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Donald Trump Jr Golf

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
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President Donald Trump awarded on Thursday the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Annika Sorest and Gary Player, the White House announced. The three join Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Charlie Gifford and Tiger Woods as the only golfers to receive the award.

trump donald obama golf playing while burns politico gty


She won 10 major championships, trailing only Patty Berg (15), Mickey Wright (13) and Louise Songs (11) as most in the history of women’s golf. Player, 85, took pride taking the game around the world, winning 165 times around the globe, with 24 of those PGA Tour titles, nine of them major championships.

He is one of just five men to win the career Grand Slam, joining Gene Saracen, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. In addition to her Hall of Fame golf career, she won gold medals in the 80-meter hurdles and javelin throw in the 1932 Olympics.

Since their father’s inauguration, comes as questions still swirl about how the Trump Organization’s many international business interests will affect the administration of America’s 45th president. First attending a private luncheon Saturday afternoon in Dubai with Hussain Hawaii, the billionaire who runs DAM AC Properties, the developer that partnered with Trump on the golf course.

Trump ’s two sons gave brief remarks at the billionaire’s mansion on Dubai’s man-made Palm Jumeirah archipelago, speaking underneath an ornamental clock whose face spelled “Hawaii VILLA.” The two Trump brothers later met with over 80 people gathered at the event, attendee Iraq Ma sand told The Associated Press.

A string octet played classical music on the edge of the course as guests munched on gourmet canapés including tuna tartar and Vietnamese-style spring rolls. The golf course sits inside a larger villa and apartment building project called DAM AC Hills on the outskirts of Dubai.

trump golf donald course florida today tweets club far palm west beach driver international trails ocean holds november tampa palos

Eric and Donald Trump., who now run the Trump Organization, receive Secret Service protection as immediate family members of the president. It’s unclear what additional security protection the two sons will receive while in Dubai as experts already have warned the Trump brand abroad now faces a global terror risk.

However, the United Arab Emirates, a staunch U.S. ally in the war against the Islamic State group and host to some 5,000 American military personnel, remains a peaceful corner of the Middle East. Its hereditary rulers and other Gulf Arab leaders hope to see a harder line from America on Iran after growing increasingly skeptical of its intentions following the nuclear deal with world powers negotiated in part by the Obama administration.

The 18-hole course has raised questions about how the Trump Organization’s many international business interests will affect the administration of America’s 45th president. The Transport Secretary mocked the under-fire US leader as he confirmed he would need to follow the same rules as other travelers to the UK, meaning he faces having to show a negative COVID-19 test result before being allowed in.

His comments came days after Nicola Sturgeon warned Mr Trump he would not be allowed into Scotland if he tried to visit to play golf instead of attending Joe Biden's inauguration. The Transport Secretary has said nobody will be able to depart for Britain by plane, train or ferry unless they present a 'recognized' test result at check-in along with a valid passport and visa if required.

Mr Shapes declined to give his backing to calls to remove the Republican by invoking the 25th Amendment over concerns about his fitness to remain in office. But he described as 'despicable' the scenes after Mr Trump encouraged the mob of supporters to march to Congress in Washington DC with his baseless allegations of electoral fraud.

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America's a great democracy, they've got all the institutions in place, the checks and balances are there, and to see something like that happen in the United States is really quite extraordinary and I know there will be quite some reflection on that.' US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has urged vice-president Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to declare Mr Trump unable to perform his duties.

The move would require Mr Pence, who was an unwavering ally of the president until this week, defying his final attempt to overturn the election, and at least eight cabinet members to invoke the amendment. Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned Mr Trump's incitement of supporters to descend on the Capitol as 'completely wrong', while Home Secretary Priti Patel said the president's incendiary comments 'directly led to the violence'.

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