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Sunday, 28 November, 2021

Do Weather Loaches Eat Other Fish

Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
• 8 min read

I'm taking care of a friend's fish tank...she said she had ONLY 2 frogs and 1 catfish left. It was dirty. I decided to clean it up and add more fish as a present for her.



Hi BLD, from your description your friend has Kali loach, and they are harmless, I think you hit the nail on the head by saying the tank was dirty and that's why she's losing the fish. TO mickthefish you said: from your description your friend has Kali loach, and they are harmless, The Brightly colored Coach has bands of EQUAL WIDTH.

Doc Posts: 422 Joined: Tue Oct 23, 2007 6:36 pm Location: Grange Park, That to Heath. I would say that the new fish are either dying because they are already ill or poor quality or (and possibly 'and' as well) the tanks filter is inadequate, and they fish are exposed to Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate any of which can be damaging if not lethal.

If the filters' bacteria have been cleaned away or the filter is only large enough to cope with a small bio-load then any additions will die as the bacteria colony struggles to cope with the additional toxins and wastes. Dependent on the species they could also be the cause or part of the cause of the disappearing fish.

So many species of fish yet so little time, space and money to keep them all... I keep thinking I've seen something like this colorful “Coach” in the past ... at the Zoo.

The other shorter of about the same size with dull colored bands seems to FLY ERRATICALLY ALL AROUND BOUNCING OFF OF THE SIDES OF THE TANK before shooting under something again. BOTH seem to have Equal Width Bands; although I've had difficulty getting a good look at the smaller which seems to have a faded red color.

hillstream loaches proud parents loach

Mickthefish Posts: 3281 Joined: Sun Sep 10, 2006 11:20 pm Location: Manchester, England Post by mickthefish Fri Jun 13, 2008 11:04 am The best thing we can have to ID your friends fish is a picture of it, with all the coach people on here they will tell you what they are.

NO...haven't seen it yet. The Bands are smooth even, sided and EQUAL WIDTH. Doc Posts: 422 Joined: Tue Oct 23, 2007 6:36 pm Location: Grange Park, That to Heath.

Look at pictures of Aborichthys, Scripture, Parabolic to name a few. All have some type of barring on the body and are fairly elongated.

They may not be a Coach at all but could well be small Spiny Eel species, this is unlikely but a distant possibility. So many species of fish yet so little time, space and money to keep them all...

LoachOrgy Posts: 1235 Joined: Thu Jan 18, 2007 6:09 pm Location: Florida, USA Post by LoachOrgy Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:44 pm Hi bid, even small frogs have larger mouths than you may think...

hillstream loaches proud parents loach baby

Written by Charlie Sharpe In the United States, we watch the weather report in the evening news. Amazingly, our weather experts might be given a run for their money when pitted against the meteorologically gifted fish.

When storms approach the previously calm weather coach begins swimming wildly about, appearing to be looking for a way out. Their active and interesting personalities coupled with ease of care have made them one of the most popular coaches.

This ever-widening distribution is due to several factors, including aquarium releases and farms where the fish are raised as a food source and for use as angling bait. Often mistaken for an eel, the weather coach has an elongated olive-colored body that is either striped from head to tail (as seen in Misguides fossils, rarely seen in the United States and Western Europe), or sprinkled with many spots, as seen in Misguides angullicaudatusis.

Many owners can relate stories of their coach jumping from the tank and surviving overnight without any ill effects. It is not unusual to see a weather coach resting on its pectoral fins as if they were arms, intently following your movements with its eyes.

The ability of the weather coach to thrive in less than optimal situations dates back to its natural habitat in China and Japan. The weather coach enjoys hiding places such as rocks and other landscaping materials, or even something as simple as a plastic tube left in the tank.

fish dumbo ear elephant betta fighting dark halfmoon ears bettas fighter rosetail feathertail steel siamese tail hm ikan aquarium peces

Lighting should be subdued, or plenty of covers provided so shady hiding spots can be found. In the wild, their diet consists of insect larvae, small crustaceans and mollusks, and detritus.However, they will also readily eat fresh vegetables.

Their ability to adapt their diet has made them a subject of some concern because of the impact they could have on the aquatic insect population should the numbers of weatherloaches in the wild increase. The United States is not the only part of the world where weatherloaches have been served at the dinner table.

Breeding is fairly difficult, primarily due to a lack of knowledge about their spawning habits. Spawning follows a courtship ritual that includes sinuous movements back and forth by the breeding pair, sometimes lasting for a period of several hours.

These intriguing eel-shaped coaches, which are members of the family Cobitidae, find sanctuary in the silt or mud-rich substrates, meandering through leaf litter and resting with heads protruding from often dense cover. Specimens are easy to care for and should be maintained in small groups, so they can interact socially and you can watch their antics.

It should also be as wide as possible, so the fish have a large footprint to explore, and be well covered to prevent these expert jumpers escaping. If you must have gravel buy a very fine smooth grade, as anything sharp could easily damage their 'scale-less' skin and those delicate barbels.

As with all coaches, good filtration and a frequent partial water change regime will be key to your fish ’s well-being. Plants tolerant of temperate conditions can be grown in the Weather coach aquarium, but these fish tend to mischievously dig and uproot them.

Provide your Weatherloaches with several hiding places, as although they can be very active they tend to rest for the best part of the day and come to life in the evening and during the night. They can be safely kept with most temperate community fishes, but avoid species which could be spooked by a coach’s sudden, unpredictable darts around the aquarium.

), Rosy barbs (Pundits conchies), Red phantom tetras (Hyphessobrycon swellest), Argentine blood fins (Aphyocharax visits) and many subtropical Avionics. A small and often indistinct dark blotch is present on the upper end of the body at the junction with the caudal fin.

The common names Weatherloaches or ‘ weather fish came about because of this fish ’s apparent sensitivity to changes in barometric pressure. Many fish keepers, particularly in countries with more volatile weather, maintain that as pressure drops the coaches become restless, frantically swimming around, sometimes jumping and splashing.

While the act of spawning went unseen, eagle-eyed staff spotted the tiniest movement in the gravel in a sump tank and a thorough search revealed three fry. Mature males (as pictured above left) have a thicker and longer second ray, giving them an almost triangular appearance.

Weatherloaches have also been released in Italy, the Philippines, parts of the USA, including Hawaii, and Germany where breeding populations are well established. This species is not considered a threat to UK water systems because temperatures drop too low during winter, hence they are still available in our shops.

Was actually looking for my missing red crab, one got out somehow before and was running across my living room 3 days later, so I was hoping to find him in my tank when I caught the coach attacking my fish. I named him PITBULL because that is exactly how he pulled and tugged and shook his head left and right while tearing my other poor fish apart today.

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