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Wednesday, 24 February, 2021

Donald Trump Golf Swing

Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
• 1 min read

In his presser, Trump revealed that he would allow for the Biden Administration to take office if the electoral college saw fit. President Donald Trump spends so much golfing that you might have wondered whether he is actually good at the sport.

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In a 2015 spread with Golf Digest, Trump even touted his own skills, saying he’s improved over the years. In contrast, former President Barack Obama played 333 rounds of golf during his eight years in office, according to former CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoll er.

U.S. President Donald Trump plays golf in Aberdeen shire, Scotland, on July 10, 2012. Photo: Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images For 24 hours or so, it appeared as though President Donald Trump had supposedly shot one of the best golf rounds of his life.

On Friday morning, a man named Leif Sonic spotted that Trump had filed with the United States Golf Association that he had shot a round of 68 sometime in April of this year. “We have become aware of reports in the media questioning recent scores posted on President Trump ’s account,” USGA spokeswoman Jansen Driscoll said in a statement.

“Both our rounds came during openings of redesigns to his courses and were played casually, with plenty of putts inside five feet over-generously slapped away. He cheats whether you like it or not.” Reilly also told CNN that Trump hit two balls in the water when he played with Tiger Woods and then claimed to have almost beaten the pro.

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