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Do You Like Weather In Your Country

Maria Garcia
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
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Here you can find full IELTS Speaking sample for Weather topic. It is very useful to learn speaking vocabulary not as individual words, but as they come in natural speech.

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To help you in exam preparation, we gathered a variety of IELTS Speaking questions + answers + advanced vocabulary for weather topic. Useful linking phrases are in bluebells speaking vocabulary is in bold (put your mouse over such text to see explanations).

Cold, gloomy paydays with dark clouds and dull light. I love all the freshness around, the cool breeze nice gentle wind.

The weather is very pleasant and it's nice to see everything come back to life and blossom. No, not really... For me winter is the most depressing season, because where I live it's freezing colder cold.

Moreover, the days are short and you can't do a lot of outdoor activities. It may sound strange, but my favorite weather is when it is cloudy, windy and drizzlingWhen a light rain falls in very small drops.

I like such weather especially at night because I can hear the little raindrops falling and see the dew on the window, and it helps me to sleep... It's very romantic and gives me a sort of feeling like I'm in an old black and white movie.

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And downpoursVery heavy rains. And I hate when temperature goes below zeroth become negative., it's too cold for me. It affects the overall temperature of the world, making the weather warmer.

And gloomy weatherWeather with dark clouds and dull light. In my opinion, during cold and dull days people are more depressed and irritated than usual...

Weather is the state of the atmosphere, describing for example the degree to which it is hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy. Most weather phenomena occur in the lowest level of the atmosphere, the troposphere, just below the stratosphere.

Stormy (with strong winds, heavy rain, and dark clouds) It was a warm muggy afternoon, and it looked like it would rain.

IELTS speaking part 1 topics and questions. Prepare for your test by developing ideas for topics and practicing answering questions.

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Download a free PFD copy of most of the topics and questions on this page: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics & Questions Below is a list of topics and questions that the examiner can ask you in part 1 of the IELTS speaking test.

Work Study Hometown Home Art Birthdays Childhood Clothes Computers Daily routine Dictionaries Evenings Family & Friends Flowers Food Going Out Happiness Hobbies Internet Leisure time Music Neighbors & Neighborhood Newspapers Pets Reading Shopping Sport TV Transport Weather These four topics are the most common in IELTS speaking part 1.

I was planning to move inside the city of Paris in France. The weather was perfect for a stroll in the city. Usually, I do not get out in the noon as the sun is too hot and the heat becomes unbearable.

As a student of the local university and a part-timer at a coffee shop, I did not get enough holidays but I took a day off on the day so that I could get around the city as the regular works and studies were a bit droning for me. The day was bright and the sky was clear with a burning sun.

Initially, the weather was dull in the morning and I thought that it might rain, but my idea was wrong. Within an hour, the weather turned back to its natural form.

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Besides, the low wind was passing on which made the walking comfortable and I saw many of the people were doing the same. So, I thought that I should walk along the streets and if I find something suitable for me, I should take part in.

Suddenly, after walking for around half an hour, I met with one of my university friends who was going for watching a cinema at the adjacent theater and proposed me to accompany him. But I humbly declined his proposal as I am unwilling to confine myself in a theater whereas I am out to explore the city.

So, started walking again, and when I felt thirst, I bought an ice-cream from a street vendor. After strolling for about one and half hour, I decided to take a rest.

In fact, the summer is too hot in Paris and if you are out of the home without any protective measures, I am sure you are to suffer a lot. This is a common issue for many of the people travelling in Paris at noon.

But on the day when I got out, it was perfect as the sun was bright in moderate level. Though the sun heat was almost unbearable, the mild breeze has made it easier for me to take the walk.

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In the afternoon, the temperature fell to a great extent and walking became easier for me. Generally, I love to move out in the evening when the sun is on its way to set.

So, I made a few phone calls and persuaded them to be my company in this morning. Once my friends arrived at my home, we set out our indefinite journey for the day.

It appeared that this was the perfect day for a leisurely walk in the streets of Mumbai and have fun. It appeared in mind that the days are inviting me to wander into the world.

The weather neither was cloudy nor was too much dry that I needed any precautionary measures while going out. I made my place clear to my friends that we will walk round the day.

In the last part of the day, one of my friends suggested moving to a cinema to enjoy a newly released film. It happens for the excessive dust on the environment, smokes emitted from vehicles, factories and many other environmental disorders.

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The brightness of the sun should be dimmed so that movement becomes easier on the daytime. The sky had a very charming look, the surrounding environment was neat and clean.

So, I failed to keep my mind stable at home and planned for the day-long trip in the city. Well, people in France like hot weather most of the days are filled with heat.

Most of the people are against the summer days as they cannot continue their regular tasks. Sometimes, they are unable to go outside under the hot sun and if they are to go, they take different preventive measure.

Sometimes, the people take umbrellas with them or use sunscreens to protect them from the ultraviolet ray emitted from the sun. During the summer days, most of the time the tourists in Paris do not come out to roam around the city, in fact, nobody does so.

Agriculture suffers most from the climatic changes like sudden floods or natural disasters etc. Besides, in the city areas, there are many people who sell products on streets, and they also have to suffer to some extent by different weather conditions.

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National holidays are always observed by the people, and they generally take a break from their regular works on the day. The first and most important benefits will be that they will remain aware of the weather conditions.

If it rains, they may take precautions like carrying an umbrella or a raincoat with them. UMM … there are no exact ways to get informed about the weather conditions as it changes randomly.

But I think listening to weather forecasts on radio or television is one of the best ways. Since everyone, in the present days, use smartphones, they could download the apps and check the weather condition periodically.

When the sky will be cloudy, it naturally points that there is something wrong with the weather and it may rain. If the cloud is accompanied by strong winds, there are chances of a storm.

Sometimes the sky is clear with a dark blue shade and clouds fly freely. In winter, sometimes it turns difficult to check if the sun is up or not for the dull weather.

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