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Do Amazon Vouchers Work Internationally

Earl Hamilton
• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
• 7 min read

I'd really rather not pay US$40 for a single French CD if I can avoid it. I've got a couple of Amazon .com gift certificates that I want to use to buy something on the Amazon .fr site, but it's not letting me--it tells me the codes are invalid, even though they work on the US site.


Before I attempt to find someone in Amazon's non-existent customer service, has anyone else experienced this? I'd really rather not pay US$40 for a single French CD if I can avoid it.

I have seen loads of Warhol stuff that is so cheap on there, but they won't post to UK. I have seen loads of Warhol stuff that is so cheap on there, but they won't post to UK.

Rather than waste money packaging and sending presents they don't want and can't return, does anyone know where I can buy a sort of international gift voucher? I am not sure about Canada, but we used to send relatives in Europe Amazon vouchers.

Or buy online to be delivered, bath and body works would be my recommendation If you’re in the UK, for instance, and you’re trying to get hold of a book that’s only been released in the USA, you might find yourself ditching your local site for Amazon .com.

There are two exceptions at the moment, which are the Japanese and Chinese sites: you’ll need to register again to use those. Step 2: Find a language you can understand and switch to that one If you don’t have any idea what’s going on, find the little globe symbol and switch to an easier language to understand, if one’s available.

Country or Region DVD region code USA and CanadaRegion 1Europe and JapanRegion 2Southeast Bioregion 3Latin America and AustraliaRegion 4Russia, rest of Asia, and AfricaRegion 5ChinaRegion 6International venues, cruise ships, planes, etc. Region 8Country or Region Blu-ray region code North America, South America, East and Southeast Aside Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, French territories, and GreenlandCode Central Asia, South Asia, Mongolia, Russia, and Coincide C Shopping tip 3: Check electronics for voltage and types of plugs There are also a couple of things to bear in mind if you want to buy electronics from abroad. Which means if you buy anything with a plug from abroad, you might also need to get hold of an adaptor, so that it can actually fit into a foreign socket.

Sadly, the problems don’t stop just by purchasing an adaptor. You’ll also need to check the voltage and frequency, to ensure that your adaptor will be able to cope with your device, in your country.

If the voltages don’t match, you run the risk of frying your new electronics long before they normally die. You won’t be surprised to learn that shopping internationally sometimes comes with strings attached.

The exchange rate Amazon displays may not match those listed in newspapers or other financial databases. Amazon says that those exchange rates you find online aren’t available to everyday consumers.

Depending on the item, you may feel a bit of sticker shock when you see how much Amazon wants to charge you for shipping. When goods are imported into a country, they are sometimes subjected to extra charges.

If you do end up eligible for a refund, hold tight, because Amazon says it takes 60 days to come through. It may be that the item you’ve ordered requires additional scrutiny or may be banned depending on your local customs regulations.

Amazon notes clearly that you’re responsible for making sure the item you’re ordering is allowed in your country. Amazon does its best to ensure taxes are paid up for your particular country, but you may find it may still not be enough and, in that case, you might have to pay a bit more to be able to collect your item.

If you’ve already read the section on fees above and you’re ready to go ahead and buy, this is what to do : Hit the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button to start the payment.

So if you’re using an international card, try to find one that exchanges money at the mid-market rate and keeps fees at a minimum. Shipping tip 1: Order as early as possible to cut down on the cost It’s common for Amazon to offer you multiple shipping options, with expensive fees for fast delivery times.

So if there are any ways for you to reduce any of these factors, you could end up with a lower delivery cost. Shipping tip 3: Make as few separate orders as possible Naturally, Amazon cuts down on both cost and waste where it can by packing your items up together.

It will likely mean the package takes longer to arrive to you, and naturally you’ll have to check the cost carefully and make sure it’s good value for money. And Amazon itself is careful to explain that using a ‘freight forwarder’ does affect your ability to return items if they’re damaged or defective.

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