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Donald Trump Jr Outdoors

Christina Perez
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
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You might not expect the prep-schooled son of a Manhattan billionaire to spend his off-hours fishing for trout, backpacking in the Yukon, or honing his shooting skills on a 1,200-yard gun range. Fills his free time, thanks in large part to what he learned as a youngster from his Czechoslovakian grandfather, Milo's Venice.

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Donald Trump., his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Spencer enjoy the day outdoors in Utah. We had a campfire every Tuesday night, cooking kielbasa and marshmallows over an open flame.

And his younger brother, Eric, jointly run The Trump Organization, the privately owned, New York-based conglomerate where their father served as chairman and president until the 2016 presidential election. Away from the Big Apple (he jokingly calls it “The People’s Republic of New York”), often pursuing the passions he learned from Decline on two properties Don Jr.

On more extended getaways, Trump might be fly-fishing in Alaska or Mexico, wing-shooting in Argentina, hunting rare mountain sheep in Mongolia, or bow-hunting in Texas for white-tailed deer. He ties his own flies and is proficient with a variety of handguns, precision and long-range rifles, and compound and traditional bows.

“There are plenty of guys in the ‘outdoor world’ who do a bird hunt once a year and then talk about it at cocktail parties for the next 51 weeks,” says Trump, who’s 42. The couple would later add a sister, Ivanka to the family, before separating and eventually divorcing in 1993.

Also has two half-siblings, Tiffany and Barron, from his father’s marriages to Marla Maples and his current wife, the former Melania Klaus.) With its shuttered tire and steel factories and fierce blue-collar work ethic, Pottstown gave him a feel for and an appreciation of the America heartland, Trump recalls.

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It was the school’s dean of students, Trump says, who introduced him to “actual hunting,” and took him on his first upland bird shoot. “He said, ‘Meet me in the parking lot Saturday morning at 6 and dress warm, because we’re going hunting,’” Trump says.

Following prep school, Trump attended his father’s alma mater, the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, where he rowed crew and earned a bachelor’s degree in real estate finance and marketing. But if plunging into a job at the family business right after graduation was considered inevitable by some, Don Jr.

There, he worked nights as a bartender for 18 months and spent his days hunting, fishing, and skiing. But I never wanted to be working at closing a deal at 3 on a Saturday morning and say, ‘Man, what if I’d done something different?’ So I did the Out West thing.

He found that action when he joined the Trump Organization in 2001, focusing initially on big real estate redevelopment projects in Manhattan. Over time, his portfolio expanded to include overseeing residential and hotel developments in Chicago and Las Vegas, a golf-course project in Scotland, and still more residential/hotel towers in India and Canada.

These days, with their father in the White House, the Trump brothers are focused on “managing, fixing, building up” the Organization’s existing assets, as opposed to pursuing new development opportunities. “We manage the assets that we have, and we run them very well,” says Don Jr., whose title at the company is executive vice president.

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Spencer eyes a target with his dad, who’s proficient with a variety of precision and long-range rifles. As anyone who follows the news knows, the political environment he refers to features unrelenting criticism of the Trump administration, including for its approach to managing natural resources.

While the president’s foes have been skeptical of the administration’s stance on conservation and public lands, for example, Don Jr. Contends that, as usual, the attacks on his father’s policies in this area are misguided and unfair.

They’re often driven by “liberal shell organizations” that purport to be conservationist but really aren’t, he says, and then backed up by uninformed judges in Washington, D.C. Stressing that he’s speaking as “an outside person,” not as someone in the administration, Trump says, “the big thing for us was always preserving those public lands with responsible use and management.” He points to the administration’s efforts to protect fisheries, and to expand hunting and fishing opportunities on more than four million acres of previously inaccessible recreational areas.

1 New York Times best-selling book in 2019 called Triggered, which rips political correctness and the “victimhood” tactics of the American left. He created and hosts an online talk show for the Trump presidential campaign called Triggered.

Don Jr., left, and friend Andy Mocked having an afternoon snack. In an instant, Fred was told: “’Congratulations, you’ve got to take care of your mother, you’ve got to take care of your brother.’ He started working on job sites and was just a Germanic workaholic,” Trump says of his paternal grandfather.

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I think he actually is able to harness some energy when he’s attacked and dish it back, redirect it. Says he’s rarely shared those activities with his father, who, growing up in Queens, New York, pursued golf instead of hunting and fishing.

“But, because people went out of their way in their lives to take guys like me under their wing and teach them, we created more outdoors men. “Hunting camp was for guys, and we’d go and drink beer and whiskey and smoke cigars.

He spends a lot of time fishing, Having, and enjoying other outdoor activities with the five children from his 13-year marriage to the former Vanessa Kay Hayden. He shares tips about hunting and fishing with his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former FOX News host and currently a senior adviser to the Trump campaign.

And, he’s an enthusiastic proponent of efforts by Ted Nu gent and the Hunter Nation Foundation’s Hunt the Vote initiative to expand the influence of America’s 15.5 million licensed hunters, fewer than half of whom are registered voters. Registering and voting is a must, Trump contends, if only to counter the arguments of those opposed to hunting and the Second Amendment.

Citing the years he lived in Pennsylvania while attending boarding school in Pottstown and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, the eldest son of President Donald Trump said he’s resided in the Keystone State longer than Biden and still frequents the northeast region more frequently than the former vice president. “Joe shows up here once every couple of weeks because it’s a convenient drive from Delaware, where he’s been a Senator for almost 37 years,” Trump said after a campaign stop in State College on Oct. 20.

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According to Biden’s campaign website, he and his family moved from Scranton to Delaware when he was 10 years old. Biden went on to attend the University of Delaware and held his first political office while residing in the First State, serving on county council in 1970.

Biden was elected senator in Delaware in 1973 at the age of 29, and held the post until 2009 when he became vice president. With a brown trout he caught while fly-fishing on the Delaware River. In addition to attending boarding school and college in Pennsylvania, Trump said his connection to the state remains intact today, in large part due to his outdoor pursuits.

My cabin is on the New York side of the Delaware, and the farmhouse is part of the place we have in Pennsylvania,” Trump said. Trump referenced Biden’s lengthy political career and the trade policies he supported as evidence that he’s anything but blue-collar.

When it comes to policies, Trump said that Biden’s support of NAFTA when he was a senator, and his backing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and China’s permanent status in the World Trade Organization while vice president were all detrimental to blue-collar workers. “Joe Biden has done more destruction to blue-collar jobs than any politician in American history,” he said.

That’s one reason why Trump is actively urging hunters in Pennsylvania to vote on Nov. 3. “A lot of things related to hunting align very well with the conservative side, yet hunters haven’t been a big voting bloc,” Trump said.

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I see the hate mail I get for being a vocal hunter and defending that lifestyle, but it’s important to me and I’ll continue to speak up.” For the time being, however, Trump won’t be spending his days in the woods or on the Delaware River, but rather on the campaign trail.

“But it’s my lifestyle, and I probably haven’t spent a weekend in New York City in probably a decade. Has posted a video on social media recently, reminding outdoors men of all the things the Trump administration has accomplished since 2016 in the interest of hunters and other enthusiasts’ passion for the great outdoors.

“Typically outdoors men are left behind & ignored by DC Politicians but President Trump hasn’t ignored or forgotten you,” DT tweeted. For example, 1.4 million new acres of public land made accessible to hunters and anglers, signage of the ‘Landmark Great American Outdoors Act,’ $750 million dollars granted towards the Great Lakes, and the $1 billion spent on Florida’s Everglades and Lake Okeechobee.

He had spent Saturday night at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, catching a 5 a.m. He took the elevator down to Fifth Avenue and headed to Central Park, walking faster and talking more loudly than everyone in his path.

The son has given interviews to Bow hunter and Deer & Deer Hunting, and frequently appears in full camo_._ He and his brother Eric shot pheasants in Iowa and talked with reporters while wearing neon-orange vests, shotguns slung over their shoulders. In 2012, photographs of the brothers posing with animals they’d killed in Zimbabwe caused a stir, particularly one in which Trump, Jr., held a severed elephant tail in one hand and a knife in the other.

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Trump, Jr., owns “dozens” of firearms, which he keeps “in a gun safe or two.” For shooting waterfowl, he uses a Bengali Super Black Eagle II, a utilitarian twelve-gauge shotgun; when hunting big game or shooting competitively, he favors a modified Remington Model 700 rifle, or an AR-platform semiautomatic rifle. He considers proposed measures to curb the easy availability of weapons like the AR to be un-American.

“If someone wants to commit mass homicide, that person is going to do it whether he drives a car into a crowd or builds a bomb,” he said. Trump, Jr.,’s affinity for the outdoors comes from his mother, Ivana’s, side of the family.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Trump, Jr., spent a year working in a Colorado bar, hunting in his free time. He has pursued Cape buffaloes in Zimbabwe, caribou and All sheep in the Yukon, and sockeye salmon in Alaska.

He and his wife, a former model named Vanessa, who have five children, live on the Upper East Side (he used to have an archery range in his apartment) and spend weekends in the Catskills, where he likes to go trout fishing. “He’s shot before, but his only real thing is work, with some golf mixed in,” Trump, Jr., said.

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