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Do Weathertech Floor Liners Go On Sale

Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Weathered Am Heavy Duty Floor Mats This is the first time that I have been disappointed in what I thought would be a good product for my new truck.


I purposely didn't get the floor mats from the dealer expecting something better from weather tech. Having to cut and fit the product was a bit of a disappointment.

And you can actually save some cash on all things Weathered during the Martin Luther King Jr sale event! All you need to do is choose the year of your car, the make, and the model and whatever your order fits like a glove.

Plus, it’s all super easy to clean and really does protect the inside of your vehicle in all seasons during the year. We’ll break down the different products on sale and a few different places where you can find them online (like Amazon, Home Depot, Auto Zone, and more!).

Feb 4th, 2018 8:20 am -=felon=- Deal Addict Aug 21, 2008 4097 posts 884 up votes West Side GTA Doweathertech mats ever go on sale ? Feb 4th, 2018 8:28 am drizzle Deal Expert Aug 22, 2011 35037 posts 21008 up votes Center of Universe Check out find way mats.

Feb 4th, 2018 9:33 am l69norm Deal Expert Jun 12, 2007 15927 posts 4802 up votes London -=felon=- wrote: Doweathertech mats ever go on sale ? Feb 6th, 2018 5:31 pm Caltrain Deal Addict Jan 10, 2009 1732 posts 877 up votes Boom and Bust Calgary… Thanks for this.

My accountant has some for her Hyundai, and they're ill-fitting, super thin and lose their shape. Feb 6th, 2018 8:20 pm jackrabbit000 Deal Fanatic Dec 28, 2007 7957 posts 4561 up votes Alberta Husky floor liners are cheaper than Weather tech and better.

Feb 7th, 2018 4:41 pm ZipS peed Deal Addict Nov 13, 2007 2722 posts 3288 up votes Calgary Yeah, Find way aren't a tight fit if that's what you're looking for. $100 gives me full floor coverage + the transmission tunnel hump, and it's better than that crappy Subaru OEM mats that I regrettably bought for my wife's Outback.

Mar 1st, 2018 9:44 am Bonita Member May 27, 2011 485 posts 518 up votes Montreal WT has good quality materials but the design is a complete failure. Tux mat and 3D max spider are better alternatives than the Weather tech.EXHIBIT A: They don't call them sliding Weatertechs for nothing.

They understand that this is a common issue, and they designed their mats to prevent sliding (see exhibit A). Member Aug 27, 2008 597 posts 118 up votes Montreal Mar 1st, 2018 1:24 pm Master Member Dec 6, 2012 403 posts 186 up votes Montréal, QC I have Weathered for my 2013 Sonata, bought them used on Fiji for $50, they don't slide, the front row has retention system, the back row is one piece and has spikes that go in the carpet, it does not move.

My left Food area goes all the way up to the foot rest pedal, no problem here too. They are all 200-$250 for a whole set whatever the brand, never go on sale, too expensive for me. I put an alert on my Fiji app for “sonata carpet”, starting in Spring, when I saw a full set for $50 I caught them, it was in August or September, someone who changed his car.

Mar 1st, 2018 7:40 pm DarkMasterMX Deal Addict Oct 4, 2006 2640 posts 160 up votes Burlington Caltrain wrote: Thanks for this. My accountant has some for her Hyundai, and they're ill-fitting, super thin and lose their shape.

I bought my weather tech mats two years ago based on recommendations from RFD and haven't looked back. Mar 1st, 2018 8:05 pm Asker123 Deal Addict Jan 7, 2014 2458 posts 477 up votes I am also in market for liners.

Member Nov 11, 2013 823 posts 841 up votes Calgary I bought my first set of find way mats, and they are absolutely amazing. Mar 1st, 2018 10:56 pm Kingdom Member Jan 20, 2010 319 posts 21 up votes Mar 2nd, 2018 4:31 am Sasquatch Newbie May 22, 2016 4 posts 1 up vote Hi, can anyone recommend a mat that does not get the cuff of your pants wet.

Whether you use reusable briefs that tend to leak or you want the peace of mind provided by an additional barrier, these roomy, soft and comfortable plastic pants offer leak protection (and odor control!) The high-performance extended wear core helps keep you dry for longer periods of time, the anti-leak guards make sure any leakage is confined to the briefs, and the wetness indicator lets you know when the briefs have been soiled.

One of the great things about Wellness’ absorbent underwear is that they are designed to be changed on a schedule, meaning you can be confident you are going to be protected and comfortable. They employ NASA-inspired Center technology, which provides multiple layers of protection similar to the kind used by astronauts on long flights.

They come in five different sizes, so they are highly adaptable, are completely machine washable, are latex-free, and the backing is non-slip so you can sleep comfortably knowing the pad is going to be in position all night. Their high absorbency, combined with their durability, makes this one of the best incontinence products to keep on hand.

The Fit Right Double-Up Liners from Med line are booster pads which are great because they allow you to add extra leakage protection to disposable briefs, and other incontinence undergarments. Double-Up Liners are designed to be very thin so that your skin stays drier, and are held in place by an adhesive strip so there is no moving around.

Having gentle, disinfecting Aloe touch wipes on hand is a necessity when you have incontinence issues. These hypoallergenic wipes come in a range of different quantities so you can stay fully stocked at home, or have something to keep in the car, or a travel bag in case of an emergency.

Procure Adult Washcloths are alcohol, latex, and rinse free soft and strong disposable washcloths that come in packs of 50 and are specially designed with spun-lace fabric to be extra gentle on the most sensitive areas of your skin. Having good quality incontinence products on hand will make your life so much easier and less stressful.

Did you know that many manufacturers of flooring void their offered warranties if you don’t use a chair mat? It will not damage the carpeting and ensures a safe and stable position for your office chair.

You should place this extended edge closest to the work surface so you can slide your chair when you need to find a more comfortable position. Here are the top mats to protect your floors and keep your productivity at a high level.

These are our top favorite office chair mats for different budgets, uses, and floor types. The polypropylene range offered by Office Marshall combines an affordable price with high-quality floor protection.

This chair mat offers an effective grip with a studded underside that keeps the product held in place on carpeted floors. The unique texture of this mat has a stable grip, an effortless roll, and lets you move easily across the floor while you work.

When you can easily roll your chair between work tasks, it promotes a healthy, ergonomic posture while reducing leg fatigue. Unlike many other companies, Office Marshal has superior customer service, correcting errors whenever possible.

The well-sized mat will come delivered in quality packaging and won’t crack, adequately protecting the carpet under it. Keep in mind that if your office chair ends up rolling off the mat, you may have to lift it manually back onto the surface.

Made in the USA, this product sits flat, taking care of difficulties with creasing, warping, unrolling, or other damage risks. This office desk chair mat has a clear look so that you can still see the floor through it, so it won’t stand out too much and interrupt the decor of the room.

Most chair mats follow the design that’s been used in the last 50 years ago, which was created when people still used pedestal desks. The rectangular lip of these mats had a narrow opening to accommodate the legs and offered extra protection to that space, so it wouldn’t get worn out from the wheels.

Within the last 50 years, as the typical office chair progressed from the three and four wheelbases to the improved five-wheel design and the old-fashioned pedestal desks progressed into open styles for the home and office, someone forgot to update chair mats. But the Evolve Modern Shape Office Chair Mats has changed that paradigm with their product.

It’s the thickest product available right now, and measures at 1/8 inches, helping its corners stay flat against your floor so your chair wheels won’t sink. The studded underside of the mat is designed for low to medium pile carpet.

One nice touch is the lip stretches beyond the mat’s main area to help protect the carpet underneath your work desk as well. The product is made from environmentally safe materials and is free from volatile toxic ingredients to preserve the integrity of your office air.

Chair damage can lead to irreversible, costly marks on carpeted flooring, meaning a desk mat is essential for your office. Replacing carpet is expensive, so don’t allow your office chair’s wheels to cause preventable wear and tear.

Just put it next to your table or desk and make gliding around in your chair easier while offering protection for your carpet. Unlike other products, the 30×48 Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors, arrives already flat instead of rolled up.

This item is unique in that it can protect hard flooring from all types of marks or scratches. If it gathers some dust or you spill coffee on it, it’s easy to clean with a damp and soapy sponge.

This mat is hardly noticeable after you lay it down, although light reflects off it at certain angles, so it will not compromise the attractive look of your wooden floors. The size is perfect, fitting right between your desk’s legs but still covering a big enough area so that your chair doesn’t leave it.

This mat is thinner and more pliable than others and may move slightly if placed on tile or another hard surface floor. The Cleared Circular Floor Mat by Floored is the ideal size at 36 inches in diameter.

The beautiful, circular shape is unique, easy to both clean and use, resistant to scratches, and won’t deform over time. The mat is made of polycarbonate and can be used on any floor and will protect vinyl, stone, laminate, wood, and carpet.

These mats have a convenient size that will let your chair move easily and stays in place without sliding around due to the underside grips. The ideal desk mat can be put down and then forgotten about, and this product definitely fits the bill.

It has a subtle, frosted tint that won’t be too visible or obvious under your office chair. The smaller size is probably too small for use with an office chair but makes a great floor protector for an end table or potted plant.

Ideally, select a mat that will cover the range of movement of your chair at your workstation. For hard floor surfaces like wood, tile, or vinyl, a smooth backed mat is the right choice.

The added thickness of the mat helps support the chair and prevents indentations when remaining in one place for a long period of time. For deep pile carpet, a glass chair mat may provide more support.

High traffic areas with extended use require a thicker and more durable mat. A thicker mat, even though slightly more expensive, it is a better value if you spend a lot of time at your desk.

In order to keep your chair mat in great shape, observe the following guidelines: Unroll Immediately: Most office chair mats will be shipped to the customer rolled up.

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