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Wednesday, 01 December, 2021

Does Avakin Life Need Wifi

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Because we want to make sure our content is safely appropriate for those experiencing it, you have to be at least 13 in order to play AvakinLife, (anyone that admits to being younger than this will get removed from the game permanently, this includes age play). This is why we have comprehensive in-game moderation tools to assist in safeguarding our players.


While it’s fun to connect with lots of Awakens from all over the world, avoid providing any information that could be used to personally identify you, for example your home address or phone number. On the internet, people aren’t always who they say they are, so we advise caution when adding new acquaintances to your friends list.

Please be wary of sharing social media details, once you start communicating outside our app we can no longer help you stay safe. Don’t fall for the popular phishing scam, where a user will promise coins or items in exchange for your account information.

This is sent directly to our team of moderators who will carefully read the recent chat logs between you and the other player, and then action will be taken against them accordingly. You will not receive a notification if any action has been taken against them, however be rest assured that each and every report will be manually read by a human moderator.

You can also report another player for breaking any of the game rules which can be found here: http://www. As a parent, please consider the following guidelines to help your teens make safe decisions about using AvakinLife and other online communities.

AvakinLife is an online virtual world that allows teens and adults alike to chat and make new friends. As with all things on the internet, we understand that being safe online is a shared responsibility between the service provider, teens and their parents.

We have full time support staff that deal with any in-game abuse or issues between players. Enabling restrictions will also prevent your teens from making in-game purchases without permission.

If your teen has made a purchase without permission, you can apply for a refund within your order history. Members shouldn’t post anything they wouldn’t want the world to know (e.g., your real name, your phone number, address, screens names from other IM clients, or specific whereabouts) in either chats or on their homepages.

Internet connections are usually the culprit if the game will not finish loading. Contact Av akin Life tech support if the above steps do not help.

Av akin support also cannot answer questions regarding the fulfillment of Tap joy offers. However, parents think its sexual activity when it's just grown men and women who ask for sex IRL (In real life).

The clothing does not make the players look like prostitutes (girls). Parents have no business on this game at all this is not for adults it's for kids to enjoy and hang around friends and role-play with others.

My opinion from a mature teen This game is not acceptable for kids. I'm 14 years old and I've played this game back in 2016, these problems weren't very common then besides the clothing and animations.

There are many pervy men, they'll ask for your social media, age, name and location. This title contains: Avakinlife I my self am a child and play Avalon life I’m 17 and I understand that online safety is very important I think all kids 13+ understand also some kids don’t but most do I think parents opinions and ratings on this game saying 18+ are insane laws picked an appropriate age limit for this game I’ve been playing for two years and yes there is inappropriate clothing but it’s not like children are using this for sexual advantages I have been asked for my social media many times and it’s very obvious when to stay away but I have actually made very good friends on this game.

Since I have played and rated many online games, AvakinLifedoes not have a good control on what goes on. But AvakinLife will not allow straight on cursing but players can easily find a way to write it.

Let me tell you Being a 16-year-old, I've been around games way worse than av akin. Yes, there are people that occasionally get away with swearing if they spell it funny, or the occasional *kiss* from other plays, even a lot of online trolls and trash talking 9-year-olds.

These are worry's about EVERY public/online chat site that's virtually available to everyone and everything, you can't smoke, drink, have sex, or use violence in this game, yes there is always the worry of online predators, but I personally have yet to come across one, not to say they don't prowl Av akin, but if they did that's up to the parent to teach their kids the signs of a predator and up to av akin to monitor suspicious behavior. Stay away from fiber, or any third party wall offers they give you, although av akin is a good game, the fiber option doesn't work and is really just clickbait to get you to do a million surveys, AND fiber is personally run, so they could easily try to steal your info if an ad pops up.

Awakens customer service isn't too nice either, seemed kind of rude, but that doesn't affect the game play. I was so excited about playing this game and interacting with others around the globe that I didn't even think about predators.

They have contests and challenges that are very fun which is probably the only thing keeping the game together. What's more disturbing yet is that most females and males want to get you into bed, are not friendly at all, and they are the ones who could very well be and probably are 50 or 60.

Kids and adults pose their ages all the time to make them seem older/younger. The way people treat each other is awful and the worst part is there are a lot of kids out there, and I've already heard of a case with a girl my age getting molested by a man from the game.

This game is incredibly dangerous and you should not allow your kids to play, because that 13-year-old girl could be your child. This title contains: Not for YOUNG kids Lets get this straight, Avakinlifedoes have pedophiles and gross people, but it really isn't the creators fault, and if a kid is using it and encounters one then it is the parents fault for not watching close enough and not regarding the age restriction.

Least 7 men came up to me and private messaged me saying I was either hot, twerk, or they ally wanted to have sex with me. One of the scariest time I have ever experienced on this game was when I was exploring the area, a man in a cap and hoodie came up to me and private messaged me saying Your ally hot” Then I said “HHH thanks”.

As I just started this game that day, I had no clue how to leave the area he was or how to get out. That terrifies me that when I was so young, I was close to spilling some info to that creep.

I enter lounges and attend bars in avakinlife and the language some people have on their tongues are disgustingly horrible. A great game for mature people who play to meet other players, make friends, and who know their barriers.

One thing Avakindoes a good job at is creating a realistic and unique gaming experience. They offer a variety of different clothing items and properties that you can purchase.

As players interact more with others, level up, and participate in activities such as occupation role playing, they earn Ava coins and diamonds, the means of payment on the game. Personally, I love architecture, and I am amazed at how realistic and unique the homes are, and I enjoy decorating them as a function of the game.HOWEVER, there may be a few concerns involving social interaction among players.

There are teens who can play the game healthily and properly because they are educated and understand the dangers of social media and online interaction. If you are a parent, definitely do not let your child play the game if you make decisions for them.

AvakinLife, a game I quite simply wanted to try as I was bored for the summer. I thought it was a wonderful fashion game where I could decorate, and be anyone I chose.

I played for a few months, I loved to decorate my houses, dress my avatar, and own pets. I never responded to them because I did not want to become banned for engaging in such activity.

I just wanted to play this game for the dress up aspect and decor. Most people are interested in inappropriate behaviors and whatnot.

Don’t join the evil of this game and NEVER let your children go into public if they happen to play. I know these things since I’m mature and wish to protect the innocent minds and to not spoil them.

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