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Friday, 03 December, 2021

Do The Weather Is Nice

James Smith
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
• 7 min read

If you have work that you can’t procrastinate any longer, take it outside and sit at a bench or on a blanket in the grass and get it done while you enjoy the nice weather. The fresh air will feel good and, if you are lucky, there might be a dog or other pet roaming around the area you are sitting in.

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Whether it’s a pool or a natural body of water, swimming is always something fun to do when the weather gets warm. Spring and summer are coming quickly and good weather is on its way to being an everyday occurrence, but while it is still a luxury these are some things that you can do to enjoy it to the fullest extent.

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“ I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice is the new TBC K-drama starring Park Min Young and SEO King John. Like the title suggests, the series takes place in winter with a spring-like feel of a first love romance.

This series is based on the novel written by Lee Do Woo and it was such a sensation in Korea that it’s no surprise that it was adapted into a drama. SEO King John plays I'm EUN Serb, a bookstore owner who was born and raised in the countryside.

He lives a very quiet and subdued life, making coffee and writing on his blog to about a girl named “Irene” (who we quickly learn is OK HAE Won, played by Park Min Young). He seems to enjoy his quiet life and is content with running his bookstore business while having an almost lifelong crush on HAE Won.

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It’s great seeing SEO King John in a lead role as he has more often played secondary characters in K-dramas. In this particular drama, it seems like the character EUN Serb really suits SEO King John’s personality.

He fell madly in love with OK HAE Won in high school and has continued his feelings for her throughout his adult life. If you weren’t a fan of SEO King John before, it’s only a matter of time before he wins your heart in this one.

The slow and discrete camera movements and attention to detail make every scene so breathtaking. Park Min Young plays OK HAE Won, a cello teacher who has had to deal with a lot because of school politics and crappy bosses.

The series starts with a lot of questions as to where Park Min Young’s character came from and what her story is. She seems to have gone through a lot and Park Min Young does such a great job of portraying this type of character.

Lee Joe Took stole hearts in several dramas that he was in last year and it seems like 2020 isn’t going to be slowing him down. Although it’s enough that Lee Joe Took is in the series, I’m kind of hoping for a little of a love triangle between him and EUN Serb.

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Is this acceptable? Not really. There's nothing wrong with that sentence, it's just old-fashioned. You wouldn't put it that way today, unless perhaps you were teasing.

Perfect for: Hitting the beach, grabbing a green juice, and getting an agent. The weather : Sure, it can be a little balmy, but this is actual paradise.

Perfect for: A little horseback riding, a little golf, and a little...tree sculpting? Oh, and parking yourself on the majestic shores of the Outer Banks and never, ever leaving.

The weather : The winters here are colder than the beach towns on this list (obviously), with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees. Perfect for: Floating down Brandy wine Creek, checking out the zoo, and exploring the city's friendly history.


The weather : Just a little nippier than Los Angeles, but still as mild-mannered as that date you brought to dinner once, whom your mother loved, but in whom you saw no real future. Perfect for: Steeping yourself in the history of the Castro, ogling the Painted Ladies, and feeling like a West Coast Sherlock in the fog of it all.

Perfect for: Exploring Atchafalaya Basin. Many people get cranky when it is too hot, or too humid, but perhaps even more people's depression is affected by the weather with a condition often called “SAD” or “Seasonal Affective Disorder”, also known as “Winter Depression, or “Winter Blues”.

People who suffer from SAD often use Phototherapy or UV light treatments to help combat the depression that often comes with it. Rainy days, with their lack of sunlight can often cause people to feel more depressed and can be combated with light therapy, warmth, exercise, and other activities.

Bad weather often comes with a lack of sunlight, making it even more difficult for people who already suffer from depression to get out of bed and get moving. A week of bad weather can make a person seem more depressed for exactly this reason.

If you notice that your depression worsens during the winter or in bad weather you may want to discus UV light therapy with your doctor. For mild symptoms, spending time outdoors during the day, or re -arranging your home and workplace to receive more sunlight may give some relief.


The performance of participants can be reduced or improved, and some sporting world records are invalid if set under certain weather conditions. While outdoor sports are most affected, those played indoors can still be impacted by adverse or advantageous weather conditions.

Velodrome designers capitalize on this, heating the stadium in the hope of making the cycling faster, and The Daily Telegraph has reported that some Olympic Games organizers have pumped cold air into velodromes to give rival teams a disadvantage in close time trials. The Oval cricket ground during the rain, with covers protecting the main parts of the pitchfork sports are cancelled because of precipitation.

A windsurfer on calm water Wind can blow the equipment in a sporting event, changing the direction or travel of a ball. Cricket test matches often finish when the umpire decides that the light level is too low and the timing of this can sometimes be controversial.

With lots of lovely weather you may get extremely bored with burgers and sausages; so you will be amazed by how much you can cook on the barbecue, check out some of these delicious recipes if you need some inspiration. Yes it may seem like a lot of prep but as the host if you sort out all the sandwiches you can then get your friends to come with some scones and delicious cakes (hopefully homemade!).

With the warm weather come plenty of opportunities for children to get outside, but as many parents will know a hot and bothered child is something you really don’t want and you won’t necessarily always have time to take them to a pool, beach or somewhere to cool off. There are so many ways you can create your own mini water park at home, of course you can invest in a pool but an even more cost effective solution is attaching the hose pipe to the washing line or anywhere high up for your children to race under, they are sure to enjoy it and will be plenty cool enough in no time.


And if you do happen to get a little chilly there is no reason why you can’t set up a little bonfire and roast some marshmallows (or even go back inside the house of course) Obviously spring and summer is when your green fingers really come out and you sort out all the weeds that have appeared throughout the winter; so what better excuse to get your child out into the garden to help.

As well as helping with the weeding the spring months are the high season for planting flowers and an array of vegetables and fruit. So this is also a perfect opportunity to show them that skill but once the summer does come around all those lovely homegrown fruit and veg will be ripe for picking, you can enjoy munching on homegrown strawberries from the comfort of your back garden instead of venturing out to strawberry picking farms.

Do you agree that some LED solar-powered garden lights aren’t all that attractive; one solution for this is to have a go at creating your own lanterns? Something fun to have a go at one day either by yourself or with children, but we have found a number of guides online to inspire you to create some lovely garden lanterns.

), we particularly love the Watermelon Body and Face Serum which helps protect against long-term sun damage and reduce discomfort from sunburn Finally, why not find a nice cool spot underneath a tree, set up a hammock or deck chair and just relax.

We don’t get much nice weather in England, so we obviously don’t want to waste it but if you are tired of doing all the variety of things that are possible when the weather is lovely it is just so nice to be able to chill out and nothing is better than heading out into the garden with a nice glass of wine, cold beer or even some homemade lemonade and just relax in the warmth. And if you want to be enjoying the warm weather in a new home then take a look at our final available luxury Smarts Quarter apartment, or contact us today to find out more information on 0117 213 0151.

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