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Sunday, 28 November, 2021

Do Nothing Weather

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Voice assistants, as we know, help us in our day-to-day digital activities like telling us the weather, performing searches, or dialing up a contact. The Nothing mode in Google Assistant is a part of a special campaign launched in collaboration with Cadbury’s 5 Star chocolate.

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Now, having said that, if you do live in an area where they sell the chocolate, then you can activate Google Assistant’s Nothing mode on your iOS or Android device. You simply tell the Google Assistant to “Eat a 5 Star” and it will activate the mode right away.

Whether you ask her for a recipe or the current temperature, she will give a quirky response and advice you to do nothing and chill at home. As a result, when in this mode, if you ask Google Assistant to, say, look for a shopping mall or your nearest salon, it humors you with a sassy and sarcastic response like, “You’re in luck.

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Whenever I pass their driveways, thoughts occur to me, such as: It’s unfortunate that “exercise” and “extra fries” sound so much alike. I had my chest shaved recently for a medical procedure.

I couldn’t help but think how many years it took me to grow that hair. Missing someone and getting something On a recent Saturday, I attended Jim Ferguson’s funeral.

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I sat with good friend, former teammate and cancer survivor Rich Hons tad of Freeborn. My wife and I came home from the auction with winning bids on Hope Butter, potatoes, onions, lease and Mary Event’s delectable caramels.

I write about having cancer in the hopes that it might encourage others to visit a doctor and get all those tests that make us uneasy. It was impossible for me to feel sorry for myself after attending Ferry’s funeral (he was only 55) and hearing the stories at the Geneva Cancer Auction.

If they had received my diagnosis, my grandfathers would likely have been sent home to die. Each visit I make to the Mayo Clinic brings me into contact with friends who are there for appointments or for support.

A poor man’s lie detector I visited with a fellow the other day. He told me that it had been so cold that his outdoor thermometer had moved to Arizona.

Richard Wiseman, author of “59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute,” has a simple test to determine whether you are a good liar. Using the first finger of your dominant hand, draw a capital letter Q on your forehead.

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Which side of your forehead did you draw the tail of the letter Q? If you drew the tail on the left side of your forehead so that someone facing you could read it, you are good at lying.

If you drew the tail on the right side of your forehead, you are bad at lying. Nature notes “Why don’t bird freeze while bathing in winter?” It’d seem that winter bathing would put birds at risk, but they do it quite safely.

The feathers of a healthy bird shed most of the water, preventing it from leaking through to the insulating down and skin. Songbirds shed and shake water from plumage.

Clean feathers are important to a bird’s survival. Water cleans feathers and a study found that birds spend 9 percent of their time preening, which helps feathers do their jobs.

The Candy Grape fire is a good color for early morning and late evening in clear water to lightly stained. The Candy Watermelon with red flake is my favorite under most conditions and pumpkin seed would run a close 2nd.

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I finished in the prize money many times by using this lure under tough conditions. But we mostly talked about what was falling on our heads at the moment, and what was coming next.

I'm positive we would have talked about Atlanta this winter. We have the internet and about a thousand times more news channels.

The question these reports present is simple and troubling: What are you doing about it? You can't just wear a hat or buy a swimsuit.

What are you doing about the global and regional impacts of weather on crop availability and cost? They're researching, solution finding, and trying to anticipate, and solve for problems looming on the horizon in this arena.

They're incorporating expected changes in availability and cost into their budgets to keep their loved ones secure and well-fed. They believe they can tolerate or adjust for fluctuations when they arise, so they ignore the topic entirely.

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This may seem irresponsible to someone in one of the categories above, but from an information management perspective, it's a useful approach. The real problems stem from the final category -- those who monitor the situation for the express purpose of worrying about it.

It's the democrats or the republicans, the environmentalists or big business, the current president or the past president, the incompetent bureaucrats or the lazy farmers. It's likely to move you into a social circle filled with other complainers, which is fatal to your dinner parties.

In the organizations with whom I consult, people at every level face an overwhelming amount of information. It comes by email, by video and by verbal report, by day and by night, by push and by pull, on demand and despite resistance.

It comes in updates, reports, news briefs, questions, answers, and demands. It comes from engineers, lawyers, accountants, executives, and line workers; from boss, peers, direct reports, and customers.

They decide to act responsively, and position themselves for what's coming. They don't rile up coworkers by rambling on about problems with no solutions.

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They don't annoy supervisors by crying woe is me, and placing blame. They don't alienate customers by asserting that everything is beyond their control and nothing can be done by anyone.

If you're like others who use this approach, you'll find yourself feeling more in control of your environment, and less at the whim of the morning news. You'll begin sensing that you're more efficient, and more enriched than overwhelmed by the constant stream of information you face.

In the best case, you may even find yourself left with more time and energy for your favorite recreational activities, like hiking or canoeing. Before you go, for goodness' sake, check the weather report.

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