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Do Cold Weather Kill Bed Bugs

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
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Many of our customers are considering leaving their infested belongings out in the cold weather with the intent of killing the bedbugs with the freezing temperature. Most states don’t normally even reach 0 degrees, and it’s unlikely that the items themselves will be cooled that low, due to the insulation provided by their construction.

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To thoroughly wipe out a group of bugs, especially nymphs and eggs, you’ll need to maintain a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit or less for at least 80 hours. Since even the coldest climates will rise above that during the day, leaving items outside simply won’t work.

While you could theoretically kill bedbugs by putting items in your freezer, it would be a bit impractical. You would need to ensure that your freezer is staying at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and you would need to keep the items in there for at least 80 hours.

No portion of this site may be reproduced or duplicated without the expressed permission of BedBugSupply Winter weather will slow the metabolic state of many bug species including bedbugs.

Most bedbugs don’t end up outside because they are reproduced in the comfort of a person’s bed or furniture. Individually bedbugs live about a year in warm weather conditions, regular feeding intervals, and a male to mate with.

In conditions where the female bed bug can not feed on a host they may last a mere 5 months. Now that you know a little more about how bedbugs behave in winter I’ll get to the part where you get to eliminate them from your life.

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Chemical Treatment is the most cost effective and practical way to get rid of bedbugs. Bedbugs are one of the toughest pests to get rid of, so I will go into some detail here, but I have a recommended products page on this site that also helps with the process.

Following this short guide will ensure that you are prepared once you apply the treatment for bedbugs. Follow the pretreatment guide I have given you Apply pesticide on all mattresses, bed frames, wood furniture, and upholstery.

Yard is a growth regulator that stops the breeding process of bedbugs. Yard is very powerful so you will only need a small amount mixed into your spray can for it to do its job.

Click Here to go to my recommended products page and see the ratio of the chemicals and a more in depth tutorial on where to spray and use them. When you click to my recommended products page scroll down to the Chemical Mixture section then go to the Chemical Treatment heading and it will finish all the directions you will need to tackle these bedbugs.

Also make sure to read the label of any pesticide you intend on using, there are directions for use and storage that are very important. Cold weather will not necessarily kill bedbugs ; they would need to be in 0 degree weather for several days in order for them to reach 100% mortality.

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Bedbugs don’t go away for the winter, they will stay close to their food source and try to keep warm. You can eliminate bedbugs on your own using the chemical I recommended to you in this article and be assured they are commercial pesticides, and they work very well.

The answer is… In normal conditions and with regular feeding intervals and a male to mate with, the female bed bug lays 4-7 eggs a day. After 20-60 days depending on the weather, bedbugs (nymphs) become an adult and the females start hatching for themselves.

So as you can imagine, at 90 days and the rate of hatching you will be MOE than 1200-1600 bedbugs strong. So, are bedbugs nocturnal? Yes, for the most part, they feed during the night, however, they are very adaptable to their environment i.e.

They have found ways to adapt to unfavorable conditions, making them even more difficult to get rid of. According to an article from the Yale University School of Public Health, female adult bedbugs are even hardier than the rest.

Home freezers often do not reach temperatures severe enough to kill bedbugs quickly, so freezing time will probably need to be extended. Even if bedbugs do survive cold temperatures, studies have found egg production and hatching success to be reduced.

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That being the case, cold temperatures are not completely useless when it comes to eradicating a bed bug population. Bedbugs do not hide away in a cave for months like bears do, but they can enter a state of semi-hibernation, called disease.

Disease is an interval of energy conservation and slowed metabolism that enables bedbugs to go dormant, surviving without feeding for months. All the extra blankets and thick sheets only give bedbugs more places to hide.

With their human hosts posting up in a climate-controlled environment for the winter months, bedbugs have extended access to a delicious blood meal. Additionally, studies have shown that bedbugs have a preference for certain colors over others, particularly red and black.

As two of the primary colors of flannel, red and black show up quite a bit in the colder seasons. Whether it is clothing, blankets, or home decor, red and black often align with winter trends.

These are known as freeze-intolerant strategies where pests lower the freezing point of their bodily fluids to survive. According to research, bedbugs can be exposed for up to 80 hours at 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit for it to be fatal.


The majority of bedbugs seek the warmth of indoors anyway so surviving winter in fully possible. Freezing is non-toxic, fast, chemical-free, and easy to do making it a great way to rid these pests quickly.

Unlike using heat or chemicals, when you freeze bugs you don’t have to worry about collateral damage to items. You can also take care of the infestation with having to vacate the entire property during or after the treatment.

Its versatility in application and ability to kill any smaller pests on contact was of huge benefit, particularly in sensitive environments like hospitals, food processing facilities, long term health care facilities, schools and more. The method consists of spraying frozen liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to kill pests immediately.

The “snow” expelled by the Cryolite wand is -110 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much colder than anything a bed bug would experience in nature. Upon contact with the insect’s, mite’s or spider’s exoskeleton, the evaporating dry ice snow creates a quick transfer of heat from the pest, instantly freezing it to death.

Smaller pests are most susceptible to Cryolite’s effects while larger insects, such as American cockroaches, might be able to survive the initial contact with the snow and may require a second application. There are also insects where their nymphs, eggs and larvae stay cozy underground or beneath leaves and other debris.

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They find a warm place to wait out the winter and either hibernate as adults or overwinter as larvae, nymphs, pupae or eggs. Insects like bees and wasps find shelter from the cold in trees, under logs or in the eaves of homes and barns.

Some pests, like spiders, are always around, but they hide out in cracks and crevices in the home and come out during mating season. Even with this chemical in their bodies, though, insects cannot continue any type of activity when temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Freeze-tolerant insects can survive freezing by using the anti-freeze chemical in their bodies to control where ice crystals form inside them. They can prevent ice crystals from forming in their organs or cells, while the surrounding fluid still freezes with no harm done.

Once the weather warms, the ice crystals melt, and the insect returns to normal activity. The insects remain dormant for the winter in this super cooled state, and then their bodies warm back up when spring and warmer temperatures arrive.

Even the freeze-tolerant insects can no longer prevent ice crystals from forming in their cells when temperatures get to be too low. Even though most insects do hide away during winter, if there are frequent temperature variations resulting in freezing and thawing, they can emerge early.

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