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Do Amazon Match Prices

Daniel Brown
• Friday, 16 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Best Buy started doing it with great success (They often price match against Amazon). Since Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, I figured there would have to be a way to get them to price match products.

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Amazon officially does not have a price matching policy, in fact they say they don’t do it. I have used the method described below successfully a few times, but it doesn’t always work.

I specifically left this tip out of my 5 little known ways to save at Amazon .com because I figured it would be a good post to describe how to actually do it. Come to find out, that is exactly how you ask Amazon for a price match.

They specifically state they can’t price match on every request, but they try their best. Just as a note, like many retailers, they will most likely not price match on products from unknown stores.

This is why they give the disclaimer they can’t price match every request. Alright, I know you are here to learn how to get the elusive Amazon price match, so I am going to show you.

I used this method to score a little cheaper deal on my Moto G LTE. The price on Amazon at the time was $219.99, but I found it at another store (don’t remember where) for only $199.99.


Well, after doing some digging, I wanted to know if Amazon would match that price. When you get there, you will see information like product dimensions, shipping weight, average customer review, and Amazon bestsellers rank.

Below is an image of what the product details section looks like and the highlighted link you need to click to get Amazon ’s price match form. The first step is to tell Amazon if you found the new lower price at a store or online.

For myself, I clicked the Website (online) radio button. Once you click the radio button, it will come up with an appropriate form for you to fill in.

You will need the following information in order submit the Amazon price match form. I doubt they will match any prices from a few months ago.

When you are done filling out the form, you just hit the Submit Feedback button and it goes off into Amazon land. Amazon loves to be competitive, especially with other large retailers, so it can’t hurt to ask.


If they match the price, you have to wait to see if they lower it on the page. I have tried this price match submission on Amazon .com a few times since I found out about it.

Now, that might irritate you if you are an avid price match shopper. Either way, if you want an Amazon price match, you better just ask for it.

This article contains affiliate links for services and sites we trust or use. Your mileage may vary on how far you'll have to travel to get Amazon prices at a competitor as multiple exclusions can apply.

“Because it’s 2020 and life is unpredictable, if the price on one of these deals goes lower before Black Friday, My Best Buy customers will be automatically reimbursed the difference,” the company said. Several stores will suspend price matching policies closer to Thanksgiving and through Cyber Monday sales.

Another option is to look if your credit card offers price protection, which can be an easier way to snag bargains. However, NerdWallet recently wrote about how this is a perk that's harder to find with several cards no longer offering a refund when the price drops.


Target, for instance, notes competitor door busters and lightning sales are excluded. Unlike some major brick-and-mortar retailers, Amazon does not “price match on the items it sells.

Amazon's free shipping with a Prime membership and constantly fluctuating prices still make many products cheaper than those bought in stores or from other online retailers, even if Amazon's pricing can't be guaranteed as the cheapest. The notable thing about Amazon is that their prices are constantly changing for several reasons, and often for a consumer's benefit.

A 2018 report from Profited, an e-commerce analytics company, showed that Amazon's prices were on average “13% less expensive than other major online retailers in the US.” Even if you take the time to cross-reference product pricing at Amazon against, say, Target, Walmart, and Home Depot, Amazon may well drop the price of that baby monitor or camping stove you bought just ten minutes ago.

In the past, Amazon did offer a “price-protection” guarantee refunding you the difference between the price you paid for a product and a new lower rate, but it ended that policy in 2016. Nobody likes to pay more than they have to, whether it’s for everyday items or a treat that they’ve saved up for.

As we enter into 2019, many of us will be looking to spend the Amazon vouchers that we received for Christmas and will be hoping to find the best price possible. In recent years, there’s been some confusion whether Amazon offers price matching.


In the past, many people received Amazon price matching for a number of products by contacting Amazon ’s customer service team who, at their discretion, were able to refund the difference if a customer found a lower price for a product elsewhere. In 2016, however, Amazon updated its policy with an announcement that price matching would only be available for the purchase of televisions.

Shortly after this announcement, Amazon ’s customer service team advised that only televisions would be eligible for post-purchase price adjustments. In order to claim your refund, first, make sure that you apply within seven days of your purchase and that the lower price product you found is identical to the one that you bought.

In order to claim your refund, first, make sure that you apply within seven days of your purchase and that the lower price product you found is identical to the one that you bought. Click onto ‘Your Orders’ from the pull down menu to view a list of all of your recent purchases.

Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by Amazon ’s staff who will inform you whether you will receive a price- match refund. Enter your desired price into the appropriate box and then click onto ‘Start Tracking’ on the right-hand side.

Essential for Amazon sellers, these tools are also really useful for those who just like to make sure that they’re not paying over the odds for their purchases. The policy typically requires that you show a sales associate or manager a paper or digital ad in which a competitor has a lower advertised price; then you can get that price when checking out at the store’s register.


But price matching plus an extra 10% discount is still good enough to place Home Depot near the top of this list. Electronics store Fry’s also goes a bit above and beyond when a competitor has a lower price.

That offer extends 30 days from your purchase date, and Fry’s will also honor the refund difference if you see the item appear for less at a local Fry’s electronics store within those 30 days. Target recently expanded its price matching policy, and it wasn’t just for the holidays.

They’re all online retailers, but Target will price match with Amazon and even membership club sites like and The office supply chain Staples briefly dabbled in the policy of beating competitors’ lowest prices by 10%, but it was just a monthlong back-to-school promotion in fall 2015.

Staples’ normal price matching policy is back in effect, and it’s still pretty good. Staples will price match with Amazon, Sam’s Club, Walmart and nearly a dozen other national retailers.

The extended policy will also apply to competitors other than the internet retailer, of course, but Amazon has become the main threat when it comes to “show rooming,” a process where consumers visit physical stores to get a quick peek at products before ultimately placing an order online. The struggling electronics seller says its workers now have the leeway to match online retailers' lower prices when trying to close a sale.


The new policy signals a sharp shift for Best Buy, which hopes to undercut the main reason would-be customers go home empty-handed and order from Amazon instead. There's also some fine print: Price-matching is effective immediately but only runs through Dec. 24 and doesn't apply during Thanksgiving week or on Cyber Monday.

Best Buy also said in a statement that it's “giving our front line employees the opportunity to match a competitor’s price when it makes sense.” In other words, if Crazy Eddie decides to sell a flat screen TV for $5 on his website, Best Buy isn't going to go broke trying to match it.

If lowering their prices were simple, Best Buy would have done so long ago to stop the bleeding inflicted by Amazon's relentless ability to undersell. Analysts estimate that the overhead costs of maintaining a physical store add 10 percent to prices versus online sellers.

Best Buy has been mocked in the past for anti-showrooming tactics like using its own barcodes to block comparison shopping using Amazon's price-scanning app.

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