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Monday, 25 October, 2021

Donald Trump Jr Video Christmas

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
• 2 min read

Uh I think we wanna just take a little time to wish you guys all an incredible uh holiday and incredible Christmas uh want to be thankful for all our blessings uh just being Americans and living in this incredible country for all your love and support. I want to thank all the great, you know, service men and women of our armed services who don't get to spend their Christmas with their families and our veterans everyone.

melania trump christmas sleeveless donald around


Law enforcement first responders that's right Yes, and I'm reasonably thankful for Kimberly, maybe not not not so much. I don't wanna you know I've managed to maintain a very low bar with uh with Kimberly, so I don't want her to get you know I don't know I kinda your big ego accustomed to kindness.

Kimberly is probably the toughest but um we just wanted to you know get out here uh reach out to all of you. Uh you know the support we get from our followers on social is just absolutely awesome.

He starts tweeting or fighting back or doing whatever he does like McCauley Coke and home alone. Engagement with no new followers, so I know I'm bothering them enough that they're shutting me down, so I must be doing something right uh but I think you love for that support.

Uh you know God bless we're going to go over now um have dinner uh with our favorite president um so you know a Trump family. Uh yeah because if you can't control your loved ones who can control really, I mean so keeps you in good practice too.

I have to write the book of those stories because there is some there is some epic material in there uh but. Not quite yet, but uh you know you never know maybe that's gonna be the well you get some the trilogy that triggered and uh liberal privilege.

downey robert jr celebrities awards film hollywood junior press room poses famous rdj 18th avri actor getty annual daughter huffingtonpost

So yeah every time we get a little more material so uh there's stuff going back years, but you know again just wanted to thank you guys for all of your support. Thank you for everything that you guys do uh keep fighting strong for my father for the family.

Uh I wish you a happy new year, but since it's a week, I know I'll be talking between now and then uh although we don't talk much on here because it's my birthday and I get getting old and sort of grumpy anyway. Eilish O’Sullivan is the newswire editor for the Daily Dot.

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