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Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
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CNBC has requested comment on the video from the Trump Organization, which Donald Jr. Says on the video, which appears to have been streamed online from his phone in a tented area during the rally, outside the White House.

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Says as the Laura Iranian song “Gloria” can be heard blaring from outside. Later, during a speech of more than an hour, the president made false claims about alleged ballot fraud swindling him out of an electoral victory over Biden.

Trump also had urged the crowd to help him “fight” Biden's confirmation as the winner, and to march to Congress after the rally. When the crowd did so, thousands of people swarmed around the Capitol complex, and shoved past Capitol police to swarm through the halls of Congress, occupying the Senate chamber and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, among others lawmakers' offices.

One of the invaders, a woman, was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer. Another Capitol police officer died Thursday after being hit by a rioter with a fire extinguisher.

Three other people died during the melee, which has led to calls for Trump to be removed from office, less than two weeks before his term ends. Devon blamed Trump's rhetoric for contributing to the violence.

Speaks during a rally of supporters of US President Donald Trump on The Ellipse outside the White House on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC. “To those Republicans, many of which may be voting on things in the coming hours: You have an opportunity today,” he warned.

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'S video pans around the backstage area, where a woman who appeared to be White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany smiled as she took a photo of television monitors showing the crowd outside. Said at one point to Guilfoyle on the video, where she can be seen dancing and shimmying to the music.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows then appears behind him, broadly grinning and giving a thumbs-up to the camera. Says, a nod to the fact that his father had lost support from many congressional Republicans, and his own vice president, Pence, in his legally doomed effort to block Biden from taking office.

Then pans the camera to capture his sister Ivanka Trump, who is a senior White House advisor, who smiles and waves at him. Adds in a joking voice, as the brothers playfully tussled with each other.

Guilfoyle then said, referring to Lara, “future senator,” a reference to Lara exploring whether to run for the Senate from her home state of North Carolina. Shows his family and friends laughing and joking in the backstage area before President Donald Trump spoke at a rally Wednesday.

Not long afterward, a mob of the president's supporters invaded the U.S. Capitol in a riot that left five people dead. 'S girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle saying she hopes Vice President Mike Pence has “the courage or the brains to do the right thing” and block the confirmation of Joe Biden as president by Congress.


Donald Trump ’s sons stoked civil war within the Republican Party at a rally protesting the results of the 2020 election in Washington DC on Wednesday. Donald Trump said the gathering in DC, which drew thousands of Trump supporters, should be a makeup call to the GOP.

He said Republicans in Georgia “didn’t like the way the game was played” so they did not participate in the president’s attempt to steal the election. Mr Trump Jr then told Congressional Republicans that they had “an opportunity” to be heroes when they gathered to count the Electoral Votes on Wednesday.

The president’s son said that the Republicans needed to fight in the face of “irregularities” and “statistical impossibilities”, a claim he made without evidence. His younger brother, Eric, also similarly prophesied that Mr Trump's influence on the political right would continue past his time in the White House.

The pro- Trump march was scheduled to take place while Congress gathers to count and certify Electoral College votes. The sons of President Donald Trump declared war on the Republican Party during a rally that was meant to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Went on to say that Republicans in Georgia “didn’t like the way the game was played,” so they chose not to take part in Trump ’s attempts to steal the election. He then addressed congressional Republicans, saying that they had “an opportunity” to be heroes when they come together to count the state’s electoral votes in the House chambers.

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Said, adding that Republicans needed to fight in the face of “irregularities” and “statistical impossibilities.” Not stopping there, he threatened to throw support behind primary challenges against Republicans who he and his family’s followers have found to be disloyal.

Are seen onstage ahead of President DonaldTrump's acceptance speech for the Republican Party nomination for reelection on the South Lawn of the White House, Aug. 27, 2020. The analysis looked at six videos, which were either directly shared or referenced on Facebook or Twitter posts by Don Jr and Eric.

The president, members of his campaign and a number of other prominent supporters also frequently shared misleading content intended to create the impression of widespread voter fraud. The city of Virginia Beach's tweet had been retweeted just under 600 times, indicating how difficult it is for factual information to compete with the misleading content.

Among the earliest examples of this false claim was footage posted to Facebook from outside a polling place in Maricopa County, according to Scornful. Scornful’s analysis showed that mentions of the word “sharpie” spiked on Twitter at noon on Nov. 4, shortly after Eric Trump, and other high-profile Trump supporters, tweeted about the false claim.

Though the brothers did not share the specific video, only tweeting about the claim, mentions of the word “sharpie” on Twitter and Facebook went from around 100 to over 5,500 on the afternoon of Nov. 4. © Chandon Hanna/AFP via Getty Images, File Voters cast their ballots at the Indian Creek Fire Station 4 in Miami on Nov. 3, 2020.

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Several videos using footage that claimed to show suspicious activity in ballot counting locations in battleground states went viral in the days following the election. Fulton County Election Director Rick Barron told reporters on Friday that the worker had gone into hiding for his own safety.

Fact-checkers at Political, which is part of Facebook's third-party fact-checking network, found that it was selectively edited to remove bipartisan poll watchers who local officials said were “more than six feet away.” Are seen onstage ahead of President DonaldTrump's acceptance speech for the Republican Party nomination for reelection on the South Lawn of the White House, Aug. 27, 2020.

At a Senate hearing committee on Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the platform flagged around 300,000 tweets from Oct. 27 to Nov. 11 for content that was either disputed or potentially misleading. Annual Young, a political psychologist and associate professor at the University of Delaware, said the rhetoric of “elites,” meaning politicians and others in power, is a potent tool to sway popular opinion.

His brother, Eric, also spoke, and similarly prophesied that Mr Trump's influence on the political right would continue past his time in the White House. Both speeches appeared to focus on the continuation of Mr Trump ’s influence in politics beyond the White House and the presidency.

Said, “We are living in Orwell’s 1984,” after Twitter moved to permanently suspend his father from the platform. Urged his followers to subscribe to a new website to receive his updates via email.

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“If I get thrown off my social platforms I’ll let you know my thoughts and where I end up,” he said. The website,, is mostly bare bones and features testimonials from conservatives like Mark Kevin attacking Joe Biden.

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