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• Friday, 04 December, 2020
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Criticisms and debates are encouraged, but be constructive and don't harass anyone. The 36-year-old Sanity Kane singer was a contestant on Donald Trump ‘s TV series The Celebrity Apprentice back in 2011, and she has claimed that she had an affair with the president’s son Donald Trump.

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Is slamming so-called Republicans for advocating voters stay home or hold their votes in the Georgia Senate runoffs. Republican Senators Kelly Offer and David Purdue are in a tight race with Democrats Jon Scoff and Raphael Warlock.

The comments come shortly after attorney Sidney Powell was removed from the Trump campaign legal team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity,” Trump Campaign Attorney Rudy Giuliani and Senior Legal Adviser Jenna Ellis said in a statement Sunday night.

During an interview with Newsman, Powell said she was going to “blow up” the state and claimed Republican Governor David Kemp was being bribed to rig election results. Meanwhile, Republican and conservative groups are all in on Georgia in an effort to prevent Democrats from taking the majority.

RUSH: Now we want to welcome back to the program Donald Trump., who joins us from… Where are you today at the moment, Mr. Trump ? I’m actually in D.C. so I guess theoretically still on the road, Rush.

We’ve just left it all on the field, and so I’m banging out the last sort of get-out-the-vote radio today to make sure that everyone just understands what is at stake this election. I guess in a lot of places… Florida at noon today, Donald, had equaled their entire turnout of 2016, for example.

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But what we’re seeing in Florida, in Pennsylvania, we’re just getting good turnout, which is what we need. They don’t participate in the early voting as much as Democrats.

If they show up, and they vote, I think we win this thing huge tonight, and we probably put it to bed tonight, which would be really nice. Because the Democrats have totally forgotten about even attempting to have a ground game.

RUSH: I’ve been telling people all day that the best way to overcome whatever chicanery/cheating they try is just massive Election Day turnout. Massive Election Day turnout is how all the fraud that they may be attempting is rendered ineffective.

But they’re… Are you suggesting that their efforts really are focused on trying to win this thing, shall we say, in less-than-upfront ways after the election is over? When you look at Democrats’ fundraising with JetBlue, they have more money than the Republican Party by probably multiples.

And, frankly, that was always a strong suit of the Democrat Party. We have 2.5 million trained volunteers going around the country knocking on doors, following up with people, making phone calls.

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Make sure everyone understands that our freedoms and our liberties are on the table this election. It’s a story at a good website called American Greatness.

All it’s going to take is one network declaring Biden the winner, and this story says that he is going to go on television and presume to be the president-elect and start setting up the government to run on that basis. He’s gonna start with his transition tonight and into tomorrow.

That has more corroborating evidence, Rush, by a factor of about two billion than anything they had to utilize to start the Russia hoax that they were able to push for four years. The hoax that they were able to call my father an agent of Russia.

They put you under 30 hours of testimony to perjury-trap you, any number of things. In the meantime… What I want you to do is explain to people what they were accusing you of doing in those 30 hours of testimony that you were under oath, perjury trapped.

The important point I think that everyone in America has to understand, Rush, which should scare us all is the reality is this. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats impeached Donald Trump for being right about Joe Biden and his corruption.

Impeachment was a distraction to get people off of the Biden corruption, that they must have known about. Because don’t forget, the FBI has been sitting on that laptop since 2019, before there was ever impeachment.

They didn’t say, “Hey, yeah, they are under investigation for money laundering. And they let them impeach a president for being right about his corrupt opponent.

Now, we shouldn’t be surprised, given what they did to try to set up and railroad me and my family with all the nonsense that they pushed for years as though it’s gospel, there are still people in mainstream media today that are running with the Russia hoax as though it’s real. And the thing that a lot of Americans ask, “But wait a minute.

It wasn’t that our generals could even articulate why we are there, because they can’t, and I’ve been in the room when my father has asked that, you know, they get marbles in their mouth. The reality is we’re in Afghanistan 20 years later because everyone wants a board seat at War, Inc. You know, they want that board seat at Raytheon.

So they don’t get out, they send our kids over there to die, they spend trillions of dollars mortgaging our future and our children’s future so that they can get their retirement package. But there’s a lot of people in Washington that he doesn’t put in there, that he doesn’t appoint that have their own interests at heart, and they’re going to do whatever they can to protect it.

What’s most impressive about my father and why I fight so hard for him every day is that his record of accomplishment is so much more impressive when you look at it through the lens of he’s done it through unprecedented incoming fire from the media, unprecedented lack of cooperation from a Democrat Party hell-bent on tarring and feathering him throughout his entire presidency, working against him, and he’s still able to pull off Middle East peace. He’s still willing to go against the establishment and pull us out of the endless wars, he was still able to crate the greatest economy in the historical of the world where there was not a single metric where we were not better off than under the failed Obama-Biden administration.

We’ll take that, be right back and continue after this. Marco Rubio tweeted recently that early turnout reports indicate that Florida is witnessing a Republican voter participation percentage of historic proportions.

But I’ve heard reports of Florida going crazy today with turnout. You know, I think if we go into this thing even at the end of the night they’ll figure out a way to steal it.

These are people that are excited that someone is finally fighting for them, not all talk. Yeah, I wrote a book about liberal privilege, and that’s pretty many sums it up right there, it’s that mentality of I’m going to do it now.

Well, you’re not moderate Joe if Kamala Harris is your VP or Beta, “Hell, yeah, I’m going to take your AR-15” O’Rourke as your gun czar, or you’re stealing Bernie’s platform. And I understand that Joe Biden has a long history with plagiarism.

But stealing Bernie’s platform is not a moderate proposal. He’s the camouflage to bring in that radical left agenda.

And anyone who’s witnessed Joe Biden, who sees him there, you know, he thought he was running against George W. Bush the other night until Jill Biden basically had to stick her arm up the back of his shirt, do the ventriloquist act and basically say, no, no, no, he’s running against Donald Trump. If Joe Biden, even if he were a moderate, he doesn’t have the fortitude, he doesn’t have the stamina to stand up to the radical left that has taken over the Democrat party.

The Rust Belt, this is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party. Fight for a president that has fought for you and delivered unprecedented results.

Remember when Obama said there was no magic wand to do what Donald Trump did with the economy? You add that on to Donald Trump being willing to take on the establishment to pull us out of the endless wars.

You add that to him being willing to take on Big Pharma who’s bought off everyone else in D.C. to be able to cut consumer drug pricing so Americans aren’t being gouged by our pharma companies while selling it pennies on the dollar to the rest of the world. Someone who’s willing and able to change up the game enough in the Middle East to knock out four peace deals.

RUSH: I don’t want to have to be rude and interrupt, we’ve got five seconds. I want to make sure I thank you so much for your time, best of luck, great to talk with you.

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