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Do You Amazon

Paul Gonzalez
• Friday, 08 January, 2021
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Should you have an Amazon Prime account and try accessing the platform when you travel abroad, you ’ll run into significant issues. So, whenever you go on holiday or travel for work in a foreign country, you ’ll have a far more limited experience with Amazon Prime.

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But you can easily gain full access to your home country's Prime library overseas by signing up for a VPN service. The only thing you can do with one of these services is stream TV shows and movies in your home country’s content library when you travel abroad.

This is very different from the experience you'd get with Netflix, which lets users access full international content libraries when traveling to another country. As a result, Netflix users can watch TV shows and movies from a different country's content library using a VPN.

Otherwise, you ’ll only be able to watch a reduced number of Amazon Originals and not the wide range of content you ’d usually experience at home. As well as allowing you to get around geo-restrictions, it’ll provide a secure internet connection and encrypt your personal data when you travel abroad.

The scammers target victims via an automated telephone call claiming that they have opened an Amazon Prime account and that they should “press one” to cancel the transaction. However, doing so will connect the call to a fraudster posing as an Amazon customer service representative, according to the warning from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CSI).

The email version of this scam sees the victim receiving a message stating they have started an Amazon Music subscription charged at £28.99 per month. Phishing scams targeting users of big platforms like Amazon have existed for a long time, but the current crisis has made them more vulnerable,” said Katherine Hart, Lead Officer at CSI.

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E-commerce giant Amazon reached an astounding market cap of $1 trillion Tuesday, becoming the second-ever publicly traded U.S. company to hit this mark, after Apple. Analysts say Amazon's diverse portfolio and continual expansion have helped drive up its valuation.

Apple's gain, which was the second highest at a nearly 58,000 percent, is notable, but it also had a 17-year head start and its return is still less than half of Amazon's. Amazon is not only crushing the competition from other grocery stores; it continues to reign supreme in retail as well.

It's also worth noting that Amazon began as an online bookstore before it grew and diversified. While Google Assistant is quickly expanding its library of commands, the reality is that Alexa remains the most robust digital assistant when it comes to smart speakers.

Alexa is a powerful digital assistant capable of fetching all sorts of information for you, but the trick knows all the Alexa commands you can ask. Some Amazon Echo commands are pretty straight-forward, like asking how the weather is.

First, it’s important to note that summoning Alexa can be done in a number of ways with Echo devices. Currently, the alternative wake words are “Echo”, Amazon ”, or “Computer”.

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Alexa has the option of conducting Flash Briefings with the command “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?”. And if you have an Echo Show visual representations of the weather forecast or video Flash Briefings are an added feature.

Amazon Echo devices make for excellent alarm clocks. It’s also possible to set music alarms by saying something like “Alexa, wake me up to rap music at 6am”, or “Alexa, wake me up to Jason MRA at 9am”.

Another great feature offered by Alexa is the ability to manage your calendar. For many, their Amazon Echo will most dominantly be used for playing music, and the good news is Alexa supports quite a few music services and commands out of the box.

You can also specify songs or artists with commands like “Alexa, play music by ”, “Alexa, play the latest Drake album”, or “Alexa, play Lose Yourself by Eminem”. You can even add songs to Spotify or Amazon Prime music libraries by telling Alexa to “add this song”.

Music app specific Echo commands for Spotify and Pandora are as follows: “Alexa, play on Spotify”, and “Alexa, play station on Pandora”. Those who own an Amazon Fire TV device can also use Alexa to control it.

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Simply say things like “Alexa, search for Pan’s Labyrinth on Fire TV”, or “Alexa, show me movies with Angelina Jolie on Fire TV”. Those who own a Fire TV edition television can go as far as turning it on or off, change inputs, and more.

“Alexa, find business hours for Walgreens”. For starters, you can play messages across your home’s Echo devices by saying something like “Alexa, announce that it’s bedtime”, or “Alexa, announce it’s time to wake up for school”.

Announcements are nice, but sometimes you need the flow of a conversation to get things across. It’s also possible to send SMS messages and drop in on other Alexa devices (given the other user has given you permission to do so).

Alexa can be great for creating to- do and shopping lists. “Alexa, add ‘buy food for guinea pig’ to my two- do list”.

“Alexa, add milk to my shopping list”. You can ask Alexa general questions like “How hot is the sun?”, “How far is Mercury from Earth?”, and so on.

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It won’t be as powerful as Google Assistant, which uses Google’s knowledge graph, but Alexa does pretty well with general information. It won't be as powerful as Google Assistant, which uses Google's knowledge graph, but Alexa does pretty well with general information.

It wouldn’t be an Amazon product if there wasn’t some way to sneak in the retailers main business into the deal, right? The Echo family has the ability to track packages from Amazon (“Alexa, track my order”), or even re-order items like shampoo, with the command “Alexa, buy more shampoo”.

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority Easily one of the coolest and high-tech tricks up Alexa’s sleeve is the ability to control your smart home products.

Alexa can be used to turn off lights, adjust temperatures, and much more. The cost of investing in these smart add-ons varies considerably.

For example, I bought a smart plug for our Christmas tree, so I could turn it on and off without reaching behind the couch each time. This was a $25 purchase, on top of the $40 cost of my Echo Dot of course.

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The full list of “smart home” Echo commands is obviously much more extensive than this, and varies depending on the products being used. Alexa can do a ton out of the box but what really makes it shine is the ability to add extra skills to the mix.

This is super useful for those who have that leftover chicken casserole in the fridge and can’t remember if it’s two days old… or two weeks. There’s also plenty of fun extras like Magic 8-Ball, 20 questions, a bartender skill that tells you how to make your favorite drinks, and more.

If you are just looking to mess around, there’s a ton of Echo commands here that Alexa will recognize. “Alexa, open the pod bay doors”.

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