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Do Stormy Weather

Maria Johnson
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
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People that like to “read” the weather say that the appearance of high, thin clouds in the horizon usually means that a storm is coming. The passage of the storm may last one or two days, and during this time, clouds of all different types parade through the sky.

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This is because clouds not only block sunlight but also trap the Earth's heat and prevent it from escaping into space. They examined on a day-by-day basis all storms during 1990 that crossed the Northern Hemisphere middle latitude region, the area of the planet between 30 and 60°N and which includes most of the US and Europe and a big part of Asia.

They also observed, however, that non- stormy areas affected by high-pressure systems often have large concentrations of low, stratus clouds. An excess heat amount of about 10 Watts for every square meter is added to the Earth's atmosphere under stormy conditions.

An excess sunlight amount of about 30 Watts for every square meter is blocked from reaching the Earth's surface under stormy conditions. This is because two leading climate models, one from NASA/Kiss and the other from the United Kingdom Meteorological Office, predict that in a future warmer climate, in which the temperature difference between tropics and mid latitudes that fuels storm generation will be smaller, the atmosphere will be producing fewer mid latitude storms.

SeasonEpisodeOverall 1 0303 December 20, 2015 (Nick); February 10, 2017 (Netflix); April 8, 2019 (Disney Channel) ” After losing a contest for TV weather girl, bitter Aurore is aromatized into the villain Stormwater, who traps Marinette's friend Alma in ice.

The episode begins with the finale of the Kids+ television contest to find a new weather girl. Marionette chases Manon around the living room, trying to get both her phone and hat back from her.

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Alma reveals that Adrien is at the Place DES Losses for a photo shoot. This makes Marionette excited, but Manon appears, halting their gossip over Adrien.

Alma picks up Manon, swinging her around in the air, before placing her on Marionette's shoulders. Hawk Moth, in his lair, feels Aurore's anger and sends an aka after her.

Alma, Marionette, and Manon hide around a tree, watching Adrien's photo shoot at the Place DES Losses. Alma calms her down, and they attempt to walk “casually” past the photo shoot.

Stormwater traps Miracle in the elevator, freezing it open with ice. The episode returns to Adrien's photo shoot, the girls standing off to the side, watching.

Marionette cannot stop smiling, her mouth dropping open even after Alma reaches over and closes it. Manon begs Marionette to buy her a balloon, having to scream at her to bring her out of her trance.

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Stormwater sashays out of the Kids+ studio to a crowd chanting Miracle's name. Angry that they still cheer for Miracle, Stormwater unleashes a wind storm on the people, blowing them and the metal railings away.

Back at the Place DES Losses, Marionette pays for a Miracle balloon, handing it to Manon. In the sky, StormyWeather's flight is halted by a stray Miracle balloon.

Stormwater makes her presence known by sending out another windstorm, blowing the people away. Stormwater lands in the park, zapping the Miracle balloons with her parasol.

Alma nods at the superhero, pulling Manon away--distracting her--as Ladybug runs off to find Stormwater. Annoyed, she sends a gust of wind his way blowing him off the park's fence; over several buildings; and into four cars.

She points her parasol into the sky, causing clouds to appear over Paris. Lightning rains down, aimed at Cat Noir, but Ladybug rushes at him, knocking them both to the side.

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Cat Noir sprints towards Stormwater, but she freezes the road, making it slick. Cat Noir only remains on the street due to Ladybug, who thought quickly and wrapped her yo-yo around a lamppost and grabbed his tail.

Cat Noir bounces back to his feet, ready to chase Stormwater, but Ladybug stops him, telling him to think before he leaps. Ladybug pulls Cat Noir close, swinging her yo-yo rapidly, as the bus falls on them.

The yo-yo acts like a drill, leaving the two heroes safe inside the bus, other than Cat Noir accidentally getting hit on the head by Ladybug's yo-yo. Firefighters work with axes to dig Manon and Alma out, but the ice becomes thicker and more jagged.

Alma cannot distract Manon from the fact the ice is groaning and pulls her back under the carousel, and the two girls show fear. Ladybug opens one of the bus's windows and holds on to Cat Noir's staff.

A nearby digital billboard turns on, revealing Stormwater giving the weather. Cat Noir brushes her threat off, stating that he would've looked good in a swimsuit.

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When they arrive, Cat Noir points out a picture of Aurore, and the two realize that her parasol has the aka in it. The two move along, running to the recording area, busting open the doors on the way.

Meanwhile, the ice in Place DES Losses is becoming thicker, poking holes in the roof of the carousel. Cat Noir grabs her hand, able to see due to his night vision.

Ladybug protests, but when she is hit with a fire extinguisher by Stormwater, she allows Cat Noir to continue leading her. Cat Noir pulls Ladybug in front of him, raising his baton and twirling it in a circle, blocking the ice.

She blasts a hole in it with a bolt of lightning and Ladybug wraps her yo-yo around StormyWeather's ankle. The speed at which she falls and the angle of the crane cause her to lose her parasol.

She throws the towel into the air, repairing all the damage that Stormwater had created and cleansing the city. Back in the Place DES Losses, Adrien and the photographer are waiting for the lucky girl to show up.

avenatti michael protest milano alyssa whitehouse stormy front

Tikki points this out, stating that Marionette deserves to be in that photo shoot. Handing Manon over to Alma, Marionette runs to the photographer, ready for the shoot.

Instead of Marionette, the rest of the shoot continues with Manon and Adrien, the two very happy and very adorable. Tumblr's user jep2k3, a storyboard artist for the show, posted a couple GIFs of a scene he boarded for this episode.

As a Christmas gift for Miraculous Ladybug fans in 2015, Thomas Struck released a complete storyboard version of this episode to YouTube. In the Korean version, Alma is a unicorn princess from the Ne spar Kingdom.

In many variations of this episode, including the English dub, a kissing sound is made when Ladybug and Cat Noir roll over each other in Stormy Weather's initial attack. In Marionette's fantasy, the “three kids” she mentions are named Hugo, Louis, and Emma.

Is the first episode where the transformation timer isn't mentioned, followed by Guitar Villain When Ladybug said, “Let's wire cut this icy cake,” it's implied that the yo-yo has the ability to cut through things, and that is shown to be true when she used it to shield herself and Cat Noir from an incoming bus by tearing a hole through it. While battling Stormy Weather, Cat Noir calls her various names related to a few story characters.

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When Cat Noir was sent flying by Stormy Weather the first time he bounced in between a series of cars while doing so the sounds are similar to that of pinball game. When Cat Noir provokes Stormy Weather on the top of the Kids+ studio, his ring is on his middle finger.

Cat Noir touches the ventilation pipe with his right hand, when he runs towards the billboard, after activating Cataclysm. However, it may be possible that the Cataclysm effect only works when Cat Noir touches something with brute force.

The posters of the weather competition that appear in various episodes such as The Pharaoh are animation errors. When Tikki talks Marionette into doing the photo shoot with Adrien, the outside part of her bag clips through the inside as if it were closed.

Both the balloon man and Jean Depart can be seen at the Place DES Losses despite being blown away from the TV Studio by Stormy Weather a few scenes earlier.

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