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Do Rainy Weather

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Sure, the Carpenters sang, Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” But can rain really ruin your mood? If you feel down during a downpour, it’s not your imagination: Bad weather can indeed have a negative effect on your emotions.

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According to one study, nearly 9 percent of people fall into the “rain haters” category. Another study found that rain even increased the number of negative posts published on Facebook.

“There has been research that light can boost serotonin, which elevates the mood,” she says. Julia Samson, MD, a psychiatrist at NYC's Manhattan Neuropsychiatric who offers light therapy in her practice, takes that advice a step further.

Engage in pleasurable activities that make you feel good, such as watching a cheerful movie, playing a game, doing arts and crafts or reading a book, suggests Evans. “It gives people vitality, can to self-esteem, and increases endorphins that have a positive effect on the mood.” Work up a sweat to an exercise video on YouTube, do sit-ups or put on some music and start dancing.

Connect with others instead of hiding from the rain alone indoors, and your disposition is sure to be sunnier -- no matter how dark and gloomy the weather may be. I’m not referring to days-on-end torrents that flood the yard, back up the swimming pool and overflow drainage ditches, but typical showers that occur either seasonally or at unexpected times.

Yes, I find ways to be productive and feel good about myself and my life even during inclement weather. Seriously, there’s a natural tendency to wish the rain would cease so life can get back to normal, yet there’s logic in the realization that everybody is in the same situation of having to deal with the weather.

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Besides the familiar aroma of laundry detergents and fabric softeners and the hum of the washer and dryer as loads of clothes, linens and towels go from dirty to clean, the household chore of doing laundry makes the home environment feel more welcoming. Now, of course, I know better and have learned to only take on what is reasonable and that I feel I can give full effort.

Still, a constant patter of rain serves to remind me to take a break, to stop the whirlwind of activity I am sometimes prone to. This practice has proven especially helpful to me in overcoming periodic bouts of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

If you’ve missed one in the theaters or have an old favorite you want to see again, or an episode of reality TV, make a bowl of hot popcorn and relax while it rains outside, and you watch the movie of your choice without any guilt whatsoever. Watching movies also allows you to vicariously participate in situations you’d not normally experience, broadening your imagination and scope of capabilities and reinforcing a sense of self-control, mastery and ingenuity.

Surely there’s a friend you can call and connect with during the downtime when you’re not going to venture out in the rain or you’re taking a break from some household, work or other chore, project or activity. If you’re like me, there’s something encouraging about the steady stream of rain hitting the windows that prompts me to engage in a lengthy phone call with a friend.

Either too many other chores or projects lay claim to my time or I can’t keep my eyes open long enough at night to make much headway. Not that I mind heading out to the grocery store for a last-minute item for meal prep or even weekly shopping for the family.

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Give everyone an opportunity to speak their mind, encouraging open and positive conversation. When the family asks what the plans are for our next getaway, weekend or vacation trip, instead of feeling overwhelmed and panic-stricken that nothing’s been accomplished, a rainy day provides a nice opportunity to take the plunge and begin research, make reservations and line up activities.

From the hot weather has merely accentuated this decline and cool and rainy weather now would not arrest it. From the need at least six months normal rainy weather before we even get back to what might be considered the basic supply position.

From the Will it be possible during cold or rainy weather for the women to put ordinary overcoats over their uniforms when going to work? From the For example, if ozone levels peak at just above the standard and rainy weather is forecast, clearly no action would be needed.

From the do not even resort to the cabins very often in rainy weather because people living an open-air life do not find rain a serious inconvenience. The chimney swift generally flies quite high, though it descends during cold or rainy weather.

Overnight, hundreds of spectators had slept on wet pavements in rainy weather to queue for tickets. Despite cold and rainy weather, the offense completed 81 passes and threw for 498 yards.

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High water occurs following a period of heavy rains or snow followed by warm rainy weather. I guess you could say I'm the Elsa of rainfall; not only has the rain never bothered me anyway, I actually happen to love rainy days.

When I lived in New York City, I loved running in the park but hated dealing with the fact that it was constantly crowded... except on rainy days! Plus, while places like museums and movie theaters are more crowded on rainy days, it's the perfect time to brave the elements and explore the streets of your city when they're not packed with people.

In New York City, the average number of homicides per ten days drops from seventeen to fourteen when rainfall is over an inch. So when skies are gray, we're all a bit safer (possibly because criminals have also decided they'd rather stay inside with Netflix or a good book).

When it rains after a dry spell, the oils secreted by plants are released into the air. After splurging on my first a pair of Hunter rain boots (Kate Moss and Rachel Wilson had been spotted everywhere in them, so I naturally had to own them), I awaited the next rainfall more eagerly than usual.

And they're especially fun because, even if you don't love the rain, they at least give you something to look forward to when you need to commute on a rainy day. We’ve gathered some interesting words donated to English from Portuguese … as well as some that just don’t translate at all.

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During the cold, rainy winters, the flying insects that are the woodpeckers' preferred diet disappear and the birds depend on the nuts in these pantries. Nighttime temperatures often dip below freezing in these rainy tropical highlands.

If you’re headed to the coast, go in the springtime or midsummer to avoid the rainy seasons, which run from May to mid-July and mid-November to mid-January. Short-term forecasts like those in your smartphone’s weather app are based on the observations that feed into them, such as whether it is currently rainy in Northern California or whether there are strong winds over central Alaska.

The Water Authority also dipped into its rainy day reserve fund up to a limit set by its board of directors to keep the rate increase for consumers lower. Then she managed to struggle a mile through dark, rainy woods.

Potholes are common in the rainy region as well as a heavy fog that often hinders visibility. He went on to recount campaigning on a rainy Friday night when he had to push himself to keep going.

Meanwhile, his army was suffering, provisions were failing, and the season was rainy. During the rainy season, however, the pontoon bridges over the Rio Grande are swept away; the roads become impassable.

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