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Do Amazon Price Match

Maria Johnson
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Best Buy started doing it with great success (They often price match against Amazon). I have been in their numerous times looking for something and would pull up prices on Amazon .com, and they would price match it with no hesitation.

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Since Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, I figured there would have to be a way to get them to price match products. Amazon officially does not have a price matching policy, in fact they say they don’t do it.

I have used the method described below successfully a few times, but it doesn’t always work. I specifically left this tip out of my 5 little known ways to save at Amazon .com because I figured it would be a good post to describe how to actually do it.

Just as a note, like many retailers, they will most likely not price match on products from unknown stores. Alright, I know you are here to learn how to get the elusive Amazonpricematch, so I am going to show you.

I used this method to score a little cheaper deal on my Moto G LTE. The price on Amazon at the time was $219.99, but I found it at another store (don’t remember where) for only $199.99.

The product details section is about a third of the way down the page. When you get there, you will see information like product dimensions, shipping weight, average customer review, and Amazon bestsellers rank.

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Below is an image of what the product details section looks like and the highlighted link you need to click to get Amazon ’s price match form. Once you click that link, it will pop up an information box like the one below.

The first step is to tell Amazon if you found the new lower price at a store or online. For myself, I clicked the Website (online) radio button.

Once you click the radio button, it will come up with an appropriate form for you to fill in. You will need the following information in order submit the Amazonpricematch form.

I doubt they will match any prices from a few months ago. When you are done filling out the form, you just hit the Submit Feedback button and it goes off into Amazon land.

Amazon loves to be competitive, especially with other large retailers, so it can’t hurt to ask. That means you will need to check it over the next few days to see if they did indeed lower the price.

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If another retailer has too many, they drop the price to start liquidating them. Filling in the submission form only takes a minute or less.

This article contains affiliate links for services and sites we trust or use. And, if Amazon doesn’t provide a Rematch facility, then what could be other ways to save money.

Amazon stopped its Rematch and Price Adjustment policy in the year 2018. So as of now, they don’t offer Rematch or Price Protection service to its customers.

But don’t worry, there are other tricks by which you can save money while purchasing at Amazon. On this offer, you will have to pay the lowest selling price of that product.

You will only have to pay the lowest price which was at the time of ordering that Item. If you pre-order Digital Media or content from Amazon, still you get the facility of Price Guarantee.

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You have to pay the lowest price on any of the Digital content which you pre-order from Amazon .com. Amazon Price Guarantee is applicable on any Digital content pre-ordered from Amazon .com.

The lowest price is considered from the date you order to the release of that content. But, to make your shopping experience better, you can use the Price Protection facility provided by some Credit Card companies.

The time limit depends upon the company of which have the Credit Card. Amazon is also expected to invest around $10 billion for COVID-19 initiatives in 2020.

Employees diagnosed with COVID-19 will get 2 weeks of paid leave. They are providing free masks at all open retail stores of Amazon.

Well, Amazon will refund you the difference amount if you will ask within the right timeframe of price match guarantee. Finally, to sum up, we hope that you got benefited from the Amazon Price Guarantee.

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Share your opinions on whether Amazon should start providing a Rematch facility to its customers. Nobody likes to pay more than they have to, whether it’s for everyday items or a treat that they’ve saved up for.

As we enter into 2019, many of us will be looking to spend the Amazon vouchers that we received for Christmas and will be hoping to find the best price possible. In recent years, there’s been some confusion whether Amazon offers price matching.

In the past, many people received Amazon price matching for a number of products by contacting Amazon ’s customer service team who, at their discretion, were able to refund the difference if a customer found a lower price for a product elsewhere. In 2016, however, Amazon updated its policy with an announcement that price matching would only be available for the purchase of televisions.

Shortly after this announcement, Amazon ’s customer service team advised that only televisions would be eligible for post-purchase price adjustments. In order to claim your refund, first, make sure that you apply within seven days of your purchase and that the lower price product you found is identical to the one that you bought.

In order to claim your refund, first, make sure that you apply within seven days of your purchase and that the lower price product you found is identical to the one that you bought. Click onto ‘Your Orders’ from the pull down menu to view a list of all of your recent purchases.

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Essential for Amazon sellers, these tools are also really useful for those who just like to make sure that they’re not paying over the odds for their purchases. Unlike some major brick-and-mortar retailers, Amazon does not price match on the items it sells.

Amazon's free shipping with a Prime membership and constantly fluctuating prices still make many products cheaper than those bought in stores or from other online retailers, even if Amazon's pricing can't be guaranteed as the cheapest. Soon enough, you'll have to look somewhere other than Walmart, too, for price matching: while Amazon has never offered a price matching policy, Walmart has done so for years, but announced the coming end of the program earlier this year.

Even if you take the time to cross-reference product pricing at Amazon against, say, Target, Walmart, and Home Depot, Amazon may well drop the price of that baby monitor or camping stove you bought just ten minutes ago. It looks like this will only work on TV’s now, stay tuned to see if this new Amazon policy sticks.

To set the record straight, you have exactly 7 days from when the item gets delivered to your doorstep to request an Amazon price adjustment. Starting a live chat session on Amazon can be a bit confusing but I feel it’s by far the best way to get a price adjustment.

Interestingly, this wasn’t a “one time exception” as they did the same thing for me back in December when I requested a price adjustment on a different item sold by a 3rd party. Always politely ask about a price adjustment, no matter if Amazon shipped it to your directly, or you bought it through a 3rd party, ALWAYS ASK.

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