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Do Amazon Packages Arrive On Time

Maria Johnson
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
• 7 min read

This holiday season is set to be record-breaking in terms of online shopping, and Amazon is now urging customers to pick up their packages in different ways to beat the rush. Amazon urges customers to try out alternative ways of picking up their orders in light of what looks like a record-breaking holiday surge.



In a statement released Monday, the company outlined how Amazon shoppers can have their gifts delivered to physical stores instead of their home address. The statement emphasizes that using alternative delivery locations can help protect loved ones from finding out about surprise gifts.

The pandemic has led to a massive increase in online shopping, so it’s logical to assume that Amazon would do whatever it takes to lighten the load. With FedEx and UPS already warning of potential delays, it’s no wonder that Amazon kicked off its Black Friday deals a week early to beat the holiday rush.

Delivery estimates are calculated by taking the estimated shipping date and adding the transit time (the time it takes a package to travel from our facilities to your destination address), based on the shipping speed you've chosen. The transit time is calculated using business days, meaning Saturday and Sunday don't count toward the transit time (unless we've specifically offered a weekend delivery during checkout).

For some delivery dates, we may provide an “order within” countdown timer that indicates the window of time in which you must place the order to receive your delivery by the date shown. FREE Two-Day Shipping through Amazon Prime If the item you're ordering is out of stock or unavailable to ship immediately, you may not receive the item in two business days.

Selecting One-Day or Two-Day shipping will reduce the transit time to one or two business days after we've shipped your order, but it won't impact how long it takes us to obtain the item or prepare it for shipment. Note: If you live in an area experiencing an unexpected service delay (severe weather, natural disasters, unscheduled events, etc.

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), please add at least 2 to 3 business days to the estimated delivery date of your order. In some cases, choosing a higher quantity for an item may make it ineligible for immediate shipping, because multiple units may not be available locally or at the same location.

However, since the publishing of this article, that page has been updated to provide more general information about late shipments. You will instead need to contact Amazon customer service, which according to many Internet users, will give you the free month.

Keep in mind that some internet users have reported even better perks in return for a late Amazon Prime delivery. It's unclear exactly what triggers Amazon to offer one deal over another, and it might have something to do with the time of year and whether you've complained before or not.

When customers get to that page, they'll see the option to either chat with a messaging assistant that can answer basic questions or direct users to the proper place to have their issue addressed. The page also gives users the option of having Amazon call them, as well as a wait time, so they have a sense of how long it’ll take to hear back from the company.

If neither option is suitable, Amazon also provides quick access to a slew of help pages on everything from checking an order and managing content on devices to getting help with Amazon Prime and updating payment information. But as mentioned, some people have been lucky enough to get more than a free month of Prime, so it's a good idea for customers to push back a bit and explain why the delay is such an inconvenience.

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Perhaps you ran out of critical household goods or you were counting on the product to land in time so it could be given as a gift. Given that Amazon ’s official policy only allows for customer service representatives to offer a freebie on the first late Amazon Prime delivery, the company might be less willing to offer a deal if delays start to pile up.

As such, it's a good idea to go for it all the first time around or face the possibility of more pushback on subsequent attempts. (Image credit: Shutterstock)One more thing: While it's fine to complain to Amazon on Twitter, the company discourages sharing order information on the social network and typically directs users to its customer service page.

I had an Amazon Prime package arrive 2 days late just last week. So I did what I usually do and hit up Amazon live chat to let them know that they didn’t hold up their end of the Prime shipping guarantee.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Amazon rep immediately offered me a $5 credit to my account. But when I asked the chat rep about getting 1-month of free Prime, in lieu of the $5 credit, I was told that this practice was discontinued last year.

Not sure if I triggered this because we order from Amazon often, or if this is standard practice if you seem unsatisfied with the $5 credit. In any case, the bottom-line is to try this trick the next time your package arrives late…you just might end up with a FREE $10 like I did.

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Ask the Reader: How often do your Amazon Prime packages arrive late? You’ve ordered something on Amazon and wait excitedly for your package to arrive.

If the status is delivered by your Amazon order was not received, you can select Track package to get more details. You can use this Tracking ID on the USPS or UPS website (depending on which was used) to get more details about the delivery.

If you select the See all updates link under the Delivered address, you’ll see a more detailed timeline of the delivery process for this package. Often, if the initial delivery attempt has failed, this detailed shipping update list will provide the date that the issue occurred and a brief reason for the failure.

If your Amazon order has been in a processing status for a long time and not delivered, there could be several reasons. This shouldn’t be a surprise since when you place your order, since the estimated arrival date appears just under the price.

Amazon Is Prioritizing Certain Items In times of national crisis where Amazon ’s delivery services are stretched thin, you may notice that your orders stay in “Pending” status longer than expected. This was the case during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, when Amazon experienced a dramatic increase in online shopping orders.

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For example hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages, and ice storms can all impact the ability of delivery services to bring packages to your doorstep. Amazon recommends estimating an increase of 2 to 3 business days if you live in an area expecting these kinds of service delays.

You should see this new delivery date on your order status page if this is the case. If your Amazon order status states “Delivered” but you haven’t received the package, there could be a number of legitimate reasons for this.

Items can be returned to Amazon as undeliverable under the following circumstances. Insecure Location : Your house or apartment isn’t a safe place to leave a package, either facing threat of weather or a hidden location where the package is easy to steal.

Transportation Problems : Sorting issues or label damage could cause the delivery to fail. In these situations, the package will be delivered to Amazon and you’d be issued a refund.

You may also find some additional customer service links to contact the seller. However, this will only work if the status doesn’t show Delivered, and if the item hasn’t already been shipped by the seller.


Amazon staff handles packing and shipping the item to you. This also means that the shipments are guaranteed by Amazon to be delivered on the date listed on the order page.

It also means Amazon Prime customers can get free shipping. If you see this status, then all of Amazon ’s delivery guarantees and protections apply to the order.

If either of these aren’t the case, you can report the issue to Amazon and get a refund. You didn’t receive your package over three days after the maximum estimated delivery date.

You returned the item but the seller didn’t send you a refund. Under this guarantee, you have 90 days after the maximum estimated delivery date to request your refund.

What this means is that so long as the item was fulfilled by Amazon, you can always trust that you’ll be protected. Note : Digital products aren’t covered under this guarantee so use special caution and buy directly from Amazon when purchasing electronics.

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Keep in mind that if Amazon missed the delivery because of a natural disaster or some other event out of Amazon ’s control, the Guaranteed Delivery fee refund doesn’t apply. To get a refund, visit the Amazon Contact Us page and click Start chatting now.

If you only give it a passing thought, you might figure that Amazon is trying to take advantage of the under promise/over deliver psychology tendency that often causes satisfaction. If the expected delivery date is March 29th and you receive the good on the 23rd, you might send warm thoughts to the delivery company because it arrived early.

While this psychological phenomenon does exist, there is also a legal angle that explains why Amazon grants itself this leeway. Your obligations and potential entitlements, depend on whether the goods arrived at the time you expected or before.

Most people do not know this, but if you purchase an item that arrives defective, you have to give the company a “reasonable opportunity” to cure the issue before the expected date. Say you order a giant Easter Bunny today that is scheduled for delivery by March 29th.

Now, of course, some companies can voluntarily establish a higher standard and offer refunds (within 30 days, usually) for all items no questions asked, but this is a competitive policy used to lure customers rather than the legal baseline that otherwise exists. If it arrives at or after the expected date, then you can get a refund because it is defective or keep the good and demand that you receive payment for the damages done.


The most notable exception to these general rules involves car purchases and what is called “the shaken faith doctrine.” If you buy a car on eBay Auto and it arrives ahead of time with transmission trouble, you are entitled to demand a refund or call off the sale without being forced to give the seller a reasonable opportunity to repair. As a matter of marketing, Amazon does a persuasive job advertising on its website that over 90% of orders are delivered ahead of schedule.

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