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Do Cats Like Hot Weather

Daniel Brown
• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
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As cats run a higher body temperature than humans, they are more relaxed when they’re warm. The ideal body temperature for a cat is 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Felines are born sun worshipers, so watch your cat during the summer months. Cats are most comfortable with a body heat of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

As explained by Science, a cat cools off while sleeping and maintains body temperature by eating. Cats are fond of the sun, finding warmer climes relaxing.

If your cat falls asleep in direct sunlight, it may be placing its health at risk. Ambient temperature is key to keeping a cat comfortable.

While these breeds shed in the summer, they’ll still be naturally warmer than short haired counterparts. Short haired cats find it more challenging staying warm in cooler climes.

Older or short haired cats will tolerate slightly warmer air. Prolonged exposure can raise a cat’s body temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Restless pacing and inability to settle Sweaty paws Panting Excessive verbalization Lethargy Increased heart rate Uncharacteristic irritability and aggression As explained by Plunger’s Archive, this activity places strain on the feline respiratory tract.

At this point, help your cat to cool off and reduce its body temperature. If the cat continues to overheat it will become dehydrated, eventually risking hyperthermia.

Test if your cat is dehydrated by gently pinching the skin around the shoulders. If the skin feels lifeless, slowly retreating into the folds of the neck, dehydration is likely.

If the cat refuses, it will require the intravenous application of fluids by a healthcare professional. Gatorade should only be offered to dehydrated cats as a temporary remedy.

Drizzle a tempting scent, such as tuna juice, into a bowl of water. If your cat is interested in food, offer snacks with high water content.

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Providing your cat with a running water source will usually be effective. When a cat develops heat stroke, its body temperature will rise even higher.

The biggest risk of feline heat stroke, as discussed by Respiration Physiology, is the impact on the lungs. If you suspect that your cat has heat stroke, make a veterinary appointment.

Containing the cat in a bowl filled with water is best, but a sink will work. Even a cat that does not experience a health concern will struggle with excess heat.

Managing Sun Exposure Given half a chance, a cat will gravitate toward sunshine. This will initially be relaxing but can make a cat uncomfortable in the longer term.

Managing the sun exposure of an indoor cat is simple. Just close curtains and drapes when your cat has spent enough time basking by a window.

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Keep your outdoor cat at home during peak temperatures. The cat should then stay home until early evening, when the sun’s heat is less intense.

Switching on a fan may seem like the easiest way to cool off a hot cat. The easiest way to do this is to freeze gravy or meat stock into ice cubes.

The cat will lick, and eventually swallow, these treats as they enjoy the taste. If it shows no interest, pick up the peas and revert to ice cubes.

If your cat enjoys chewing on toys, place these in the freezer. The cat will play as normal, finding the cold toy soothing on their paws and gums.

The cat will lie upon the mat, exposing its bare underbelly to a cold surface. This will rapidly reduce the cat’s overall body temperature by several degrees.

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The bottle will shield the cat from ice burn, but the soothing qualities will remain. Create a Shaded Retreat Your cat will already have assigned territory in your home.

The cat may have chosen territory because it was directly in line with a heat source. Cats often enjoy lying in the path of sunlight through a window.

Just use cardboard boxes to shield the cat from direct heat. It will help the cat remain cool, while also acting providing entertainment.

Apply some favored toys to encourage the cat to stay put. In addition, grooming distributes natural oils around the cat’s body.

If your cat is hot to the touch during grooming, apply some damp towels to its fur and skin. Your cat will quickly dry off but will enjoy the cooling sensation of the damp water.


Any temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot for a cat’s comfort. Cats are descendants of the African Wildcat and, as such, love lounging around in the sun.

Not surprisingly, felines are naturally drawn to heat sources, such as radiators and heaters. If you bring home a punnet of strawberries, your cat will likely show interest.

Cats seem to adore these sweet fruits, tempted by their enticing smell. Cats run a slightly higher body temperature than humans.

A healthy cat will have a body temperature of 100.5-102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. We live in the Midwestern USA, which can get pretty hot and humid in the later summer months of July and August.

Cats are descendants of desert animals, so they generally like warmer weather. On average a cats body temperature is around 102 degrees so once their body temperature starts hitting 105 your cat is probably not feeling too good and on the verge of getting Hyperthermia.

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They only sweat through their feet pads, anus and lips to remove excess heat from their bodies. If their body temperature rises high enough it could result in organ damage or even death.

“Initial signs that typically indicate the heat is causing him some distress (heat stress) include:* Restless behavior as your cat tries to find a cool spot* Panting, sweaty feet, drooling, excessive grooming in an effort to cool off* Rectal temperature is usually normal to slightly elevated Then, as your cat’s body temperature begins to rise, signs of heat exhaustion become evident, including:* Rapid pulse and breathing* Redness of the tongue and mouth* Vomiting* Lethargy* Stumbling, staggering gait* Rectal temperature is over 105° F Eventually the body temperature will be high enough to cause the cat to collapse and have seizures or slip into a coma.” It's always a good idea to get them sunscreen if they are outside for long periods of time.

You don’t want to give them human formulated sunscreen however as that could be harmful to them. They do this because the saliva evaporates from there tongue thus creating a cooling effect.

This as a result creates a cooling effect similar to human sweat evaporating off their skin. Try getting your cat to play with the ice cubes to add more of a cooling effect.

Cooling Mats: Though most of these are marketed toward dogs cats really enjoy these things as well. Putting the towel next to a fan or a breezy window can help them cool off even more.


You could also put the wet towel inside their cat bed. Putting a frozen water bottle in the cat bed somewhere also help a lot as well.

Air Conditioning: This is probably the best way to cool them down and especially important if you are in something like a car or an RV.

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