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Do Know Weather

Bob Roberts
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
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The weather is more than just wind or rain, but also includes some stunning effects in the sky like rainbows, flashes of lightning, and sunsets. The weather can affect what we wear and what we decide to do, such as going to a beach on a sunny day.

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Some people, like farmers, who grow crops, have to know about the weather to make a living. At its worst, weather can destroy homes and cause deaths.

Rain › The sun’s heat keeps the air moving, causing the different types of weather on Earth. Thunderstorms › When air moves quickly enough for you to feel it on your face, it is known as wind.

Wind › When warm air containing water vapor (gas) rises, it cools forming groups of tiny water droplets called clouds. Clouds › Hurricanes, storms, and tornadoes are examples of extreme weather.

We are going to complete an observation of the weather outside our windows and compare this to the four seasons. The Conversation is asking kids to send in questions they’d like an expert to answer.

The name meteorologist comes from a very, very old Greek word, which means “studying things that are high in the air”. So they need lots of measurements of things like air pressure, temperature and rainfall, not just from on the ground, but high in the sky and even from up in space as well.


For those measurements they rely on weather balloons and airplanes, as well as radars and satellites. That helps them decide whether the computer’s prediction is likely to be right, or perhaps needs to be changed a little.

Usually the meteorologists have spent a long time studying the weather, so they have a wonderful knowledge of how it behaves. Twice every day the Bureau of Meteorology (which is sometimes called the Weather Bureau) sends out the official weather forecasts for towns and cities across Australia.

That also means the forecast for tomorrow or the day after is likely to be more accurate than the one for this time next week. That means it can be raining in one place but dry and sunny just a few kilometers away.

So next time you see a forecast for a “shower or two” but you see mostly blue sky where you are, give your friend on the other side of town a call. So, we don’t always know exactly what the weather is going to be like at your place, but thanks to the Bureau of Meteorology we can give you a very good idea of what to expect.

Earth’s atmosphere is a jacket of gases that surrounds the planet. Although it seems like these gases could easily float away into space, gravity is constantly pulling the atmosphere toward Earth’s surface.

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Low pressure systems can cause the formation of clouds and storms. From high above Earth, satellites such as GOES-16 keep an eye on the weather brought by low pressure systems.

The red “L” on the map above indicates a low pressure system in the Tennessee Valley region. In the video below from GOES-16, you can see what that same low pressure system looks like from a weather satellite.

On a weather map, a warm front is usually drawn using a solid red line with half circles pointing in the direction of the cold air that will be replaced. On a weather map, a cold front is usually drawn using a solid blue line with triangles pointing in the direction of the warm air that will be replaced.

Cold fronts typically move from northwest to southeast. Stationary fronts bring long rainy periods that stay in one spot.

On the left is a National Weather Service forecast map from March 24, 2017. The forecast map shows two cold fronts moving southeast over Texas.

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On the right is an actual GOES-16 image of atmospheric water vapor from the same afternoon. For example, the GOES-R series provides information about atmospheric water vapor and cloud height right now.

This can help meteorologists monitor and track severe weather events, such as storms and hurricanes as they happen. Jess satellites survey the entire planet and continuously provide global atmospheric temperature and water vapor information.

Article Summary To predict the weather without a forecast, start by figuring out which direction the wind is blowing. Next, watch for signs of high humidity, such as frizzy hair, curling leaves, and swollen wood, which may indicate that a storm is close by.

We have given the ECM WF ensemble tracks of tropical cyclones a facelift and not only visually prettied them up, you can now better recognize the expected category of hurricane, cyclone or typhoon. We now present the worldwide Covid-19 case numbers on our website in clear maps and graphics, in some countries up to the county or district level.

Cloud tops alert If you have been in a few bad storms, pounded by rain, wind, and snow, then you realize how important it is to keep an eye on weather systems and know when to beat a retreat to avoid getting hypothermia or being benighted on the side of a mountain.

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Building cumulus clouds are a good indicator that you need to break out the rain gear and get the heck off of a mountain summits and ridges. If you look up at the sky and see two layers of dark clouds moving in different directions, it is a good indicator that the atmosphere is the unstable and bad weather is coming.

The air circulates counterclockwise around low-pressure systems in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning that strong winds out of the south usually indicate the impending arrival of a storm. Do not, however, be deceived by localized winds in valleys or off mountains, since they are usually caused by heating and cooling during the day.

They also act as insulators, keeping the night warm and blocking heat from escaping into the atmosphere. If it shows a fall in elevation, then it indicates a rise in barometric pressure and an impending high-pressure system moving in.

High clouds, often at night, will refract a halo or ring of light around either the sun or the moon. These halos can be a good weather predictor and often signal incoming moisture and fronts.

A halo around the moon indicates that a warm front is approaching, but plan on at least a couple of days of good weather before it arrives. If the moon is bright and clear, a low-pressure system has blown dust out of the air, so plan on rain.

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If dark, thick clouds lower down and snug up against the mountain peaks and ridges, plan on precipitation. Low clouds are a clear indication that the dew point, or the temperature that the air becomes saturated with moisture, is dropping.

Plan on beating a retreat back to the trailhead or hunker down in your tent and play a game or two of cards. Whether is a prime example of a word that will slip past the spell check.

Castrated ram or billy goat (according to A Word A Day). Weather, that stuff up there in the sky, is the ‘condition of the atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, calm or storm, etc’.

Interestingly, when it was first used in Old English in the 12th century, weather always had adverse implications. The frequently misspelled whether is used to introduce a question, often outlining a choice between options.

The farmer wondered whether the adverse weather had affected his whether. In this sentence, weather means to “withstand” or “survive” something that’s difficult or dangerous.

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Used in the context of ships and storms, weather means to “come safely through”. I don’t know whether I should go to John’s leaving party or Mary’s baby shower.

In many sentences, the word “whether” could be replaced with “if”, though this doesn’t work well if there’s an “or not” immediately after “whether”. I don’t know if I should go to John’s leaving party or Mary’s baby shower.

If you find “whether” in a written piece, it’s almost certainly a simple typo (unless you’re reading a farming magazine). The words weather and “whether” are both in common use, though, and that’s why it’s easy for people to confuse them.

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