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Do Weather Forecasters Use Autocue

David Lawrence
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
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During the show, they crossed over to Carol Kirkwood who delivered the five-day weather forecast, with focus on Sunday for the London Marathon. However, during her update, the meteorologist struggled to find the right word to describe the low pressure which areas of the UK are set to experience, and those watching at home saw her muddle through.

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“As soon as she wakes up, it’s like telepathically communicated and it’s intrinsically part of her! Carol Kirkwood reveals show secret leaving Nga Munches stunned (Image: BBC)A fan had Tweeted the sports journalist expressing their favoritism for Dan and Louise Min chin.

I enjoy Monday to Wednesday; not so much the rest of the week!” BBC News: Carol discussed the weather for the next few days (Image: BBC)Viewers saw Mike begin discussing the latest news when he wanted to demonstrate something with the help of Charlie.

The question I'm most frequently asked is 'how do you manage to read an autocue and point at a map at the same time?' Weather reports for Breakfast are usually delivered outside Television Center in west London, or from a picturesque location somewhere in the UK on Fridays.

You can't rely on an autocue outside as sun glare would render it useless; you're literally looking down the barrel of a camera with a lens the size of beetroot jar lid, talking from memory using cue words. Our broadcast assistants back in the Weather Center use these to judge when to move the charts along in the sequence we've prepared beforehand.

Having spent Monday morning in the studio, Tuesday saw business as usual, with a 2.30am rise and once again reporting outside Television Center. Sometimes it is so, so cold that I can hardly think straight; it's then that colleagues take pity on us and come bearing steaming cups of tea.

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She was named Best TV Weather Presenter 2014 and has won the award six times. Then, one day, the company that I was working for lost the franchise, so it was back to square one.

I put a show reel together and my agent arranged a meeting with the Weather Channel. I took to it like a duck to water because it was a new challenge, I fell I love with the weather there and then and was lucky enough to be offered the job.

My favorite thing to do when I came home from school was to jump on my bike with my sister and go to the beach, so the weather was really important to me. I stayed with them for a couple of years and then moved back to the UK when they started a channel here.

So even though you might have done your exams early on, we have further courses we go on and because of the nature of the weather, it's always changing and so is the job. I come in each morning at five o'clock, there is a conference call with the chief forecaster from the Met Office, who in our terms is God.

Because we work into and out of live news programs, durations can change there can be breaking news and you've always got to make it sound like you were supposed to end there, not suddenly crash out of the weather in the middle of a sentence. You're looking down the barrel of a small camera, there is no monitor, there is no autocue, I'm out there with my little telephone, a notepad and a pen.

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Image caption Carol Kirkwood has won the Tric the best TV Weather Presenter award six times When I'm in the conference call at 0500 am, they are busily doing my hair, so there is not a minute of wasted time.

I'm always exceedingly flattered when I win an award and to be honest I don't expect to because I certainly don't think I'm the best at what I do. There are so many brilliant weather presenters across every channel, but I'm biased towards the BBC, so I think we've got the best of the best.

I'm much more conversational now, you reach a stage where it feels like the audience are your gang, so you're talking to your friends basically. I love my job and I do get to go to some fabulous places; two weeks at Wimbledon in the summer, Buckingham Palace, Royal Ascot, I get to go all over the shop and see things that other people don't get to see so close up.

As technology advanced, our scientists began to use more efficient equipment to collect and use additional data. A National Weather Service Doppler radar tower in Springfield, Missouri.

Doppler's radar detects all types of precipitation, the rotation of thunderstorm clouds, airborne tornado debris, and wind strength and direction. A News weather balloon fitted with a radiosonde launches in Bismarck, North Dakota, on June 24, 2017.

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At least twice per day, radiosondes are tied to weather balloons and are launched in 92 locations across the United States. More than 900 stations across the U.S. report data about sky conditions, surface visibility, precipitation, temperature and wind up to 12 times an hour.

Nearly 10,000 volunteer News Cooperative Observers collect and provide us additional temperature, snowfall and rainfall data. The observational data our ASOS and volunteers collect are essential for improving forecasts and warnings.

NOAA’s Weather and Climate Operational Supercomputer System (WC OSS) is the backbone of modern forecasting. Observational data collected by Doppler radar, radiosondes, weather satellites, buoys and other instruments are fed into computerized News numerical forecast models.

The models use equations, along with new and past weather data, to provide forecast guidance to our meteorologists. AW IPS (NOAA’s Advanced Weather Information Processing System) is a computer processing system that combines data from all the previous tools into a graphical interface that our forecasters use to analyze data and prepare and issue forecasts, watches, warnings.

This system uses NOAA supercomputers to process data from Doppler radar, radiosondes, weather satellites, ASOS, and other sources using models and forecast guidance products. Worry not licence-fee payer, a day in the life of a London weather hub mistress is most certainly a busy one.

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We have a conference with the duty forecasters, stare at the synopsis, check the infrared, radar and temperature observations and work out what the forecast means for our area. The cold, hard figures have to be translated into an accessible, friendly forecast for a breakfast audience.

Oops, 06:00: off I run upstairs into my red padded radio cupboard at the back of BBC London and so the long radio trawl begins. Add to this, some lives with the lovely Vanessa Felt on BBC Radio London down the corridor (roller skates optional).

It's 09:00 and time for a quick break and a Weather Center meeting at 09:30. Hello to colleagues and time to find out what is going on in the big wide world.

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