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Do Weathertech Seat Covers Interfere With Airbags

Danielle Fletcher
• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
• 7 min read

That’s over 100 times more than the entire population of Vesta, MN, where our headquarters in located! When you’re adding aftermarket parts to your vehicle, you need to make sure that you don’t hinder any of the safety features of your truck, van, car, bike, etc.

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When you install seat covers on a newer (2012+) vehicle, you’re almost guaranteed to be covering up an airbag in the side of your seat. If your seat cover doesn’t allow the airbag to deploy, you are likely going to be smashing your head and upper body into the side of the vehicle in the event of a crash.

There are many seat cover manufacturers that have various sorts of holes and flaps to allow the airbag to deploy. It is best practice to only install seat covers that have been independently tested and verified for airbag compatibility by a qualified third party laboratory.

Whether you’re installing truck seat covers, or if they’re for your car or van, check and make sure that the cover will allow your airbag to deploy. TigerTough seat covers have been independently tested and verified by MGA Research Corporation in Troy, MI.

Is the Seat Protector custom fit for my vehicle? The seat protector is Semi-Custom, available in six versatile sizes, and fits most cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Does the warranty cover tears or rips from a wash cycle? Exclusions to our warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc.

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The non-stick backing is safe enough to use on every seat material, leather or cloth. On-screen or ad color representations may appear slightly different as a result of studio lighting, variance in monitor calibrations, or magazine print quality.

I called the local Hyundai dealer, and he agreed that seat covers will interfere with the airbags. It states that covering the front driver or passenger seats with any seat covers will inactivate the air-bag response.

I’m glad we didn’t ruin it for you a few years ago by printing a spoiler and telling you how it ends. Write to Click and Clack Talk Cars in care of King Feature Syndicate Group, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019.

Are they stitched in such a way that enables a 'perforated' style panel to tear as the thoracic airbag activates giving it the ability to fully inflate? I only make the point because we use steering wheel airbag protectors at work when cutting people out of RTC's, and whilst it is a Kevlar fabric, it's only as good as the stitching, and that thing will stop a drivers bag from deploying into the casualty or responder in the event that the bag is triggered during cutting.

We've gone for the fabric middle with “leather look” sides which extends to the headrest and armrest covers ; thinking it'll be nice and durable and resistant to us treading on the “shoulders” of the seats to get to the top bed. I've got the right tool (very large torn OR Allen key) to remove the armrests so hoping that fitting them should be okay.

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Yes, our covers are fully tailored to your specific model and version and will take care of all the safety and comfort features, all products sold by Sealskin UK are TUV certificated for the airbags correct triggering and made using the latest and best technology, Sealskin products are made with the best materials and come with a 3-year warranty and a 28-day money-back guarantee. This is unique to the custom profiling market and is not offered by any trimmers or other seat cover suppliers.

Hi guys where is the best place to buy 2 seat single covers for my t6, ALSO it's the new type head rests, from the t5.1, cheers, We've had a nine-week wait, the wrong stitch color, the wrong headrest size and then no indication a specialist tool was needed; they've tried to sort the issues, but we now have a totally rounded off spline armrest bolt.

I now give up and have said I want to send them back. Many hours wasted; needs better lead times, proper Icing and I'd say don't try and fit them at home. Tailored Car / Truck and Motorcycle Seat Coverage Woodshed UGG Boots, Sheep Skin Rugs & Other Quality Australian Sheepskin Production Recovers do not obstruct the deployment of Side Impact Safety Systems.

We will cover these seats BUT we do leave deployment area uncovered as specified by ALL Manufacturers. Both sides of the seats are left uncovered to enable swapping driver and passenger covers to share the wear.

In other words, anything that rests over the spot where the airbags deploy from WOULD impair the proper working of the bags. Conventional seat covers which cover over the seats would interfere with the deployment of airbags.

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If you preferred Semi Tailored Covers for your Side Airbag vehicle we can do these on most models. Rather than an unsightly open seam, Deploy Safes computerized stitching and specialized thread allows for a clean neat look that permits the airbag to break through seat cover in the event of deployment.

Deploy Safe technology is internationally tested and accredited within Australian standard guidelines for your safety. Make sure that a gap is maintained between the side of the vehicle, and the head and torso.

This will enable unobstructed inflation of the curtain, and seat mounted side airbags. Do not attach or position items on, or close to, the roof lining, front seat backrests, or to an airbag cover, which could interfere with the inflation of the airbag or be propelled inside the vehicle, causing injury to the occupants.

Any part of an occupant’s body in contact with, or close to, an airbag cover. Clothing, sunscreens, or other material hanging from grab handles.

ARB Seat Skins have been made using specialized Japanese sewing machines, creating a unique stitch pattern that, when fitted correctly, doesn’t interfere with the deployment of airbags. K24 PARTS LOCATION HONDA ELEMENT This article shows the location and name of all the parts, sensors and solenoids on the Honda Element K24...

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This article provides a great walk through on how to step-by-step change your Honda Element Thermostat. HONDA ELEMENT SERPENTINE BELT LEARN HOW TO REPLACE YOUR HONDA ELEMENT SERPENTINE BELT AND TENSIONER PURCHASE BELT Step by Step How To Replace Honda Element...

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