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Do Weather Loaches Eat Snails

Daniel Brown
• Wednesday, 21 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Can I keep mystery snails with weatherloaches ? Yes, I know whether coaches eat small pest snails. In fact, they have totally eradicated pond snail infestations in two of my tanks (bummer for me; I love those little water softening cleaners).

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LolEven if the mystery was much larger than the coaches, I would still worry about them pecking at them. Plus, mysteries really prefer tropical temperatures, and, assuming this is with your oldies, I'd also say no since they are not recommended with snails either (but I have no personal experience with this, while perhaps you do).

I was only going with the oldies because RA said that he kept the mysteries with full-grown KOI, and it worked out. I cheat on the temp with my cold water fish.

My sail fin needs the warmer temps, and I find that it perks everybody up quite a bit. However, these are pet smart dojos, and so they were used to high temps and over crowding before I got them, so I can't say that all weatherloaches would be so forgiving, temperature wise. And the water coaches will be much bigger than the mystery snails (8" vs like 1" lol), so maybe I'll just wait until I can upgrade my sparkling Goswami to a 12G, and then give him some pretty snail friends.

But if they TRIED to eat a mystery snail... especially a little one... yes. That could go awful for both of them; I don't know that I could pull a snail out.

My dojos never paid the mystery snails any attention. The goldfish will suck them up while foraging, but spit them out.

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I have 2 weatherloaches, 2 golden mystery snails, and 3 ghost shrimp all in one tank, and no problems... but I think I am fortunate... It's very interested that other people's dojo and weatherloaches haven't eaten their snails.

They aren't snail hunters like the Botha coaches are. I put a ne rite in with the zebra loaches, and they were all over it in seconds flat.

I used to keep Yo-yo coaches with large Mystery Snails back in India. Dojo Coaches love to eat snails and will help control any snail issues you may have in your aquarium.

However, they will need a balanced diet just like any other tropical fish which consists of live foods, flake, pellets and algae wafers. Yes, they will feed on unwanted snails but cannot replace regular waters changes and suitable filters.

Quick fact: They are often sold under the name ‘ weather coach’ and their scientific name is Misguides anguillicaudatus. People are told that freshwater coaches like Dojo’s will eat snails and all the garbage from the bottom of your aquarium.

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My Dojo Coaches, which are around 2 long, will only eat very small snails that come in on new plants I purchase. Since I do not have a snail issue within my aquarium I need to ensure I give my coaches the foods they need to thrive.

Feeding bottom dwellers the correct balanced diet is just as important as all the other fish in your tank. They do burrow in the gravel in search of food, which is great for keeping my aquarium clean and tidy.

However, I do ensure that they receive extra foods like algae pellets and live and freeze-dried Blood worms. Sometimes all the flake food is eaten up by the top and mid-level swimming fish before your bottom-dwelling coach and catfish get chance to eat them.

I, therefore, feed my coach and catfish sinking pellets which drop instantly to the bottom. If you have a large selection of fast-moving, top and mid-level swimmers like Tiger Barbs, your Dojo Coach may not get its fair share of flake food.

It is true that Dojo Coach do help to keep the gravel loose and free by digging in the substrate. Having the correct filter for the size of your aquarium will help to keep your fish tank clean.

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Only regular water changes can totally remove harmful ammonia and Nitrates in your aquarium. Dojo Coach need the same care and consideration when it comes to feeding just like all the other fish in your aquarium.

As previously mentioned, we feed all our coach the same types of food that we do for all our community tropical fish. The foods below are tried and tested over many years and will provide your fish, including your Dojo Coach, with all the nutrients they need.

He can be moved temporarily to the tropical tank, as long as the temperature is less than 26C. Just make sure you get him used to the new temperature slowly. Probably best to bag him & float the bag like when you buy new fish from your LFS, but with more water than usual so the change is slower.

A few nights ago my largest Yoko pulled a medium-sized ram shell snail out of its shell, and one of my gold dojos spent the next few hours carrying it around the tank and eating it. I think I've seen all my coaches, except the horse faces, go after pond snails or small ram shells.

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Weathers are similar body plan with better developed lips. Sophie Posts: 1883 Joined: Sat Dec 31, 2005 3:15 pm Location: Birmingham.

I came here for advice on the snail overpopulation, and someone told me the Coaches just might not know how to “get into” the larger ones. After getting up the nerve, because I rather like snails, I crushed a few from the smaller tank and dropped them in for the Weathers.

There are also three Oblong Kurtis in this tank, and they were in there feeding alongside the Weathers. Stranger yet was that sometimes my other fish would catch a snail on the way down, and they went through a process of taking it into their mouths and spitting it out until the shell was gone.

I think most of the time, the Weathers stick to eating the very small snails. Although I have seen eggs in the large tank, I have never seen a single baby snail.

He pesters larger pond snails, will knock them off the glass and nose them around, but doesn't seem to be able to eat them. When I placed an apple snail in with him, he checked her out, pestered her for about an hour, then left her alone.

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