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Do Amazon Lockers Cost Money

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
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Or maybe you want to surprise a friend with a last-second birthday gift and don't have the time to run home when it arrives. With locations in over 900 cities and towns in the U.S. including convenience stores, local groceries, apartment buildings and Whole Foods Market, you can now pick up packages at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

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There is no additional cost to use an Amazon Locker You'll see all available options for your order during checkout. If you live in an apartment building with small mailboxes and no doorman, you probably aren't so excited about your package hanging out in a lobby or a hallway by your door all day.

Even if you live in a house, porch thieves may strike while you're away. If this is a concern in your neighborhood, lockers will give you peace of mind for every delivery.

If you want to make a return, you can drop it off at a Locker regardless of where it was originally delivered. She works as a branding copywriter for a wide variety of companies from her home office in Seattle.

Amazon Hub is a worldwide network of pickup and return locations. The program enables any business with a physical location to offer secure package pickup and returns to Amazon customers, and in-turn reap benefits from the potential increase in foot traffic and sales at their location.

They offer a contact-less experience to customers, an ideal way to address the “new normal.” If you have underutilized space at your location, either inside the store or outside, let’s put it to work. By making it convenient for customers to pick up their online orders at your store and offering them an additional solution, you demonstrate the kind of service that drives loyalty.

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Drive additional revenue opportunities from higher customer traffic and in-store advertising. Customers who come to your business for Amazon Hub will find it highly convenient to purchase your products along with their pickup.

From large enterprises to small-and-medium businesses, we partner with organizations of all sizes and industries across nine countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Australia. Lockers on the other hand offer customers a completely self-service pickup experience where they won’t need assistance from partners.

Customers use alternative pickup locations for a variety of reasons, but it’s mainly driven by convenience. Customers tell us they want options, whether it’s a pickup point close to them, in a location that is part of their daily commute, or in a store that has extended opening hours.

And the company plans to roll out even more lockers to a number of Whole Foods locations (which isn’t a astounding outcome of Amazon ’s acquisition of the upscale grocer). One-day delivery to my house would cost an extra $7, but if I didn’t mind picking up the package from a nearby kiosk, I could save a few bucks.

Amazon shipping times tend to change based on the time of day you place the order and the item you’re ordering, so it’s hard to say consistently which option is best. It’s worth pointing out that, according to Amazon, the Locker costs the same as regular Prime shipping.

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Amazon doesn’t offer any discounts for using Locker, but some locations may be closer to Amazon shopping centers, or just easier to deliver to, which can reduce your shipping time. So, to be clear, Amazon isn’t explicitly giving any benefits or discounts for using Locker, but depending on where you live and what you need delivered, it might just work out that way.

When your package is ready at the Locker, you’ll get an email with a barcode (or in some cases, a link to generate a code when you’re at the store). This code corresponds to a specific lock box on a wall of lockers.

There’s no need to fumble around searching for the right lock box or memorizing long codes. The wall of lockers resembles the kind you’d see at a theme park to store your purse before a ride, but they’re nowhere near as inconvenient or buggy.

Enter the code on the locker station screen and a door will open. Most of the time, it’s still easier to send stuff directly to my house, especially if I don’t care when it arrives.

However, every once in a while, when I need a package delivered promptly, I’ve found that Amazon Locker is more convenient. It’s also nice if you shop at Whole Foods or at a store near a Locker location and can pick up your stuff while you run your normal errands.

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I never thought I’d prefer leaving the house just to pick up a package, but somehow Amazon ’s managed to make it a worthwhile option under the right circumstances. His work has also appeared in The New York Times, CMA, The Daily Beast, Geek and Sundry, and The Inventory.

Read Full Bio The above article may contain affiliate links, which help support Review Geek. The introduction of AmazonLockers in 2011 was designed to address several pain points the company was facing when delivering packages to its customers.

And hosting the lockers has become a great opportunity for small businesses to drive foot traffic to their stores. When you order an item from Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), you can choose to have the package delivered to a locker nearest to you.

When the package arrives at the designated locker, you will receive a digital code via text or email to go pick it up. In the case of 7-Eleven, when a customer comes to pick up a package, they might also get drinks, snacks and other items.

This is important to point out because many small businesses have similar setups with public spaces. Convenience stores, coffee shops, gas stations and apartment complexes are some examples.

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The questions include whether you are the owner of the property, what type of location it is (drug store, gas station, etc. The submissions are reviewed bi-weekly, and if the location is suitable, the company will move the process forward.

As a small business owner, you have to determine how much of the foot traffic is actually generating income. If it is more than what you could earn with added products or services in the space the lockers take up, it might be a great option for you.

Amazon Locker is a delivery and returns service that allows Prime members (or anyone willing to pay) to send their packages to secure, self-service kiosks. Items must meet a specific size and weight criteria to be eligible for delivery to an Amazon Locker.

Rather than check in with a clerk, you simply go up to the bay of lockers, find yours, enter the code, and take your product. Amazon Prime users can have items sent to their locker with free two-day shipping while normal customers have to pay the standard rate.

If you live in Nampa, Indiana, for example, you’d have to drive to Boise, Idaho, to pick up your package. Obviously, this issue will improve as the service spreads, but how much mileage you’ll get out of AmazonLockers wildly depends on your location.

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Amazon Locker is a perfect example of the company’s incredible, and occasionally terrifying, ability to see a need and fill it, often at the expense of traditional jobs. This automation is ideal for busy people who don’t have time to waste, but for every little change that makes our lives easier, Amazon ’s power is consolidated a little more.

Does it sound hysterical to worry about a day when Amazon buys FedEx or controls the mail? Lockers are ideal for people who live in apartment buildings without a mail room or houses with sketchy neighbors.

Even secure neighborhoods often fall prey to opportunistic thieves who see a box on the front stoop and help themselves. Sometimes you need to get an expensive or important package delivered, only to have FedExed not show up during the hours they said they would or, worse, say they knocked when they didn’t.

Rather than relinquish your day to the whims of an underpaid delivery person, AmazonLockers let you ensure you’ll be able to pick up your package when you need it. A longtime cord-cutter and early adopter, he's an expert on streaming services (Hulu with Live TV), devices (Roku, Amazon Fire), and anime.

If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet, wait to do so until about a month before Christmas. If you have an Amazon order arriving on a day you’re out of town or you know you won’t be home, shipping it to a Locker will give you peace of mind.

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TIP: If your packages tend to arrive late in the day, consider that you may be able to receive a shipment sooner if you send it to a Locker. There are a few things that might make some items ineligible for shipping to an Amazon Locker.

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