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Do Amazon Ring You About Prime

Daniel Brown
• Sunday, 08 November, 2020
• 8 min read

An automated scam call is impersonating Amazon Prime, telling victims their subscription will be ‘renewed’ for £39.99. We’ve been made aware of an automated scam phone call designed to trick Amazon Prime customers into connecting with a fraudulent ‘account manager’.

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It’s similar in tactics to the ‘ Visa fraud department ‘ call, which also instructs victims to ‘press 1’ to be connected. More than a year since we first published this warning, and despite our efforts so far to see action taken, we know that the Amazon Prime scam call is still happening.

Recently published further evidence of similar remote access scams that have the potential to wipe out a victim’s life savings, including Amazon Prime impersonators who stole £6,900 from a woman in her 60s. We’re now calling on the government to introduce legislation to ensure a new statutory code of practice can be created, which would include clear standards and protections for victims.

We’ll then work with them to implement appropriate action, including warnings, potential call-blocking and reporting these calls to the relevant authorities. To find out exactly what you need to watch out for, I spoke with Craig, a member of the public who received the call on his landline earlier this month.

This would suggest that the scam is targeting members of the public at random, rather than Prime customers directly. Whether you ’re an Amazon Prime customer or not, do help us get the word out by warning friends and family about these calls, and let us know if you ’ve received anything similar in the comments below.

Learn the easy tips that can help you avoid the latest scam hitting the UK. Prevention is your magical key to stop these scammers affecting your life and your bank balance.

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The police have already received hundreds of complaints across the UK about the Amazon Prime scam. A potential victim receives a pre-recorded automated call, claiming that they have been charged incorrectly for an Amazon Prime subscription.

The Team Viewer app gives the criminal complete remote access to the computer. They can harvest your bank account information, credit card details and personal passwords.

Use these useful tips to protect yourself from the scammers, and to stop the Amazon Prime scam affecting your life. Stay organized by keeping a comprehensive list of your subscriptions, and you will be able to handle any suspicious call that comes your way.

Creating this list will only take you a few minutes, and your organization will keep you one step ahead of the scammers. The CVC number (3 digits) on the back of your credit card is there for a good reason.

If somebody calls about Amazon Prime, this should set alarm bells ringing immediately. Sadly, many scammers deliberately target older people in our society.

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If somebody advises that you should install the Team Viewer app, or any software on to your computer, regard this as suspicious. If you have reached this stage in the call, refuse point-blank to download anything and hang up.

You can deal with any issues directly with Amazon by calling them on an official number. If you have read the beginning of the article, you will have a clear understanding of the scammer’s intentions.

The good news is, you can take control of the situation and put measures in place to protect yourself. Use the tips above, and seriously consider investing in a call blocker to stop the spam calls in their tracks.

I received a call with a recorded message telling me my Amazon Prime membership was being automatically renewed and £39 would be debited from my account. Similar scams, where callers pretend to be the police, a broadband provider or a government department, cost victims £37m in the first half of last year, according to banking trade association UK Finance.

If in doubt, wait a few minutes for the line to clear and call the company using a number on a bill or its website. If you need help email Anna Tim's at or write to Your Problems, The Observer, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU.

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And according to The Guardian, one elderly victim was last month defrauded out of £25,000 as a result of this Amazon Prime subscription scam call. I immediately hung up and checked my account online to see if said transaction had been processed to confirm that it had not, so definitely an SCAM.

Another potential victim asked users on Twitter, “Anyone else had a phone call from Amazon saying about renewing their Prime service? It’s also worth noting that Amazon Prime now costs £79 a year, so any calls that quote the incorrect figure are clearly scams.

The scam involves victims receiving an automated phone call, informing them that they have been charged for an Amazon Prime subscription. Upon doing this, the victim is then directed to a fraudster who is in fact posing as an Amazon customer service representative.

The software can then be misused by the criminal to monitor the victim logging onto their online banking account. There are other variants of the time, and this includes fraudsters stating that the recipient is eligible for a refund for an “unauthorized transaction” on their Amazon account.

Spotify scam: Convincing way scammers could steal bank details online Action Fraud has said it has received more than 500 reports bout an automated call scam impersonating Amazing.

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Writing on Twitter yesterday, one person revealed: “Next phone scam: I got an automated call this morning asking me to callback to renew Prime. Unsolicited request for remote access to your computer should always raise a red flag.

From the Orders screen, you can return or replace a purchased item, track a package or leave feedback for past transactions. For older purchased items, there is an option to write product reviews.

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