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Donald Trump Iii

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
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From Sunday to Tuesday, the New York Times published three reports documenting Don Jr.'s involvement in a June 2016 meeting, in which he reportedly solicited damaging information about Hillary Clinton from a Russian attorney with allegedly close ties to her government. This culminated in Don Jr.'s public release of emails providing the first hard evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

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As for Donald just like his own father, Don Jr. made his firstborn son his namesake he's quite young to find his family thrust into this kind of seismic controversy. Owing to longstanding norms of how the media covers young children related to the president, there’s not a huge amount of information about the ins and outs of Donald ’s life.

The report stressed that this was seen as an isolated incident, and that President Trump has a good relationship with his Secret Service protection. Basically, outside the fact that Donald has one of the most widely recognized names in the world right now, and is the grandson of arguably the most powerful person on Earth, he’s just a young boy like any other albeit one who comes from a privileged background, and who is growing up amid some intense scrutiny and political pressure.

Facts You have already met some Trump offspring and the only one who was left was Donald John III. Donald who is considered as the shy baby in the Trump family is quite a kid.

Donald Jr III is fondly called Donnie Jr by his parents and the family and this 7-year-old kid is indulged in his studying at a private school in Washington DC. Soul stars Jamie Fox and Tina Fey share how they contributed to each other's voice performances.

Critically, it is now clear that he intended not merely to sow distrust for political purposes (or as a ploy to raise money for his post-presidential life), but to induce state officials and, ultimately, either the Vice President or Congress to nullify the results of the election and keep him in power. His efforts culminated in active incitement of a mob to intimidate Congress into refusing to perform its constitutional obligation to certify the election of Joseph Biden as the next President of the United States.

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But for constitutional purposes the term “treason” is narrowly defined as “levying War against , or … adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Some among the organizers of last week’s assault on Congress might actually fall within this definition if, as been suggested in some media reports, there were plans to seize, harm, or even kill legislators and incite wider violence against the government. In any event, inserting the inescapably incendiary term “treason” into the conversation is unnecessary and likely to distract attention from the irrefutable case for impeachment on other grounds.

“High crimes and misdemeanors” is an ancient term of art, adopted by the Framers of the American Constitution from British parliamentary practice. Historically, “high crimes and misdemeanors” has been interpreted to include a variety of serious executive misconduct, including some kinds of ordinary personal crime; official corruption; egregious instances of incompetence or neglect of duty; abuse of power ; betrayal of the nation’s foreign policy interests; and, centrally for present purposes, subversion of the Constitution itself.

Indeed, impeachment was invented by Parliament in the fourteenth century as a defense against executive (which then meant royal) assaults on British constitutional order. At the Constitutional Convention, George Mason proposed adding the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors” to treason and bribery as grounds for impeachment precisely because he feared that those two offenses would not reach “attempts to subvert the Constitution.” Alexander Hamilton’s widely quoted observation in Federalist 65 that impeachable offenses are “of a nature which may with peculiar propriety be denominated POLITICAL, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself” was a shot at the same target.

That argument is risible on its face, and has been amply rebutted by distinguished commentators including Jonathan Adler, Ilya So min, and former judge Michael McConnell. Trump took no immediate steps to send aid to the beleaguered Congress, supposedly “resisted and rebuffed” calls to authorize deployment of the National Guard, and reportedly agreed to do so at last only at the impassioned urging of staff.

But DC National Guardsmen, the federal body under the control of the President and the Defense Department, did not arrive for two hours after Trump reluctantly agreed to their deployment. Unlike several of his prominent supporters, Trump failed to take even the rudimentary step of promptly going on television and Twitter to demand unequivocally that the rioters, who were explicitly there on his behalf, withdraw immediately.

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Donald Trump is the dangerous demagogue for whom the Framers created impeachment and the attendant penalty of permanent disqualification from federal office. Both simple justice and the safety of American democracy demand that Congress at least try to convict him of impeachable offenses and banish him from our politics.

However, Fred Trumping, Mary Trump ’s only brother, has criticized her for violating the nondisclosure agreement and debunked some claims in the book, according to the Daily Mail. The marriage of Fred Trumping ’s parents ended in divorce, and his father died in 1981 of a heart attack caused by alcoholism at the age of 43.

Despite his criticism of Mary Trump ’s book, Fred Trumping sided with his sister when they sued their aunts and uncles over their grandfather’s will in 2000. According to Heavy’s previous report and the Daily Mail, the dispute centered around the millions of dollars left behind by Fred Trump after his death.

The lawsuit was settled privately later that year and both Fred Trumping and Mary Trump signed a nondisclosure agreement. According to the Daily Mail, the two received several million dollars as a result of the private settlement, which Fred Trumping now says his sister violates.

While his company website shows that he works in his office in Midtown New York, Fred Trumping currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut, with his wife, Lisa Trump, whom he married in 1989 and has three children with. Although Fred Trumping joined his sister in the 2000 lawsuit, he has now disapproved of Mary Trump ’s new book that aims to disclose the high-profile family’s drama.

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However, Mary Trump later dismissed her brother’s claim, saying that the 2001 nondisclosure agreement was “based on ‘demonstrably fraudulent’ financial information and should be held invalid,” according to the Guardian. In 1999, William Trump, Fred Trumping ’s son, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after his birth.

In a 2016 interview with the New York Times, Donald Trump admitted that he withdrew the medical benefits to his nephew’s newborn out of retaliation. According to the New York Times, Fred Trumping said in an affidavit in a lawsuit over the health insurance that he was shocked that his family would jeopardize his son’s medical care.

In the statement issued to the Daily Mail by Donald Trump ’s son, Fred Trumping says the claim is false: William Trump once received in-home therapy visits provided by a nonprofit in Greenwich, and Fred Trumping held golf tournaments to raise funds to support such programs in their community, according to Stamford Advocate.

A conventional summary of King George III, the tragic figure who took on the colonies, sending in his troops to “dominate” the streets and crush resistance. Defeated, bipolar, suffering frequent manic episodes, he retreated to Windsor Castle having nevertheless amassed an impressive library and a reputation for cultured intelligence.

A couple of centuries and 45 presidents later, Old King Trump sits barricaded in the White House doing nothing much. His sulky-toddler folded arms, like that time he refused to say a single kind word when fellow Republican and war hero John McCain died.

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Maybe Trump won’t be remembered for his cultured intelligence, but he can memorize “person, woman, man, camera, TV”. Come January this QAnon lion heart could pledge to return to Washington in glory to claim once again his jewelled baseball-cap, to wreak his vengeance.

One of George’s first acts as king was to commission the spectacularly hideous gold state coach, a horse-drawn carriage still in use today. George would babble incoherently, his “incessant loquacity” continuing far into the night, making less and less sense, until he foamed at the mouth.

The Queen at St Paul’s cathedral after arriving in the golden coach, first seen in public in 1762, when King George III travelled to the state opening of parliament. Escalated nicely too, with the money and the violence, the armed convoys of vigilantes and the ululating Christian demon-slayers.

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