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Donald Trump Golf Course

James Smith
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
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The TrumpGolf portfolio boasts 19 world-class golf destinations across the globe. Before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, he was well-known in the golf community as the namesake of the courses and grounds that share his name.

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The Trump Organization also manages TrumpGolf Links at Ferry Point in New York. Seven of the current TrumpGolf -owned/managed properties are open to the public for tee times and nine of the clubs are private.

Sung Hymn Park at Trump National Golf Club in Bed minster, New Jersey. (Matt Sullivan/Getty Images) General view of the first hole.

The 11th hole at the Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter. (Jeff Gross/Getty Images) Mi Hymn Kim on the first hole in 2005.

(Tomato Body/Preimage) A general view at the Trump National Golf Club, Los Angeles in 2005. An overview of the Trump National Golf Club, Philadelphia.

The entrance of the Trump International Golf Club, West Palm Beach. (NICHOLAS Kama/AFP/Getty Images) A view at the Trump International Golf Club, West Palm Beach.

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The 13th hole at the Trump National Golf Club, Westchester. (David Cannon/Getty Images) The clubhouse and driving ranges.

(David Cannon/Getty Images) Nick Edmund plays the fourth hole. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) The bunkers on the fourth hole.

(David Cannon/Getty Images) Hotel and clubhouse with the 18th green. (David Cannon/Getty Images) The par 4, sixth hole.

(Trump International Golf Club, Dubai) The ninth fairway. (Trump International Golf Club, Dubai) Another view from the 17th hole.

They say last week’s decision by Aberdeen shire council planners to approve the course could have a catastrophic impact on the area’s delicate environment. As a result, conservation experts had urged Aberdeen shire council to withhold planning permission for the second golf course at Genie that Trump had asked to build.

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“This decision gives a green light to the Trump organization to further vandalize and destroy Scotland’s natural heritage,” said Bob Ward, policy director at the Grant ham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. However, so far he has constructed only one 18-hole course, which is open seven months a year, a practice range, and a small clubhouse with a restaurant and shop; he also converted Genie’s manor house into a boutique hotel with 16 rooms.

As well as leading in the national opinion polls, Biden is also consistently ahead in a series of crucial swing states. U.S. President Donald Trump ’s golf business in northeast Scotland extended losses and warned about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and Britain’s departure from the European Union.

The investment in northeast Scotland has generated controversy over the years as Trump clashed with environmentalists, residents and the Scottish government. The latest challenges are the duration and spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on consumer confidence and spending, “all of which are highly uncertain in the current environment,” the filing said.

That will be compounded by the “uncertainty of Brexit anticipated in 2021,” according to the report, which was filed before the U.K. struck a trade deal with the EU on Christmas Eve. At some point in the history of the United States of America, it became a weirdly consistent tradition for every president, senator, and congressperson to be obsessed with hitting a little white ball across a green field.

While many people have enjoyed whacking their balls across Trump's grass, it seems the dealings behind the scenes have often been sketchy at best and deeply unethical at worst. One particularly fiery situation occurred in 2016, according to the Telegraph, when the PGA Tour made the decision to move the World Golf Championship from Trump's Miami Course to a site in Mexico City.

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Back in 2010, according to Golf .com, a man named Martin Greenberg, CEO of the Sterling Commodities Corp., participated in a charity event at Trump's golf course in Westchester County, New York, wherein contestants were offered $1 million if they could smack a hole-in-one. Whether this was pure deception or an honest mistake plus a ridiculous level of stinginess, Greenberg was understandably upset about the matter, so he sued.

For example, the Guardian reported in 2018 that the golf resort in Aberdeen shire, Scotland, was guilty of partially destroying a fragile dune system composed of sands and plant life so unique that the area had previously been recognized as a site of special scientific interest in the Scottish Natural Heritage. Perhaps the most notable battle between a Trumpgolfcourse and conservation groups occurred in Ireland, according to the Independent, when Trump's desire to erect a giant rock barrier around three holes of his resort ran into an unexpectedly resilient foe: an nitty-gritty little snail.

The snail (not pictured) is named Vertigo ancestor, and this smallest member of the resistance is a protected species under EU law. As a result, the Clare County Council argued that Trump's concerns about the holes being flooded if a wall weren't built were not substantial enough to endanger the snails.

As the younger Trump tells it, the greatest advantage to his event is that since it's his father's golf course, he gets to rent it out for free so all the money goes toward helping children with cancer with little upfront cost. To be fair, the Eric Trump Foundation's donations to St. Jude have been beneficial, particularly when it comes to cancer research, which makes it all the sadder that some of these funds have seemingly also been used in such unethical ways.

One confusing detail about many of Trump's golf courses is that despite the big tournaments, glitzy decorations, and perfect green grass, they are financial “sinks,” i.e., they've lost money, rather than making it. This is a long shot from Trump's original pitch, back in 2008, where he claimed that the Aberdeen resort would be a huge success and would create 6,000 new jobs: In reality, the current number of employees is a not-so-amazing 84.

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According to Business Insider, Trump keeps real goats on these properties, in addition to participating in hay farming, woodcutting, and so on, as a way to qualify for a special New Jersey tax break for having “farmland.” While plenty of wealthy billionaires, Trump included, have done all kinds of weird things to avoid paying the proper amount of taxes, this may be among the weirdest.

Apparently, if you visit the Trump National Doral Miami golf resort, you might happen upon a 4-foot painting of DonaldTrump's face. Bizarrely enough, this situation mirrored a near-identical controversy from 2007, according to the Washington Post, where Trump spent double that amount (again, using charity money, instead of his own) on a 6-foot-tall portrait of himself.

In 2012, Donald Trump purchased the Ritz-Carlton golf course in Jupiter, Florida, according to NBC, and for whatever reason, a group of previous members decided to ship out. Under the former rules of the agreement, these members were permitted to continue playing golf on the course until their replacements were found: like it or not, that's the contract they signed.

When Trump caught wind of this, though, he wrote a letter to the members of the club saying that, as the new owner, he wanted them gone ASAP and these former rules no longer applied. In 2018, Trump agreed to a settlement with these unhappy former members, paying out a combined $5.44 million to them, about 70 percent of the refund amount they were looking for after legal fees and other expenses.

Back in 2009, Town & Country Magazine says his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner held their wedding there, with a guest list that included such big names as Rupert Murdoch, Rudy Giuliani, and Andrew Cuomo. In 2015, reported that despite putting in years of effort to get the New Jersey cemetery built, he'd changed his mind and was now considering being buried at one of his Florida properties instead.

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Donald Trump might claim the credit for New York City's Ferry Point golf course, built over the remains of a Bronx garbage dump, but in reality, he didn't put in any of his own money. That money goes to the Trump Organization, which made a special deal to collect most of the revenue for the next 20 years, as described by CNBC, in exchange for covering upkeep expenses and building a (still missing) $10 million clubhouse.

Recently, Trump's controversial White House stint may have hit the golf course hard, leading to a 12 percent revenue decrease in 2017, reports the Washington Post. Not if you're at Trump's golf course in Virginia, though, where a plaque (pictured above) overlooking the Potomac River claims to be the spot of a battle that never occurred.

According to historians, though, it's a load of hogwash: Richard Gillespie, the executive director of the Cosby Heritage Area Association, told the New York Times that nothing of the sort ever happened. One area that Trump's golf courses seem to repeatedly do terribly at, according to USA Today, is the matter of paying low-level workers the money they've earned.

In 2007, for example, a dishwasher named Guy Dorcinvil was forced to sue the Mar-A-Lago resort when he wasn't paid the promised time-and-a-half for all the overtime he accrued over the course of three years. While Trump's lawyers never confessed to their client's wrongdoing, they did reach a settlement agreement to pay the worker $7,500 on the condition that he never discuss the case again.

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