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Do Amazon Own Deliveroo

Christina Perez
• Wednesday, 23 December, 2020
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The amount of capital invested in Deliveroo since it was founded in 2013 now totals more than $1.5bn, and the firm is one of Europe's fastest growing technology companies. They've got the money behind them to do that,” Louise Dudley, fund manager at investment firm Hermes, told the BBC's Today program.

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Deliveroo now operates in more than 100 towns and cities across the UK, but has a much smaller share of the market than rival Just Eat which dominates the food delivery sector. Just Eat's shares fell 8% in early trading, but analysts at Liberal said that despite the extra funding, Deliveroo was unlikely to become a serious competitor.

“Just Eat's market leading position will be incredibly difficult to overcome, especially given its strength in smaller towns. “In the UK, it has an estimated 3-4 times greater share than Uber Eats and Deliveroo combined and, crucially, 60%+ of its customers are in small towns where it is effectively the only option for restaurants and where the Uber Eats/ Deliveroo model just doesn't work because of the economics,” Liberal said.

In the firm's early days, Mr SHU delivered all the food himself on a motorbike, while Greg Orlons, his co-founder who has since left the business, developed the booking technology from his home in the US. Mr SHU still claims to get on his bike once a week to deliver an order to customers in London, as a way of staying in touch with riders.

As well as the UK, Deliveroo now operates in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan. Last year, a group of 50 UK Deliveroo couriers won a six-figure payout after claiming they had been unlawfully denied holiday and minimum wages.

Will SHU, the founder and chief executive of Deliveroo, said the investment would result in the creation of more jobs in all the countries in which it operates. Deliveroo is also likely to invest the money in new formats, such as the combined delivery kitchen and food market that opened in Hong Kong in December.

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The news of Amazon ’s entrance into the food delivery market hurt rivals, with Just Eat the biggest fallen on the FTSE 100 on Friday, down almost 10%. “Will and his team have built an innovative technology and service,” Amazon ’s UK country manager, Doug Guru, said.

“We’re impressed with Deliveroo ’s approach and their dedication to providing customers with an ever-increasing selection of great restaurants along with convenient delivery options.” Faith Half, an analyst at Hargreaves Landon said: “With $575m fresh cash to burn through, that means there’s no immediate need for the company to go to public markets for funding for a while.

“It may decide an initial public offering would be a good idea for other reasons, for instance if existing shareholders want to exit or redeploy their investment elsewhere. Deliveroo operates in more than 500 towns and cities across 14 markets, including the UK, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

The businesses offer rapid food delivery from established restaurants and takeaways which is ordered on a mobile phone accredit: Nick Anselm /PA Follow Amazon has made a major investment in British online restaurant delivery company Deliveroo, as it eyes a larger slice of the food and grocery market.

It comes in the wake of Amazon pulling back on its own restaurant delivery business in the UK, and closing the London arm of it's the service in December last year. However, even as it made a reversal on the restaurant delivery service, Amazon is still making major pushes into food and grocery, with its “Go” stores expected to be launching in the UK in the coming years.


Speaking about the round on Friday, Deliveroo boss Will SHU said Amazon had “been an inspiration to me personally and to the company, and we look forward to working with such a customer-obsessed organization”. “The curse of Amazon strikes again,” said Russ Mold, investment director at brokerage firm AJ Bell.

“The online giant is now so dominant the mere mention of its entry into a new industry can leave incumbent companies and their shareholders quaking with fear.” Mold says the technology titan could be looking to compete with food delivery services by buying into an established player like Deliveroo.

The London-based firm said it would use the funding to grow its engineering team in the U.K. capital and expand its reach to offer its service to new customers. “Given its financial firepower it is little wonder that Amazon effectively parking its tanks on Just Eat's lawn is spooking investors,” Mold said.

“This is a clear shot across the bow at Uber,” said Dan Ives, managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities as CEO Jeff Bezos and his company “realize they need to aggressively play defensive and offensive on the food delivery front.” “We don't know how much of the $575 million of funding Amazon contributed, but considering it's got $23 billion of cash on its balance sheet, this won't break the Bezos piggyback,” he said in a note.

Alarm bells should be ringing for casual dining restaurants, large and small, because an unstoppable wave of disruption is coming. Amazon has switched sides, from competing against, to investing hundreds of millions in U.K. scale-up Deliveroo, to help it achieve its radical goals.

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Among the aims are to normalize high quality take-out food... To make your home kitchen redundant. It is the first French cooking site of ... the British ready meals' delivery company Deliveroo, which has already opened 74 Editions on different continents.

Getty Images Incumbent restaurants don’t need to be reminded of their high fixed costs, particularly the rent, creditors, and headcount. It was for this reason that so many initially welcomed in Deliveroo to help augment their sales and maximize kitchen productivity.

Restaurant “partners” could well become servants to their new marketplace friends, if Deliveroo expand production independently, and find aggressive new ways to cut prices through vertical integration. The original business model innovation was to treat thousands of restaurants as a de facto wholesale network.

Operationally, running a hybrid model (eat-in and take-away) is hard for many restaurants, so a delivery partnership makes sense. Deliveroo solved this problem, by farming out delivery to a network of freelancers, paid on commission.

Freelancers can cover many restaurants simultaneously, and can flex their hours around anticipated demand, at their own risk. The 18-year-old jumps on ... his bike as an order comes in, mindful that he is paid not by the hour, but by the number of deliveries he makes.

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AFP/Getty ImagesThis controversial gig economy model costs Deliveroo and Uber much less than hiring staff. It rewards productive people, reduces risk and capital costs for Deliveroo, and the “virtual fleet” can service restaurants relatively cost-effectively.

The scalability of this business model is infinitely greater than launching their own (conventional) restaurants, and indeed, hiring their own drivers. After just 6 years, they now sell food from 80,000 restaurants to over 6 million customers, reaching an estimated Enterprise Value of $4 billion.

They will use it to fund aggressive growth, while changing the nature of the business, to find more customers and encourage daily purchases. Together they will pursue a second generation business model that may remind readers of Amazon for its industrial efficiency.

Deliveroo now plan to increase the supply of these virtual restaurants internationally, using ultra-low-cost prefabricated “Too Boxes,” and by converting low-cost spaces into delivery hubs. A single operation can ship over 2,000 dishes per day; an exponential increase in throughput compared to a hybrid restaurant supplier.

This is the kind of macro thinking that attracts Venture Investors to back you through Series G funding, while your business is hemorrhaging cash. We can anticipate thousands of branded “cloud kitchens” to launch in major cities over the next 24 months, selling the same class of food as restaurants, at a lower cost.

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We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the market; a Blue Ocean business model innovation going mainstream. When it was announced in May, the deal sent shock waves through the burgeoning and fiercely competitive food delivery sector, as investors anticipated Amazon using its financial muscle to take business from rivals.

However, it continues to run its Amazon Fresh service, which delivers groceries to customers, and the company has spent millions worldwide on logistics technology that could give it an edge over competitors. Deliveroo, founded in London by the former investment banker Will SHU, made a loss of £232m last year despite a 72% rise in sales as it doubled the number of towns and cities in which it operates.

Amazon Restaurants initially launched in Seattle back in 2015, before expanding to as many as 20 cities in the US and internationally to London. In its statement, Amazon said that the “small number of employees affected by this decision have already found new roles at Amazon, and others will be provided personalized support to find a new role within, or outside, the company.” The company also confirmed it’s shuttering its workplace lunch delivery service, Daily Dish, on June 14th.

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