha2FriendlyMerc D Gemini15-46-15Ardra3Own Just R Virgo24-21-18Chitra1EnemyVenu D Cancer02-38-44Punarvasu4EnemySatn D Cancer00-42-17Punarvasu4EnemyRahu R Taurus27-39-01Mrigasira2Ketu R Scorpion27-39-01Jyeshtha4Uran D Taurus24-48-16Mrigasira1Nept R Virgo12-45-21Hasta1Plut D Cancer16-53-49Ashlesha1Vimshottari DashaBalance Of Dasha :MERCURY 2 Y 5 M 2 D MER 14/ 6/46 to 17/11/48Ket 17/11/48 to 17/11/55Ven 17/11/55 to 17/11/75Sun 17/11/75 to 17/11/81Mon 17/11/81 to 17/11/91Mar 17/11/91 to 17/11/98Rah 17/11/98 to 17/11/16Jup 17/11/16 to 17/11/32Sat 17/11/32 to 17/11/51 In this Dasha, there were conditions in the coming of mental stress and nerves problem to his mother.



Try for yourself about our experts by calling one of them to feel the delight about understanding your problems, and in getting the best solution and remedies. Donald John Trump was born June 14, 1946, is an American businessman, television personality, politician and the President-elect of the United States.

Trump was born and raised in the Queens borough of New York City and received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. During his career, Trump has built, renovated or managed numerous office towers, hotels, casinos, and golf courses.

From 2004 to 2015, Trump hosted and co-produced The Apprentice, a reality television series on NBC. Even at Journal of astrology by K. N Ran, he was very cautious while giving predictions of the election due to the fact that, there are two horoscopes available all over the place.

POWERFUL YOGA IN ASTROLOGY Those who predicted Trump ’s win was solely based on his Dasha patterns, where Hilary horoscope was ignored completely. Though in Hindu astrology, there is tailor-made yoga like Vishnu, Indra etc which can bless with one with authority.

But from actual practice nothing can beat results of dharma karma Adriatic yoga which is formed by relation BTW 9th and 10th lord. His moon chart is filled with strong Rajayogas and shows his rise to the most powerful man on the planet.

kundli chart horoscope kim korea birth jong un north usa longevity lifespan predictions donald trump war surya

Here Rhu amplifies the desire to reach to power and pushes ones to go for any limit to achieve success. Now here Jupiter the Maharashtra lord is in Virgo, in retrograde motion and is affecting his 10th house. Jupiter has 6 points in ashtakvarga system and is going to give him great results in its Dasha.

Though in his Dashamasha (D-10), Jupiter is debilitated in fourth house which is an indication of some obstacles from his own people and some awful decisions during his tenure as president. Looking at his Dasha pattern, it is very sure that he will be doing good things for his own countrymen and people will be happy in his tenure.

Powerful 10th house and strong Jupiter period are surely indicating some good run as a president. Though weakness of D-10 indicates lots of negative response towards his decisions and his inability to absorb the pressure which comes with power.

Powerful 10th house and strong Jupiter period are surely indicating some good run as a president. Though weakness of D-10 indicates lots of negative response towards his decisions and his inability to absorb the pressure which comes with power.

A weak D-10 also means lack of social morality and arrogance(D-10 is magnified the view of 10th house). Here Aries sign is rising with Mars in 12th house and following is indicated by the planetary positions of Oath chart.

trump donald pegasus theresa spanking special relationship street him holding

Ascendant lord Mars in the 12th house indicates interference in other countries now in the natal horoscope of the USA also these combinations exists already and from2018 Rhu Dasha of the USA will commence which is placed 12th house. The 9th house stands for religion and its involvement with 6th is never good and gives effects of Guru Chantal yoga.

Jupiter in 6th and Mars in 12th in mutual aspect shows some new strict laws related to weapons(6th) and visa policy(12th house). The exchange between Mercury and Jupiter shows great accomplishment in the field of literature.

5th lord in 10th house shows success in talks and negotiations also it means growth in the number of entrepreneurs. Darakaraka Mars in 12th house also indicates a strong partner may be Russia in this case.

In the end, all I have to say is that Horoscope of Donald Trump have planetary combinations which will help USA to progress financially and citizen there will feel the same but his weak D-10 shows a lack of support from his own people. Read the astrological analysis of Donald Trump ’s stars and what they have in store for him in connection with the US Presidential Elections 2020.

Before stepping into the world of politics, he had been a successful business tycoon as well as a Television personality. He was associated with the Universe of Real Estate business in America and is quite popular for his audacious and outspoken nature.

donald trump kundali viral bubblin say stars know

If we take an astrological look at POTUS Donald Trump ’s Bundle or birth chart, then it comes into notice that he was born on 14 June 1946 at 10:54 AM. He was born under Leo ascendant and Scorpio zodiac sign, and the birth Nakshatra happens to be Ayesha.

Ascendant Lord Sun is situated in the tenth house in a Dig Bali state. However, this conjunction may put Sun in a debilitated state and the amalgamation of both these planets is forming a Graham Doha in the Bundle.

Jupiter in Virgo is situated in the second house which is posited in a retrograde motion and being aspected by Saturn at the same time. A debilitated Moon in the fourth house is in conjunction with KET and it is under the full aspect ion of the Sun.

This planetary status has provided Mr Trump with great success in the field of business. If we take a look at his Have Chalet Kendall, then the planets Sun, Rhu and Mercury are in the eleventh house.

This indicates the possibility of acquiring great success and riches on the economic front. The United States presidential elections began from 3rd November 2020, for which Mr Trump is contending once again.


And that’s before one considers his record of undercutting or destroying international treaties on climate change, trade, and nuclear weapons. The president has, for them, finally reversed Barack Obama’s weakness: He has reinforced red lines, put America first, ripped up bad deals, corralled allies to pay more for their own defense, led the global change in attitude against China, defeated the Islamic State, and kept the United States out of any new wars.

Add to that deals in the Middle East to normalize ties with Israel and the new line of communication with Pyongyang, and the world, they say, is now a safer place, and one that is better for American workers. Through a combination of hubris, ignorance, instinct, and ego, he pointed at the reality and demanded to know why it was being allowed to continue.

More than that, though, he was correct on the most fundamental point of all: the direct link between America’s economic strength at home and its power and stature abroad. When Trump ’s first book, The Art of the Deal, was atop best-seller charts in the late 1980s, second on the list was a scholarly work called The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, by the Yale professor Paul Kennedy.

That book warned that the U.S. could not sustain a policy of global supremacy indefinitely while its relative wealth continued to fall. The U.S. had risen to dominance in the aftermath of Europe’s implosion after World War II, but, Kennedy argued, this was an abnormality.

The remark came during one of several dozen interviews with senior Trump administration officials, foreign-policy specialists, diplomats, and aides in the U.S. and Europe. In those conversations, we discussed Trump ’s worldview; his chaotic policy making, singular lack of curiosity, inability to compromise, penchant for dictators, and dislike of allies; and, above all, his curious ability to point out base truths that were being ignored.


“Subsidized the armies of other countries while allowing for the very sad depletion of our military … defended other nations’ borders while refusing to defend our own; and spent trillions of dollars overseas while America’s infrastructure has fallen into disrepair and decay.” The U.S. had made other countries rich, Trump said, while it grew poor. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on his first foreign trip as president, he promised an end to idealistic interventions.

George H. W. Bush had failed to foresee a revanchist Russia or to establish an economic package to bring it into the fold; Bill Clinton had paved the way for China’s rise and had expanded NATO to Russia’s borders; George W. Bush had trapped the U.S. in unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; and Obama had begun a process of American withdrawal and a pivot to Asia without the commitment to see it through. When Trump took over in January 2017, decades of negotiations with North Korea had failed to stop the regime from acquiring nuclear weapons; ISIS was running a self-declared caliphate that stretched across much of Iraq and Syria; Russia had diluted American influence in the Middle East and expanded its power at its borders; China had abused its official status as a developing economy, without showing any signs of becoming more liberal or democratic; European allies were contributing only a fraction as much as the U.S. for their collective defense; and American jobs were being lost, and its government was becoming ever more indebted.

The French philosopher Montesquieu noted of the Roman Empire’s decline, “If the chance of one battle … has brought a state to ruin, some general cause made it necessary for that state to perish from a single battle.” In other words, if it took only the election of Trump for America’s global leadership to collapse, or one bad Democratic candidate to let in a man committed to tearing down America’s postwar foreign policy, there must be deeper reasons the system was so fragile to begin with. Similarly, Patrick Porter, a professor of international security and strategy at Britain’s University of Birmingham, told us it was impossible to disentangle Trump from the world he inherited.

“‘Because we’ve always done it’ is never sufficient with him,” Susan Gordon, Trump ’s former principal deputy director of national intelligence, told us, describing interactions with the president. In short, Trump, even as he calls out the American-built world order for its failures, has no coherent plan to replace it, no system that would work better.

“A lot of things fixed in Trump ’s mind do come from the 1950s, including a vision of America where the coal mines are working and factories are full and churning out American products that everyone buys. Trump has the rare gift of saying the bit most people don’t say out loud: He moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem because evangelicals who supported him liked it.


Two 2018 incidents point to Trump ’s unwillingness to abide by diplomatic rules, and his wildly differing priorities from the foreign-policy mainstream. Four officials in the U.S. and U.K. related the story of Trump ’s visit to London that year, which was overshadowed by an interview he gave to The Sun newspaper at the beginning of the trip, humiliating May by accusing her of ruining Brexit and ending hopes of a U.S. trade deal.

Trump ’s remarks were doubly painful for May because they were accurate, pinpointing the fundamental problem with her strategy, while also increasing her political difficulties at home. “It totally ruined any goodwill built up,” Lewis Likens, the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. embassy in London at the time, said of Trump ’s newspaper interview.

During Trump ’s remarks at a private dinner at Blenheim Palace attended by the prime minister, the president segued into a discussion of his golf course in Scotland, mentioning its impressive sand dunes, Likens told us.) Miles Taylor, who was the chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security until his resignation last year, pointed to another set-piece event, the 2018 G7 summit in Canada, which happened just before Trump was supposed to meet with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore.

“The president was flippantly disregarding allies, disagreeing with them on everything, and effectively ruined the summit, and then refused to sign on to the , and then did, and then walked it back,” Taylor said of the meeting, adding that the president had complained before the trip that he did not even want to go to the summit. He is surely right to criticize the G7 as outdated, a throwback to an era of European dominance that doesn’t reflect today’s power dynamics.

Even some of those who loathe Trump admitted to us that his moves on North Korea, combined with his rejection of the traditional rules of diplomacy and grand strategy, had opened up a line of communication with Pyongyang that had made the world slightly safer, even if these efforts had achieved no tangible results. Trump rails against China, but has done little to win over allies to form a more powerful bloc against Beijing; he has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate accords, arguing they are inadequate, yet has made no progress on alternatives.

astrology longevity calculate surtees kelly elizabeth queen ii

At the same time, he demands more acknowledgment of American might, for the ease of the ’50s, when America did what it wanted and the rest of the Western world did what it was told. To revisit the core early texts ostensibly articulating Trump ’s foreign policy is to travel to a world that bears little resemblance to reality.

Take the National Security Strategy, a document of seriousness, intellect, and thoroughness which calls for “principled realism” to advance American influence. Those we spoke with said Trump would do a deal with China tomorrow if Beijing agreed to buy America’s soybean crop for the next decade, which would bolster his stock among Midwestern farmers and, by extension, his reelection chances.

The entire document, in fact, is awash with arguments that, although coherent and credible, do not match Trump ’s worldview. It states: “We encourage those who want to join our community of like-minded democratic states.” Trump has declared his desire for Russia to rejoin the G7, welcomed the autocratic Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán to the White House, and bonded with Kim Jong-un.

It adds: “There can be no moral equivalency between nations that uphold the rule of law, empower women, and respect individual rights and those that brutalize and suppress their people.” Trump ignored the beheading and mutilation of the Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi, congratulated Vladimir Putin for his rigged election victory, and has quite literally morally equivocated between the U.S. and Russia. Bolton recalled a campaign speech Trump gave at the Nixon Center that easily fit within the broad outlines of Republican Party foreign policy.

He revealed the emptiness of NATO’s promises to share the burden of defense or to make the sacrifices necessary to construct real alternative bases of power. His finger-pointing, naïveté, and vanity revealed that the G7 was outdated and in need of reform; that Russia remained the only truly existential nuclear threat to the U.S.; that China was abusing the system; that Europe must do more; that Britain and its leadership must stop whining and make a choice on trade; and that the Middle East has been a disaster, largely of American making.

From the turn of the 21st century, the U.S. has seen its manufacturing base diminish and the balance of power and wealth drift across the Pacific toward China. To question if his strategy worked (or if it made sense), if he had a vision for the world, if his demands were coherent, is worthwhile, but belittles his impact.

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