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Do Amazon Prime Members Pay For Return Shipping

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
• 7 min read

If you return an item using a paid method, we'll deduct the cost of return shipping and restocking fees from your refund. If the return is the result of an Amazon error, we'll refund your return shipping costs up to a maximum amount.

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Using drop off services at locations that are convenient for you Using pickup options Using Heavy-Bulky return options, handled by a specialty carrier team Using Locker, Locker+, and Amazon Hub Counter locations for small packages Using a scanned QR code at designated returns locations to make label-free and package-free returns After several phone calls and live chat sessions, here’s how their return policy currently works.

This is great because it allows you to start your Christmas shopping now, knowing that the gift recipient can return items up until the end of January. If items are sold by a 3rd party and you try and initiate the return through the Amazon return page, you’ll probably have to payreturnshipping fees.

But…if you start a live chat and initiate the return that way, you stand a great chance of NOT having to paying return shipping fees. Your chances of success rise greatly if you’re a Prime member and order quite a bit every month.

I was going to be charged return shipping until I started a live chat and then the operator gave it to me for free. Amazon actually has a team that researches your returns and comes up with the specific dollar amount for policy “abusers”.

In other words, if you typically only contact Amazon for a refund or discount, and abuse their policy frequently, you’ll fall into this category. Once your account is marked “Concession Abuse”, no returns will be accepted on any orders made by you in the future.

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Start by visiting the Gift Return Page and enter your order number which is the 17-digit code found on the packing slip. Next, follow the online prompts and you’ll get a free shipping label which you can print and attach to the box.

As long as your issue or problem with the product is genuine, there is NO limit on the number of returns you can make. If the reason for the return is a defective product, incorrect description, or wrong item sent, you will not have to pay the return shipping fees.

Be aware that you may get hit with a restocking fee if the item is damaged due to misuse, missing parts, or unauthorized tampering. But it goes without saying that they track your return history and absolutely reserve the right to take action if they feel you’re abusing their policy.

Typically, any purchases you make between November 1st and December 31st have an extended “Holiday” return period. Personally, I’ve had it happen when I was sent something I didn’t order, but it can also take place if they send you too many of an item, or for any random reason…they’ll tell you to keep it or donate it to charity.

Your return shipment is free of charge in some cases. Product Category Per Shipment Per Item Apparel, Loose Stones, Jewelry, Shoes, Software, VHS Videos, Watches $$3.990.99 Luggage $$4.990.99 Books $$3.000.99 Kindle $$3.992.99 Cassettes, DVDs, Music, CDs, Vinyl $$1.990.99 Video Games & Accessories $$3.990.99 Cassettes, DVDs, Music, CDs, Vinyl $$1.990.99 Video Games & Accessories $$3.990.99 Video Game Consoles $$6.990.99 Toys $$3.990.85/lb Computers $$7.990.65/lb Automotive, Baby, Cell Phones & Accessories, Electronics, Furniture, Grocery, Health & Personal Care, Home & Garden, Industrial & Scientific, Kitchen & Housewares, Office Products, Outdoor Living, Sports, Tools & Hardware $$4.990.75/lb Pet Supplies $$4.990.59/lb Televisions shipped with Enhanced Delivery N/A $50.00 Televisions shipped without Enhanced Delivery $$4.990.75/lb Any combination of the above items The Highest applicable per-shipment charge As above Items shipped via a specialty carrier (e.g., CEA, Pilot, ABF) Not applicable $50 Each return label is assigned to a specific return.

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For items shipped by a specialty carrier (e.g. CEA, ABF, Pilot, there is a flat $50 fee. If the return is the result of an Amazon error, we’ll refund return shipping costs up to a maximum amount.

Return shipping fees will be communicated on the Returns Center when you are choosing the shipping method for your return+. I wanted to return something and my only option from Amazon was UPS at $15 for a tiny flash card that at most should have been $2.67 plus returning something via UPS is a pain instead of sending it USPS using my mailbox.

Since the return would have been the cost of the item, I decided to keep it in case I need one that size. There are some things that Amazon doesn’t make real clear to buyers ahead of time when they use the Prime program.

Amazon generates a label (which is usually less costly than what the customer would spend) then deducts it from the refund. I ordered some labels myself a week or so ago and wasn’t paying attention, I guess.

Ordered the wrong size and had to pay for the return. Moon wishes Sewing and Crafts: Yep and not necessarily via the route that it was sent to you.


I wanted to return something and my only option from Amazon was UPS at $15 for a tiny flash card that at most should have been $2.67 plus returning something via UPS is a pain instead of sending it USPS using my mailbox. Since the return would have been the cost of the item, I decided to keep it in case I need one that size.

In the case of this book, I can pay under $3 to send it USPS Media Mail and have the original cost refunded. Of course, if I’m returning a damaged or wrong item, the shipping cost would not show here and would not be deducted from the refund.

The fact that consumers have a choice to buy from brick and mortar competitors should hit home to Amazon .com folks at some point. Target, Walmart, Costco all have free returns for some same items.

I was not given a choice to mail it back using my postage, but instead had to have over $8 deducted from my refund and had to use the Amazon return label with packing slip barcode. Amazon has always given me the option of having a USPS label if I prefer.

This topic was automatically closed 180 days after the last reply. If holiday shopping is stressing you out, you’ll be relieved to hear that the new Amazon return policy can save you time and money.

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Generally speaking, select only clothing, shoes and bedding qualify for free returns with Amazon. But now, you won’t have to pay for shipping on returns for millions of other items purchased at Amazon during the 2019 holiday season.

Among the other fine print, if you drop off your return at a physical Amazon store, the item must be in the original manufacturer’s packaging to get a full refund. And that’s pretty impressive: credits for regular free return shipping usually take about three to five days to show up in your account.

No matter how sweet a deal Amazon is offering this holiday season, it’s always a good idea to examine the fine print. Double-check the specific return policy for the item you’re sending back, and make sure it’s truly eligible for the free return shipping option to avoid an expensive surprise at your drop-off location.

Remember to check the ordering cut-off time shown on the detail page. To see the most accurate Prime shipping information as you shop, make sure to set up a default address for your account.

In some cases, choosing a higher quantity for an item may make it ineligible for immediate shipping, because multiple units may not be available locally or at the same location.

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