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Do Weather Cycle Minecraft

Christina Perez
• Friday, 06 November, 2020
• 9 min read

It sets the weather to clear for 1 Million seconds, which is 277.77 Hours. Not a permanent solution, but I think it's as close as you can get without adding mods.

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Weather in Minecraft consists of occasional precipitation and storms that are temporary but global. A comparison of skylight levels during different types of weather.

In Bedrock Edition, both rainy and stormy weather are grayscale. The type of weather that occurs depends on several variable factors, including the temperature of the current biome, and the altitude in which it occurs. The initial occurrence of inclement weather is predetermined per seed.

For example, if the first storm occurs during the second day in one world, and another world is created with the same seed, a storm also occurs during the second day. / toggle downfall also switches to inclement weather, or vice versa.

Inclement weather reduces the skylight level, depending on the severity of the storm. The sky itself darkens, to the point where celestial bodies (including the sun, moon, and stars) are no longer visible.

Rain fills up cauldrons with water, albeit slowly. An example of snow falling. Snowfall occurs only in biomes with a temperature less than 0.15, or above a sufficient altitude.

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Like rainstorms, snowstorms reduce the light level to 12 in full daylight. Note that any entities on fire are not extinguished upon contact with snow.

They darken the land even further than the above storms, reducing the light level to 10; however, the light level from the sky is treated as if it were 5, allowing hostile mobs to spawn at any time of the day. Note that lightning can strike only blocks that are exposed to the rain.

Thunder is a sound that occurs every time lightning strikes. It can be heard by the player up to 160,000 blocks away from the position of the lightning strike.

Thunder is heard instantly, regardless the player's distance from the lightning strike itself. If the player throws a trident enchanted with channeling during a thunderstorm, it summons a lightning bolt at the thrown area.

The mechanics were simple, testing only if there is a block above to shelter the rain. Java Edition IndevFebruary 18, 2010 F5 no longer toggles rain.

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Rain, snowfall, and thunderstorms were implemented after a teaser video was released. Added the ability for lightning strikes to charge creepers and transform pigs into zombie pigment.

1.5_01 Fixed a bug where rain fell through certain blocks like glass, stairs and slabs. Fixed a bug where the rain seemed to freeze when climbing down ladders until you reached the bottom or changed direction, possibly indicating that you climbed at same speed as the rain fell.

Fixed a bug where rain and snow fell underwater. Java Edition1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease Snowfall destroys red stone, torches, saplings, and mine cart rails.

Previously, the sky would darken, but the ground wouldn't appear to get darker, even though monsters could spawn. 1.915w38a There is a chance (depending on regional difficulty) that a lightning strike spawns a “skeleton trap” skeletal horse.

Upcoming Java Edition1.1720w46aCauldrons can now be filled with powder snow during snowfall. Build 2 Leaves in snowy taigas now appear frost covered when snowfall happens.

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Issues relating to Weather are maintained on the bug tracker. Rain and snow are both considered the same weather effect by the game.

Rain and snow actually fall one block into the void (Layer -1). Note that no particles are emitted from the rain, due to the absence of a block below it for it to fall on.

Thus, it is coded directly into the game engine, allowing for dynamic, realistic lightning. Weather darkens the sky to the extent of the sun being hidden from view.

Weather is a game mechanic in Minecraft which provides an extra level of immersion for players, as the effects are intended to somewhat mirror real-world phenomenon. The weather may have positive or negative effects on the environment, mobs or players.

When it is raining, blue particles streak directly down from the sky until they come into contact with a surface. Small blue particles are left for a few seconds when individual droplets hit the ground (similar to how drops can seep through blocks when seen from below).


On multiplayer servers, players can toggle between rain and clear skies using the toggle downfall command. Thunderstorms (sometimes called thunder or lightning) are a special type of weather.

Overcast occurs in dry biomes, such as deserts, savannas, and badlands. While it doesn't rain in those biomes, the light level will still drop and the Sun and Moon will become shrouded, so a player can only tell the sun/moon's position with a clock.

Overcast skies can be a useful sign that weather is occurring elsewhere while a player is in a desert, savanna, or badlands. Since thunderstorms are darker than rain, it is possible for mobs to spawn at any time of day or Night.

Rain can deal damage to Andersen, Blazes, and Snow Golems. If Andersen are out in the Over world during a storm, they will rapidly teleport around randomly as they attempt to find a spot where they won't get wet.

This is a creature that's found in the outer islands of the end. Its purpose is to accompany the player through the wasteland.

Copycat is aggressive towards undermines and phantoms because they are their natural prey. During this time you can right-click the copycat with a phantom membrane to tame it.

However, it can only do this for 10 seconds and after that, it has to run and stretch to get back some energy. Stretching BOI After that it runs back and joins the fight.

When shape shifted all your copycats have a purple outline so you don't mix them up with real enemies. Because all the mobs that are copy cat is mimicking have purple eyes.

The shape shifting animation is the copycat just jumping up and making a cartoon poof sound with purple smoke particles. -Copycat can turn into a warden in combat but between the shape shifting break it will probably get killed.

I have found that in snowy Biomes storms are far less dangerous, as lightning doesn't strike, so- since 1.17 is introducing frost damage, what if during a storm, a blizzard occurs where when you are caught outside, or away from heat, (say torch, or campfire) you begin to take frost damage? The Giant Squid is a rare mob that spawns in Deep Ocean Biomes, and nowhere else.

A very lucky find, though they typically spawn solidarity. They stay pretty deep down, and rarely come near the surface.

This ink will blind the attacker for 15 seconds, leaving them vulnerable to Drowned and such. Giant Ink Sack, and it has a 50% chance to drop 1-2.

Edit: Lowered the Heart of the Sea drop chance. They would grow on either nether rack or soul sand adjacent to lava, fire, or magma blocks.

You now obtain a lot of it through farming nether stem “trees”, the only use of which is either for decoration or turning into bone meal. Currently, you craft nether wart into blocks but you cannot revert the process.

Before they added new nether wart trees I thought this was silly due to the lack of uses but with the introduction of nether trees it is understandable why, as you want players to explore fortresses to get the item. Its still technically the same material to craft it and potentially would allow you to make blue nether brick too.

With the last update with all the red v blue in the nether now this would be a logical step. Especially as the two nether brick colors are purple and red, it would make sense for blue to be there also.

Through violin bartering you can now obtain nether bricks which makes the process easier but is still a pain to make mass amounts to use at a decent scale as nether wart is one of the more annoying items to farm in the game. I really hope you listen to this moving/Microsoft as many members of our community are outraged by this, as unjust bans can cause members of our community to not be able to enjoy the beautiful game you have created.

Thanks for spending the time reading this post moving, and I hope you really take this into consideration as the problem right now is very serious.

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