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Do Weather Sticks Work

Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
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In fact, it’s said that the Abenaki Indians that lived along the northeastern coast of the United States and Canada were the first to use them. Weather sticks are made from the dried twigs of balsam fir trees, and they’re usually between 15 and 16 inches long.

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The wood can soak up more water and dry out more quickly, which makes them bend a lot more than if they were protected by a layer of bark. Weather stick photo, taken on Tuesday afternoon, a sunny and dry day.

Weather stick, taken on Wednesday morning, which was rainy and humid, less than 24 hours after the first photo was taken. Amber Knuckle is a freelance writer from rural Ohio who loves all things outdoors.

When pressure is falling, indicating bad weather, the stick will point toward the ground. Find a place where saplings are growing, and pull up a few at least 14 inches long.

Weather sticks are balsam fir saplings that have been stripped of their bark and dried. Balsam fir trees tend to grow in sugar maple groves.

Nail or glue the sapling to the baseplate so that it is attached and will be able to support the weight of the weather stick. They’re branches from one specific type of tree that can predict the weather based on whether they’re pointing up or down.

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Everyone else calls it an obsession bordering on tin foil hat territory. I did in fact get called in to audition for The Weather Network at the beginning of my career but was gently told I was too fun and entertaining.

This is what happens when in your audition you warn residents of Japan to prepare for a massive, terrible tycoon about to blow in. Photo taken on my front porch during a dreary, rainy day.

The thin little stick is just the branch from a tree that points up when the there’s low humidity (normally associated with nice weather) and it points down when there’s high humidity (associated with rain and storms). The Science of WeatherS ticks A Balsam Fir is the only tree (that I know of) that reacts to the weather in this way and it’s because of something called “Reaction Wood”.

The Balsam Fir has its “reaction wood” only on the underside of its branches. Which means the cell structure of the branch on the underside is different and will expand and contract based on moisture.

The underside of the branch is pulling and relaxing making the stick go up and down based on the moisture in the air. I’m afraid that part’s a little difficult to figure out on your own, so pay attention to what you’re buying when you get your tree.

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The only tip I can give you if you’ve already bought your tree and don’t know what it is, is that Balsam Fir needles are slightly longer than Fraser Fir needles. If the needles are over 1 long it’s possibly a Balsam Fir.

Look for one that has several thin, long straight branches coming out of the trunk. Pick a branch that’s 1/4 in diameter or so and cut it where it meets the trunk.

Squirt a tiny bit of wood glue into the hole and then push the twig into it. Hang your weather stick outdoors in a protected area.

Weather Stick Tips Make sure you check for long straight branches. This is a slightly harder, more time-consuming way of making a weather stick.

This will make sure it turns “up” in good weather and goes “down” in bad. Advanced Weather Stick Cut all inappropriate (bent, thick or stumpy) branches off of the tree, leaving only thin straight sticks that haven’t been pruned.

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Cut the tree trunk into 4-6 lengths with the potential weather sticks in the center. Look over your shoulder to make sure no one is watching you talk about the weather with your tree.

The perfect little add on Christmas gift for those who like something fun and entertaining. Rustic Leek & Potato Soup for Winter The Chocolate Banana Breakfast Smoothie.

This change is not permanent, and the effect wears off after a while. An instant ice pack is a plastic bag filled with frozen gel that is capable of maintaining extremely low temperatures for an extended period of time.

Instant ice packs are used therapeutically and are useful in emergency situations since they can be transported at room temperature. Many people also use instant ice packs in coolers to preserve meat, dairy products and other types of food.

Instant ice packs use an endothermic reaction between water and ammonium nitrate to achieve cool temperatures rapidly. An endothermic reaction occurs when two separate compounds interact to absorb energy in the form of heat.


Instant ice packs are also used extensively by medical professionals in both emergency and non-emergency situations. For all the new Dr techs out there, below are two tips to save you time and money.

Get the right glue and it will pull off the panel perfectly and remove the dent better (and faster)! Since the glue sticks are created for different environments and temperatures it is very important that you make sure that you purchase the correct ones for where you are working to ensure a better pull each and every time.

It pretty such works in any average weather conditions (extreme hot or cold and you are better off using one our other glues to save more time though). If your temperatures are going below 15 degrees Celsius, head for the yellow glue sticks.

Okay, we’ve come to the part of this post where people may differ with me but for me (and I say this a lot), glue tabs are more important than most of the other Dr tools you have, after all they are what you are using to actually get the dent out. They determine whether it comes out rounded or leaves a hole in the center that is too deep to get out.

Also, it is important always remember to only use those that are of high quality and provide you with the best, maximum pull. The problem with other tabs in the market (which are not made in Australia and USA) is that they are made of lower grade plastic that does not have the flexibility you need to pull the dent out without creating more problems than you are fixing.

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They also easily break or won’t even provide that stronghold most of us are looking for when we need to pull the dents. So, as the harping preacher that I am… The moral of the glue tab story is… Go for quality over price.

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