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Do Weather Apps Drain Battery

Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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Customizability is one of the key features that makes Android OS stand out from the rest. Of course, you get a home screen on Android which you won’t find on your iPhone (oops!).

material islands wallpapers android drain battery


So, clearly, you have the ability to add widgets to your screen to make the most out of your Android device. It offers a great user interface that makes us forget for a moment that it’s primarily meant to act as a widget.

Upon starting 1Weather, you’ll be able to observe smooth transition effects which provide a rich experience. Also, it lets you check the temperature, shows the forecast for precipitation, and also presents you with a form of Doppler radar.

The widgets offered with the app are crisp to look at and are available in a wide range of sizes & styles to choose from. However, in comparison to heavy widget apps for Android available on the Play Store, it proves to be a lighter alternative giving out the same amount details for the weather.

This weather widget app for Android lets you check the temperature, dew points, ultraviolet index, wind speed, and directions. AccuWeather lets you know the exact local weather information which proves to be accurate most of the time.

The widgets are gorgeous and present a rich user experience whenever you turn on the screen. Also, you can set an animated wallpaper on your home screen to stay tuned to the weather situation.

iphone battery drain causing ios14 issues including users ktla pdt oct updated

You also get an additional status bar through which you can keep track of the weather information without leaving your task. It is also compatible with Android Wearables like the Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3, Samsung Gear live, and the LG G Watch.

It’s a standalone weather app for Android which gives you the option to add custom widgets on your home screen as well. Do note that Weather Underground is something unique which partly stands out of the crowd.

It utilizes a crowd-sourced database which provides you a lot of detailed information from specific areas where the big shot meteorological team fails to reach or track. It lets you check the temperature, get access to an interactive map, 10-days forecast, and gives you a status notification as well.

Yahoo weather sits tight on the Play Store for a long time. Given the fact with my experience, I did not get the correct weather details when compared to other applications for my location.

The Weather Channel unquestionably presents you with the most trusted information from across the world at your fingertips. It offers you almost every feature that you can find on other competing weather widgets for Android available on the Play Store.


Besides, it also presents you with a time machine forecast feature which provides you weather information for months/years in advance. So, now you know of several weather apps that offer you a variety of weather widgets for Android that you can place on your home screen.

After upgrading to iOS 11 on the iPhone, you may notice the location information is being shared perpetually. This is evident because of a compass needle icon in the upper right corner of your screen as shown in the image above.

If you have the Weather widget in your Notifications screen, the app could perpetually be checking your information. At the bottom of the applications list you’ll find a key explaining what the location services icons mean.

These apps drain your battery by running services in the background and end up sucking your phone’s juice. Screenshot by Teenage Snapchat is one of the cruel apps that doesn’t have a kind spot for your phone’s battery.

The notification service will keep your phone busy and suck the battery out of it. Go to Snapchat > Settings > Who Can tab > See My Location > Choose Ghost Mode .

paris fireworks apps tower eiffel

Here’s another tip for you, turn off unnecessary notifications of the app, and that’s how you save battery. Some apps run in the background and push notifications to let the user know about the new shows.

Also, don’t be a Netflix addict because recently an Indian patient was treated for the first time. Most of us spend much time watching videos and Vlogs but here’s the thing, these streaming apps drain most of the battery juice, and that’s why it must be monitored and regulated.

You can limit YouTube watching time by using the “Remind me to take a break” feature within the app. The biggest social network app also uses a tremendous amount of battery.

Also, restrict background data and battery usage of this app. Android Pie allows you to manage permissions individually, so my phone is working fine.

Messenger is one of the messaging apps that are responsible for the highest battery drain. If you have a high-end phone, the lite app won’t cost you anything and will use less battery.

dongle android sdr rtl radio nexus tablet software defined bits touch repeater

You can read our complete guide on how to save battery life on Android phones. Make sure you’ve turned on battery optimization as discussed here.

You can turn off the notification or news alerts to save battery life. Flipboard is an intuitive news app that can be customized according to the user’s interest.

You can turn off Flipboard’s notifications and background process to keep battery consumption minimum. Turning off background activity and extra notification to save your battery life.

TikTok (musical.LY) uses a lot of battery as it is another social app with a video playing and recording features. The battery drain due to this app can be minimized by turning off unnecessary notifications and limit its usage.

Try not to use the app on mobile data because it drastically impacts battery in both ways. The notion is to keep your phone clean of the unnecessary apps by forcing them to turn off in the background.

engine v8 3d google

So, avoid these battery draining apps at any cost and keep your phone clean. Clean Master is an example of a popular battery -boosting app on Google Play.

But these are not the only ones that Make sure you follow these tips to resolve your battery draining issue. If your phone battery seems to drain quickly, don’t immediately assume you need to exchange it.

Some are worse than others, and if you’re always using these battery killers, your phone won’t last nearly as long as you want. We’ll explain why apps drain so much power and walk you through the steps to change your battery usage settings.

Well, some are free to use with ads, and every advertisement that loads require power. If the ad is poorly designed, it can wind up using a lot more energy than you’d expect.

Snapchat Facebook Instagram YouTube Netflix WhatsApp TikTok Google Maps If your battery doesn’t last a full day, reduce the drain by making the following adjustments.

app refresh background ios does exactly apple preferences

Just open Settings and tap Display > Advanced > Screen timeout. Open Settings and tap Display > Adaptive brightness and turn it on.

Under the section Battery usage since full charge,” you’ll see a list of apps with percentages next to them. Once you know which apps are using up most of your power, you can start cutting back on using them, unless you know you can charge your phone soon.

You can also restrict apps from using so much juice while running in the background. Under Battery usage since full charge,” you’ll notice some apps allow you to turn on Background restriction.

You now have all the information to find which apps are draining the most battery and why, and you also know how to adjust settings to keep them from running in the background all day long. Keep those apps in check and enjoy a nice, long battery life for your device.

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