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Do Weather Cycle False

David Lawrence
• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
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This is a creature that's found in the outer islands of the end. Copycat is aggressive towards undermines and phantoms because they are their natural prey.



During this time you can right-click the copycat with a phantom membrane to tame it. However, it can only do this for 10 seconds and after that, it has to run and stretch to get back some energy.

Stretching BOI After that it runs back and joins the fight. When shape shifted all your copycats have a purple outline so you don't mix them up with real enemies.

Because all the mobs that are copy cat is mimicking have purple eyes. The shape shifting animation is the copycat just jumping up and making a cartoon poof sound with purple smoke particles.

The Giant Squid is a rare mob that spawns in Deep Ocean Biomes, and nowhere else. A very lucky find, though they typically spawn solidarity.

They stay pretty deep down, and rarely come near the surface. This ink will blind the attacker for 15 seconds, leaving them vulnerable to Drowned and such.

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Giant Ink Sack, and it has a 50% chance to drop 1-2. The Blindness effect now works on mobs, and it makes them confused, and walk around randomly.

So, warped and crimson reeds seem like a good idea. They would grow on either nether rack or soul sand adjacent to lava, fire, or magma blocks.

You now obtain a lot of it through farming nether stem “trees”, the only use of which is either for decoration or turning into bone meal. Currently, you craft nether wart into blocks but you cannot revert the process.

Before they added new nether wart trees I thought this was silly due to the lack of uses but with the introduction of nether trees it is understandable why, as you want players to explore fortresses to get the item. Its still technically the same material to craft it and potentially would allow you to make blue nether brick too.

With the last update with all the red v blue in the nether now this would be a logical step. Especially as the two nether brick colors are purple and red, it would make sense for blue to be there also.

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Through violin bartering you can now obtain nether bricks which makes the process easier but is still a pain to make mass amounts to use at a decent scale as nether wart is one of the more annoying items to farm in the game. I really hope you listen to this moving/Microsoft as many members of our community are outraged by this, as unjust bans can cause members of our community to not be able to enjoy the beautiful game you have created.

Thanks for spending the time reading this post moving, and I hope you really take this into consideration as the problem right now is very serious. While many players are aware that you can fly with your extra using rockets, it isn’t explicitly shown anywhere in the game.

Similar to the ruined portals, it might be useful for new players to be given hints that lead towards certain features of the game. Appearance: Frost berries would be a new berry type, growing in cold places like snowy taigas and near the top of mountains, when harvested that would be light blue and resemble a raspberry, they would also have leaves that resemble mint leaves.

Strays have a small chance to drop one to two frost berries. When powered by red stone, a jukebox will loop the music being played from it instead of abruptly stopping when the track ends.

Cliffs would generate along the shore, occasionally replacing beaches for decent stretches of around 100 blocks, then would return to regular beaches gradually getting shorter. The Cliff biome would feature sheer drops into water; potentially hard rocks jutting out from the sea that would hurt if you fell from the cliff.


I think the amount is a tricky one going of Minecraft it's usually 4 of this for 4 of that (i.e. stone brick) I think personally 4/6 rope. Rope bridges, netting (vine alternative), bamboo blocks but, I think bamboo walls would work nicer than a full block, of course with rope comes grappling but I think a popular 2d builder has similar, Rope could be used even as a new type of fence, (I have seen it done local to me, actually works well) Another use I thought was if you do use donkey/llama for transporting items, use the rope to tether each one together, so they don't stray, yes a lead is similar but can't tether 4 llamas together.

This could be useful for making certain pathways in the middle of a snowy place. Arguments in Java Edition are case-sensitive.

Arguments in Bedrock Edition are shown for tab autocompletion as lowercase, but when typed are case-insensitive. Only true or false specified for predefined game rules can affect gameplay, except in the case of maxEntityCramming, randomTickSpeed, spawnRadius, and maxCommandChainLength where any integer 0 or greater affects gameplay; see Game rule.

It sets the weather to clear for 1 Million seconds, which is 277.77 Hours. Not a permanent solution, but I think it's as close as you can get without adding mods.

You can stop the moving of sun/moon which means to stop the day/night cycle. It can help you to stay in the exact time you choose. You can stop the weather cycle which means you stop the condition of your weather at the exact moment. Rain or clean weather will stay forever without changing.

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This rule helps to control the speed of nature around or to turn it all off. You can set it high: /game rule randomTickSpeed 10000 And it will affect as: Cacti, sugar cane, kelp, bamboo, and chorus flowers may grow.9.

Simply it is fire spread and blocks' damaging. False value allows you to prevent your builds from burning and the fire you created for example inside the fireplace won't spread anywhere and going to stay there forever until you extinguish the fire.

Maybe you don't need mobs to hang out around your builds so you can use this rule to prevent their spawn. But the important fact is that this rule won't kill every mob around already spawned. It's just won't let them spawn anymore. Also doesn't affect monster spawners.

Useful Rules for Players or Survival-Map makers keepInventory This rule can save every item in your inventory after your death, so you won't lose important stuff.

False value makes every non-living entity (Item Frames, Paintings, etc) not drop things /game rule doEntityDrops false Default value: /game rule doEntityDrops true No ability to craft things until you unlock their recipes.


First join or death (if no personal spawn point) make players spawn or respawn. You can increase world's spawn point radius to make players spawn randomly far from the main point.

Means the game can't allow you to be next to mob because the rule is 1 entity for 1 block only. False value doesn't let players in spectator game mode generate new chunks.

For example, you type: /time set Dayan get the feedback in chat: Set the time to 1000 False value stops notifications in chat about making any commands. False value stops command blocks from being recorded in the server log.

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