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Do Amazon Lockers Get Delivered First

Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Learn more about Amazon Hub Locker eligible items here. If your item is eligible to be returned to a Locker, you will see Amazon Hub Locker as a Drop-off option during the returns process on Amazon .com.


Learn more about hosting an Amazon Hub Locker here. Or maybe you want to surprise a friend with a last-second birthday gift and don't have the time to run home when it arrives.

With locations in over 900 cities and towns in the U.S. including convenience stores, local groceries, apartment buildings and Whole Foods Market, you can now pick up packages at a time and place that’s convenient for you. It's a safe bet that there's one (or more) Locker located near your home, office or school.

If you live in an apartment building with small mailboxes and no doorman, you probably aren't so excited about your package hanging out in a lobby or a hallway by your door all day. Even if you live in a house, porch thieves may strike while you're away.

If this is a concern in your neighborhood, lockers will give you peace of mind for every delivery. If you want to make a return, you can drop it off at a Locker regardless of where it was originally delivered.

She works as a branding copywriter for a wide variety of companies from her home office in Seattle. AmazonLockers are secure sites where shoppers can ship their Prime packages and pick them up at their own convenience by entering a code.

If you have an Amazon order arriving on a day you’re out of town or you know you won’t be home, shipping it to a Locker will give you peace of mind. TIP: If your packages tend to arrive late in the day, consider that you may be able to receive a shipment sooner if you send it to a Locker.

There are a few things that might make some items ineligible for shipping to an Amazon Locker. But as long as it’s not insanely valuable jewelry (can’t exceed $5,000 in value) or hazardous materials, you should be fine.

You can’t receive your Subscribe & Save items at an Amazon Locker (bummer! AmazonLockers work best with any random shipments you won’t be home to receive.

Show preshow less Loading... The membership service -- which gives users access to free two-day shipping, music, movies and other perks -- has over 100 million subscribers.

Although the service launched in 2005, Amazon (AMZN) didn't aggressively start stepping up its offerings until years later. February 2011: Prime members are given access to over 5,000 movies and TV shows without ads for free.

Members can order non-perishable items, such as dish soap and paper towels, in one box for a flat fee of $5.99. The online shopping event featured deals only for Prime Members and drew comparisons to Black Friday.

October 2016: Amazon introduces Prime Reading, which offers unlimited access to a rotating selection of over 1,000 books, Audible narrations and magazines. December 2016: Amazon adds a Prime membership option for $10.99 per month for those who don't want to commit to a full year.

July 2017: The tech giant reports record sales for its third annual Prime Day, topping its numbers for previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping periods. October 2017: The company unveils Amazon Key, a service for Prime members that lets delivery drivers into homes to drop off packages.

Users have to buy a kit ($249.99) with an Amazon security camera and a compatible smart lock. April 2018: Amazon launches a new service in 37 US cities that delivers packages to the trunks of cars for free if you're a Prime member.

But look at Next door message boards and neighborhood community groups, and you'll find occurrences and warnings about package snatchers. Based on search volume and U.S. Census estimates, tech hubs San Francisco and Seattle topped the list, while Indianapolis landed in the middle.

The company says that this is only a fraction of victims of package theft, as it only represents the people who search the term on Google. “It’s that time of the season,” said Lt. Joe Nickel of the Carmel Police Department.

UPS spokeswoman Dawn Osaka said the rate of incidents involving UPS has remained pretty flat over the last few years, and that “media attention has increased due to expanded use of video surveillance technology available to consumers,” she said. A recent video from YouTuber Mark Robert has gone viral, showing a complex “glitter bomb trap” he created to prank package thieves.

Amazon even sold a reinforced ballistic Porch Pirate Bag that locks to the front door handle. If package theft is a problem in your area, investing in a security camera might be a good idea.

Stoops said the popularity of security cameras is growing, and having video or photographs of the possible suspects is helpful in an investigation. Check if the retailer offers this as an option, and pick up your package at your own convenience.

Check if there was an attempted delivery notice, which means the package is still in the hands of the shipping carrier. If you still have no luck, locate the tracking number on the shipping confirmation email or on the website.

Amazon asks customers to wait 36 hours after the expected delivery in case it turns up. Local police departments recommend filing theft reports as well.

He said even if the items are replaced by the retailer, the police department still wants “to know about it in case we need to reallocate officers and concentrate them in certain areas.” Look behind and under objects, check with neighbors, your apartment office, and previous addresses for your package.

Our first -rate delivery experience brings smiles to our customers' doorsteps. We're increasing the speed of our delivery, so we can get any product to any customer, anywhere, anytime. Join us today.

Grow your business We have everything to get you started, including volume, tools, and flexibility. Recruit and retain solid drivers that enable the success of your operation.

Simply choose the cities where you’d like to deliver and submit information for a background check. Pick up Drivers load the parcels at a regional location.

Drive Amazon's routing technology helps drivers navigate efficiently. Amazon's innovative technology simplifies the entire delivery experience.

We will give you access to tools to help you get started and manage your business. These tools assist with planning, daily operations, routing guidance, and customer service.

Delivery providers are local companies that Amazon uses to deliver packages from a central location to our customer's door. We are currently operating in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Manchester, and Nottingham, and we're expanding to more cities soon.

Delivery opportunities occur throughout the day, including both early in the morning and late in the evening. The application process should take no more than ten minutes.

After you set up an Amazon business account, you’ll be asked to do the following tasks: validate that you own the email address connected to your account•Acknowledge that your company can fulfill our program requirements•Read and agree to the Delivery Provider Terms of Service provide your company information for a background check After your background check info is submitted, we’ll get back to you within 7 days.

Yes, most service areas will include both commercial and residential addresses. Currently, we request all vehicles be no more than 4 years old, less than 3.5 tonne (AVW), and have a minimum load capacity of 5M cubic.

The program is open to single driver owner-operators as well as larger companies. For any routes that do require uniforms, you may be entitled to receive a brand promotion fee.

All routes are dynamically planned and the number of deliveries may vary by service, area, and pickup location. Delivery providers also need to have their own safety and driver training programs in place.

Delivery providers have drivers who are independent contractors with their company. Delivery providers and their personnel do not have authority to bind Amazon or any of its affiliates to any agreement or obligation.

How does a delivery provider increase business in its service area? Business is awarded based on experience, performance, and rates.

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