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Donald Trump Jr Dancing

Ellen Grant
• Friday, 20 November, 2020
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CNBC has requested comment on the video from the Trump Organization, which Donald Jr. Says on the video, which appears to have been streamed online from his phone in a tented area during the rally, outside the White House.

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In the background, President Trump is seen on the video waiting to go out onstage. Later, during a speech of more than an hour, the president made false claims about alleged ballot fraud swindling him out of an electoral victory over Biden.

Trump also had urged the crowd to help him “fight” Biden's confirmation as the winner, and to march to Congress after the rally. When the crowd did so, thousands of people swarmed around the Capitol complex, and shoved past Capitol police to swarm through the halls of Congress, occupying the Senate chamber and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, among others lawmakers' offices.

One of the invaders, a woman, was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer. Another Capitol police officer died Thursday after being hit by a rioter with a fire extinguisher.

Three other people died during the melee, which has led to calls for Trump to be removed from office, less than two weeks before his term ends. Devon blamed Trump's rhetoric for contributing to the violence.

Speaks during a rally of supporters of US President Donald Trump on The Ellipse outside the White House on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC. “To those Republicans, many of which may be voting on things in the coming hours: You have an opportunity today,” he warned.

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'S video pans around the backstage area, where a woman who appeared to be White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany smiled as she took a photo of television monitors showing the crowd outside. Said at one point to Guilfoyle on the video, where she can be seen dancing and shimmying to the music.

“I think we're at T-minus a couple of seconds here, guys, so tune in and check it out,” Donald Jr. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows then appears behind him, broadly grinning and giving a thumbs-up to the camera.

Says, a nod to the fact that his father had lost support from many congressional Republicans, and his own vice president, Pence, in his legally doomed effort to block Biden from taking office. Then pans the camera to capture his sister Ivanka Trump, who is a senior White House advisor, who smiles and waves at him.

Guilfoyle then said, referring to Lara, “future senator,” a reference to Lara exploring whether to run for the Senate from her home state of North Carolina. Shows his family and friends laughing and joking in the backstage area before President Donald Trump spoke at a rally Wednesday.

Not long afterward, a mob of the president's supporters invaded the U.S. Capitol in a riot that left five people dead. 'S girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle saying she hopes Vice President Mike Pence has “the courage or the brains to do the right thing” and block the confirmation of Joe Biden as president by Congress.

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Washington : A video has been doing the rounds on social media in which US President Donald Trump and his family members, including his daughter Ivanka and son Donald Trump. Unruly scenes were witnessed at the US Capitol early on Thursday (late Wednesday US time) when pro- Trump supporters stormed the building, seeking to prevent lawmakers from certifying Democrat Joe Biden's win in November 2020 elections.

On his mobile phone shows his family and friends laughing, and dancing to pop songs in the backstage area before or after Trump's rally on Wednesday. The clip also shows Donald and Ivanka Trump talking to senior White House officials and watching news footage of their supporters marching towards the Capitol.

Hours after his speech, thousands of Trump's supporters attacked the Capitol building and clashed with police, interrupting a constitutional process by Congress to affirm the victory of President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in the November 3 elections. “The Trumps threw an Insurrection Party and even did a countdown to the invasion of the Capitol while playing 'GLORIA'... shows design and planning,” another user wrote on Twitter.

Kimberly Guilfoyle is once again the topic of Twitter discussion for her fiery MAGA rhetoric and her dancing, but this time the chatter is about her appearance in a chilling video taken before President Trump ’s Safe America rally, which later led to a mob attack on the Capitol. Guilfoyle is shown dancing wildly while backstage before the rally started, and is then heard encouraging the crowd to “fight” for Trump.

Donald Trump., right, smiles along with his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle prior to a news conference at Georgia Republican Party headquarters Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020 in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Blakemore) Guilfoyle’s name came up as one of many in Trump ’s family and inner circle whom many said should be investigated for inciting violence committed by the president’s supporters.

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But the Justice Department appeared to switch gears Friday, with an official saying Trump and other speakers at the rally were not expected to be criminally charged for inciting the riot. Another DOJ official told reporters that the federal investigation is focused solely on criminal acts at the Capitol building.

And Trump ’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to be arrested for their calls to “fight” while speaking at the rally. Legal experts also said the First Amendment could make it difficult for Trump and others to be prosecuted for impassioned speeches.

But even if Guilfoyle can’t be prosecuted, she was nonetheless being scrutinized on social media for her starring role in the video, apparently filmed by Trump Jr., before the start of the rally. Guilfoyle, in a black cape, turns to the camera and briefly breaks into the hip-shaking dance she’s been showcasing at other recent pro- Trump rallies.

Guilfoyle’s voice also rose to a yell, which has become her signature speaking style since the Republican National Convention. Excoriated Republicans who said they would not object to certifying the electoral votes that declared Biden the winner on Nov. 3.

This video which has now gone viral on social media seems to be recorded right before Donald Trump addressed the gathered crowd and urged them to 'fight' and to 'take back our country', as he promised to join them. What should have been just the next step in the democratic process of US elections in the country turned out to a ‘dark day for America’ with thousands of Trump supporters swarming inside the US Capitol.

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The entire world watched when Trump supporters broke inside one of the most iconic American buildings engulfing the city in chaos. As per reports, it was shortly after 1 PM ET on January 6 that pro- Trump protesters pushed through the barriers set up along the building and some even called the officers “traitors” for doing their job.

Further, an armed standoff even reportedly took place at the House front door around 3 PM ET, and police officers had their guns drawn at an individual who was trying to breach it. Police reportedly said that both law enforcement and Trump supporters had deployed chemical irritants during the hours-long occupation of the US Capitol building.

“The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy,” he said. “To those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country.

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