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Do Amazon Ship To New Zealand

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 8 min read

If you live in New Zealand and have tried to buy something from Amazon, chances are you’ve run into some difficulties. Solution : To avoid wasting your time with items that don’t ship outside the USA, you need to start every future Amazon search from this page.

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It filters out the USA-only items that can’t be shipped to New Zealand, so you’ll want to keep it handy! Problem : Even though you’ve filtered out the USA-only items, that doesn’t mean everything else can be shipped to New Zealand.

You never need to actually use the 1-click ordering feature, but you do need to have it enabled here so that Amazon will only show you items that ship to New Zealand. If you can’t get the item you want shipped to you using this method, that’s why we have Strategy #2: package forwarding.

Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds the best coupon codes on the Internet, making it easy to save 5-10% on all of your online purchases. There are some items that Amazon won’t ship to us here, most notably their own Kindles and other electronic devices.

Proven Service : Planet Express did an outstanding job with all the orders we placed with them, and communicated the shipment status of our orders frequently throughout the entire process Satisfied Customers : Planet Express has excellent customer reviews all across the web Fast Shipments : Planet Express ships your packages out within hours of you requesting it, minimizing the overall shipping time and getting your packages to you faster High Level of Care : Planet Express takes great care of your packages to ensure they arrive without any damage Tax-Free : Planet Express has multiple warehouses across the United States, including a tax-free warehouse in Oregon to keep the costs you pay to an absolute minimum Extra Savings : Planet Express will repack and consolidate your shipments into a single box to save you even more on shipping costs Free Storage : You can store your packages at Planet Express' USA warehouses for up to 10 days for free The Industry's Lowest Rates : Planet Express offers the lowest average rates of the package forwarders we tested As soon as you sign up for Planet Express, you’ll receive a unique shipping address to send your packages to.

Once your package arrives at the Planet Express warehouse in the USA, you have two decisions to make: Planet Express offers quite a few different shipping options, each with a different speed and associated cost.

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Most of the shipments I made with Planet Express cost around $7-12 USD, but this will vary depending on the size and weight of the item, of course. For more information on shipping rates, taxes/duties, and everything else, sign up here. After testing nearly a dozen different package forwarders for price, reliability and speed, Planet Express is our favorite by far.

Telling you the news and weather Setting timers, alarms and calendar events Controlling smart home devices (Philips Hue, Nest Wi-Fi, etc.) Unfortunately, you’ll almost never find a working Amazon promo code in New Zealand.

Nearly all the Amazon promo codes and coupons you’ll find online don’t actually work. Rather than wasting your time chasing down Amazon promo codes in New Zealand, we suggest applying our 2-step double filter method (Strategy #1) above to get your items shipped to New Zealand quickly and reliably.

Amazon Web Services provides on-demand cloud computing to individuals, companies, and governments on a metered, pay-as-you-go basis. It makes building websites and web apps extremely easy and affordable, and keeps costs low by only charging you for the data you use.

Flex was launched in 2015 as a way for Amazon to gain greater control over its value chain and speed up last-mile delivery. The packages are organized into specific, narrow geographies, allowing each driver to concentrate on a subset of adjacent streets for that day’s deliveries.

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Amazon Prime Video : Launched in 2006, Amazon Prime Video is an Internet video-on-demand service that offers a wide variety of original content and programming, making it a strong competitor to other video-on-demand services like Netflix and Hulu. Backtrack to Google and continue your search there, or go directly to Amazon ’s global jobs' portal.

Selling on Amazon in New Zealand is simple, and you can get started in just a few easy steps: Scroll down, click Start Selling, and log in to your Amazon account.

A bank account in New Zealand that supports ACH (automated clearing house) for accepting payments from Amazon. A U.S. EIN (Employee Identification Number), which you can get by filling out IRS Form SS-4 here.

If you’ve got any questions about how to make our strategies work for you, leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help you get your items delivered safely, quickly and at the lowest cost. Also, since so many of you have been asking us for them, here's our full list of country-specific posts outlining how to ship anything from Amazon to any country in the world.

As you may have already experienced, getting products shipped through Customs in New Zealand can take time, and money. It's such a poor customer experience that many US stores and brands prefer to avoid it altogether.

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Some products (electronic, for example), require local customizations to function in New Zealand or comply with its regulations. Beyond the product itself, there's the added complexity of offering an international warranty, dealing with returns, and localization of marketing, packaging materials, and after-sale support.

To set this up, visit the “manage addresses” section located in the “your account” dropdown. After inputting your New Zealand address, Amazon will only display items that can ship to your country.

This option tends to be a little more expensive but it enables you to buy any product that Amazon won’t ship directly to New Zealand. Using our two options, you can buy and ship anything sold on Amazon .com’s United States of America website to New Zealand.

© Love Food Hate Waste NZ on Wikipedia Baked goods are allowed as long as they don’t contain fresh fruit, raw nuts and fillings such as meat or whole egg.

Confectionery foods like sweets and lollies can be brought into New Zealand as long as they don’t contain: Liquid honey or other bee products, such as proposes loose fresh fruit loose raw seeds citrus peel (candied citrus peel is Ok) meat products.

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Tea containing honey powder needs to be shelf-stable and be limited to 50 teabags or less per passenger. Maple syrup is fine as long as it does not contain honey.

Souvenirs, ornaments, novelty items and jewelry that have any part made from animal fibers or feathers and/or animals hides and skins must be declared. There are also a few prohibited animal products that you should avoid bringing into New Zealand.

Dried and fresh flowers seeds plant cuttings items made of bamboo, cane, rattan, coconut or straw items made of wood, such as drums, carvings, masks, weapons, or tools pine cones any souvenirs made from plant material, such as items stuffed with seeds and straw herbal medicines, health supplements and homeopathic remedies religious offerings. You must declare any used items that have been used in the outdoors, such as fishing, gardening, hiking, camping, etc.

This covers a broad spectrum of items, so if you are unsure about any of your outdoor gear, declare it anyway. We also recommend packing these items, so they are easy to reach in your luggage in case they need to be inspected.

Footwear should be cleaned of soil and seeds before arriving in New Zealand Camping equipment including tents and camping food Hunting gear including backpacks and clothing Any gear used with animals, such as horse riding equipment, farm footwear, vet supplies and shearing equipment and clothes used while shearing Gardening equipment used horticulture, viticulture, agriculture, aquaculture, and forestry industries, including clothes, footwear and tools. Fishing gear including waders, fishing rods, lines, hooks and flies swimming and diving equipment like wet suits and scuba equipment.


All freshwater equipment and fishing gear must be clean and dried before you bring it into New Zealand. Wet gear will likely be treated or reshipped at your expense or destroyed with your authority.

Containers and cargo must also comply with the Import Health Standard. Duty-free Allowances You can bring alcohol and tobacco into New Zealand if you are 17 years old and above.

If you bring alcohol or tobacco into the country which is above the duty-free allowance then you will need to pay duty for the remainder. Alcohol duty-free allowance 4.5l of wine or beer, and 3 bottles of spirits or liqueur, each bottle can hold up to 1.125l Tobacco duty-free allowance 50 cigarettes, 50g of tobacco products, 50g of cigars, or a mixture of all three, as long as it’s not more than 50g.

Prescription Medicines You will need to declare any prescribed medication or “controlled drugs”. You will be able to bring prescribed medication into New Zealand as long as you have a copy of the medicines prescription or a letter from your doctor stating that you or someone that you’re travelling with is being treated with the medicine, and if the medication is in its original pharmacy container with your name and strength and dosage details shown on the label.

Or is there a website like it, that can get CDs, DVDs, and books that can't be found in New Zealand ? Amazon is in NZ, but only ships books, CD's & DVD's not other things, & is more expensive due to the increased shipping costs from the states to NZ.

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