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Donald Trump Georgia

James Smith
• Thursday, 15 October, 2020
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In an astounding phone call, President Donald Trump for over an hour berated and threatened Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, repeating various false claims about voter fraud and begging the Republican official to overturn the election results. ATLANTA -- President Donald Trump badgered and pleaded with Georgia's election chief to overturn Joe Biden's win in the state, suggesting in a telephone call that the official “find” enough votes to hand Trump the victory. The conversation Saturday was the latest step in an unprecedented effort by a sitting president to pressure a state official to reverse the outcome of a free and fair election that he lost.



The renewed intervention and the persistent and unfounded claims of fraud by the first president to lose reelection in almost 30 years come nearly two weeks before Trump leaves office and two days before twin runoffs in Georgia that will determine control of the Senate. The White House, Trump's reelection campaign and Raffensperger's office did not immediately respond Sunday to emailed and texted requests for comment.

“We now have irrefutable proof of a president pressuring and threatening an official of his own party to get him to rescind a state's lawful, certified vote count and fabricate another in its place. Trump has repeatedly attacked how Raffensperger ran Georgia's elections, claiming without evidence that the state's 16 electoral votes were wrongly given to Biden.

Trump tweeted of Raffensperger, saying the state official “was unwilling, or unable” to answer questions about a series of claims about ballot handling and voters that have been debunked or shot down by judges and election authorities. With the Senate up for grabs, the candidates and outside groups supporting them have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the contests, deluging Georgia with television ads, mail, phone calls and door-knocking efforts.

Offer, when asked about siding with the growing group of Senate Republicans seeking to contest the Electoral College count, said she was “looking very closely at it, and I've been one of the first to say, everything's on the table.” “Warlock, the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta who has continued to preach as he campaigns for office, seemed to allude to the runoff in a message delivered Sunday.

He told viewers watching remotely due to the pandemic that they are “on the verge of victory” in their lives if they accept that God has already equipped them with the ability to overcome their adversaries. Offer was appointed to fill a vacancy when Republican Johnny Samson resigned his seat, and she will be in the Senate, win or lose this coming week, until the election is certified.

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Trump and Biden plan to campaign in the state Monday, in last-minute efforts to mobilize voters after more than 3 million people cast ballots early. The president continues to create turbulence for Offer and Purdue by questioning Biden's narrow victory in Georgia and the reliability of the state's election systems.

Purdue, who is in quarantine because he was exposed to a staff member with the coronavirus and won't appear with Trump at the Monday rally, said he would have joined the electoral challenge in the Senate if he had been in Washington. Because Donald Trump flew into Georgia Monday night to perform what he surely thought was his final rescue mission.

Instead, if anything, his shocking antics in these last few days drove the turnout against him. I know it’s just a few thousand votes and Jon Scoff hasn’t officially won yet and this sounds a little sweeping, but fuck it, it wouldn’t stop the other side: On Election Night, America was sure it wanted to get rid of Trump, but wasn’t sure it wanted to hand the Democrats the keys to the car.

After two more months of watching Trump try to set fire to our country, and watching Republicans hand him the match, Americans, or at least Georgians, said the hell with it. And the historical debt paid, especially in Raphael Warlock’s win: The pastor at Martin Luther King’s church is going to be a United States senator.

For a realer answer, you go back to the early 1990s, when it was Sam Nun and Cycle Fowler. This is one of those rare situations in life where it’s impossible to know what to be happiest about.

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Picture him fuming over this, confused, pacing, picking up the phone, screaming at whoever, throwing stuff at Hogan Gilda; just think of the dark torment that has clouded his brain, which must physically hurt. There is a price to his oily arrogance, his sneering abuse of democracy, to block a Supreme Court nominee in March of one presidential election year and jam one through in September of the next.

You can’t deny people $2,000 in a COVID-19 relief bill and restore the three-martini lunch. And of course it’s a repudiation of David Purdue and Kelly Offer.

But mostly this will be good for the country because now, the Democrats will be able to do some things that have been impossible for a decade that will make people’s lives better and create a more just society. First, Biden’s Executive Branch appointees will be confirmed.

And today, Congress will certify Trump ’s defeat. Trump took her and (apparently) David Purdue down Tuesday, but of course she’ll degrade herself for him one more time.

The Trump rage machine will heat up again today. President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally in support of Senate candidates Kelly Offer and David Purdue in Dalton, Ga., on Jan. 4, 2021.

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“But when you’re relying on someone to win you a Senate race that also lost statewide eight weeks prior, you’re not in a position of strength.” The immediate recrimination is emblematic of the complicated GOP dynamics that have emerged after Trump ’s loss in the November election.

For the next few weeks, the president’s focus remained on trying to overturn his personal results in Georgia and other states. Even at a Monday rally designed to drum up voting for Offer and Purdue, the president obsessed over his own political grievances, swiping at lawmakers from his own party, including Georgia Republican Gov.

The behavior left Republicans shaking their heads Tuesday night, incensed that it might have cost them two critical races. They ticked off a variety of reasons why Trump was to blame, even offering conflicting theories.

“Turns out if the leader of a party spends two months actively delegitimizing elections and saying voting doesn’t matter, voters listen,” said a Republican who worked on the runoff races. Josh Holmes, former chief of staff and campaign manager to McConnell, pointed out how poorly Trump ’s message had played in the Georgia suburbs.

Last night, The Late Show aired its first episode of 2021, and its beloved host wasted no time before tearing into President Trump ‘s desperate call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. But it wasn’t just the one phone call that captured Colbert’s attention: it was Trump ’s 18 previous attempts to contact Raffensperger, as reported by CNN, that really delighted him, and he had the receipts (well, spoof voicemails) to prove it.


Colbert opened Monday’s show with an in-depth monologue about Trump ’s call to Raffensperger, audio of which was released by the Washington Post on Sunday afternoon. Because this call is like if Watergate and the Ukraine scandal had a baby that they made on the Access Hollywood bus,” said The Late Show host.

He proceeded to riff on Trump ’s repeated requests for Raffensperger to “find 11,780 votes” in his favor to overturn Joe Biden’s win in the state, as well as his threats that refusing to do so would be “a criminal offense.” Joked Colbert, “That is a big risk. “Listening to this call really makes you feel for the guys on the receiving end,” he continued.

Conservative commentators are blaming President Donald Trump as the votes are counted in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, showing Democrats in a strong position to win both seats and therefore full control of Congress. In the last 2 months, Trump has attacked top officials in the state, pressured Georgia ’s Secretary of State to help him overturn his defeat, spread conspiracy theories of mass voter fraud, and repeatedly sowed doubt in the integrity of Georgia ’s elections by claiming (without evidence) that his was stolen.

Political observers pointed out that the president’s crusade against the integrity of American elections could have depressed Republican turnout. President DonaldTrump's last-minute legal bid to overturn the 2020 election result in Georgia was denied by a federal judge on Tuesday.

Ruling from the bench, U.S. District Judge Mark Cohen rejected the president's request for an emergency injunction to order the state legislature to choose a new slate of electors before the mandated congressional count takes place on January 6. The lawsuit was filed by Trump on New Year's Eve and accused Georgia officials of violating the state's election code in the handling and counting of mail-in ballots.

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The ruling from Judge Cohen comes just days after a recording of a phone call released by The Washington Post revealed the president pressured Raffensperger on Saturday to change the state's 2020 election results. The president visited the Peach State to campaign for Republican senators Kelly Offer and David Purdue ahead of Tuesday's runoff elections.

Trump and his Republican allies have launched dozens of lawsuits in key battleground states attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election. President Trump campaigned for the two incumbents, Sen. David Purdue (R-GA) and Sen. Kelly Offer (R-GA), for tomorrow’s runoff elections in Georgia.

Biden, who is due to be sworn in on January 20, joked on Monday that he won Georgia three times as he campaigned on behalf of Democratic Senate candidates Jon Scoff and Raphael Warlock. Newsweek reached out to the White House and the Trump campaign for comment on Judge Cohen's decision but did not receive a response prior to publication.

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