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Do Amazon Jobs Have Benefits

Brent Mccoy
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 10 min read

Dec 7, 2020ramp back period after maternity leave, can work part-time Dec 6, 2020Current Yard Marshal in Los Angeles, California great benefits, medical, health 401k, retirement and bonuses.

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Dec 3, 2020Current Package Handler in Copper, Texas Amazon offers a good benefits package to all its employees and that's what makes the company thriving as it stands to be the Number one internet giant when it comes to retail. Dec 3, 2020For being a minimum wage warehouse worker the benefits seem pretty good.

US UK Canada United Arab Emirates Australia Bahrain Brazil China Cameroon Colombia Costa Rica Dominican Republic Egypt Ireland Ethiopia Czech Republic France Georgia Germany Hong Kong Indonesia India Israel Italy Japan Jordan South Korea Slovakia Luxembourg Morocco Mexico Malaysia Netherlands Norway New Zealand Pakistan Poland Romania Philippines South Africa Singapore Somalia Spain Switzerland Tunisia Turkey Taiwan Venezuela Plus, they will let you use the full $1500 immediately, not a little at a time, which is comforting knowing it's all paid so no worries ever on ER visits or urgent care or any possible medical care whatsoever.

Free nurse hotline, resources for attorneys or drug /alcohol advice, mental health care, they DO hire fella, they do drug test you prior to hiring. Amazon has a couple large cafeterias, lotion dispensers free hair ties.

All cell phones never allowed through our security checkpoint. They have free sanitizer dispensers everywhere, always have prior to COVID-19 as well. It is extremely fast-paced, you have to hit certain numbers hourly.

I think its around 3 weeks or real close to it. And some Major holidays are paid. Pay starts at 15 an hour but if you work night shifts you get extra pay. They have Many shifts to choose from. Day shifts are Mon, Tues,Thurs, grid or Sunday-Wed or Wed-Sat or Sat and Sunday only.

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It's easy in my opinion and I like busy fast-paced work. I love that I have amazing benefits that even make my doctors say WOW.

We also have 60 days worth of physical therapy and I believe around 15-20 days for acupuncture, massage therapy and Chiropractor visits as well. We have a medical office in every warehouse to help keep you safe, any accidents or ice wraps, bio freeze and basic care for the employees.

We have contests, win t-shirts and get a free one every year for peak season, which is October-December. Amazon really gives us a lot of perks and amazing benefits.

Some younger generations who haven't been working long, always want more and always think they deserve more. I love a stress-free job, easy busy work.

So after 30 days you can apply for a different department and position or schedule. This is a fantastic job to travel with and work at new buildings or new areas.

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And you can learn many departments and grow to upper management or HR or whatever you want really, especially if you have a degree. If you look at all the benefits you will see just how much Amazon gives its employees. You are in control of time, your schedule and departments.

Please note that all of this content is user-generated and its accuracy is not guaranteed by Indeed or this company. The job they give me is already set to be within close range of each other.

Was this review helpful? Once you’ve done about 3 weeks of work and you get into it, it’s fairly easy and fast pace. But the pay should easily be +$18 with the hard work and dangerous areas we travel to.

Was this review helpful? Overall it's not bad, but you Mohave to use your car as a Flex driver. They don't reimburse you for gas and you have to pay taxes from the measly 54 dollars you get paid to deliver for 3 hours.

The routes are long overloaded, tips are rare Was this review helpful? Find something else Long Hershey think you can see in the dark Basically commission because you won’t be paid after 8hrs Scanners don’t work most of the time.


It does not have a clear or set up process for an employee to follow. They will change your hours right after you complete your hiring paperwork.

Flexible schedule but only part-time or independent contractor positions. Not a good place to work if you have a family to support.

Was this review helpful? Straight forward job load truck, deliver packages can get busy depending on time of year and size of team. Working with Amazon can be hard at times, but it pays well.

Was this review helpful? Is Indeed your favorite place to learn about companies? Unless you live close to the warehouse facility and own your own van you will have no work/life balance and not make much money.

Beware of recruitment agencies who offer you a vehicle. You will rent it at £200 a week and if you damage it is any way the recruiting agency are so tight they don’t have insurance coverage so you will pay for the damage.

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You will be expected to deliver around 150 parcels a day which is impractical and if you don’t manage it someone will help you but it gets taken from your pay. Remember, working for yourself isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Very hard work 10 -12 hours a day 180 stop min 280 parcels rent van joke you are waiting for the return of the deposit 1 month and you don't know or you will get money joke if you count money by the hour 5,76 for an hour Was this review helpful? I just finished my first week here and I love it.

During peak times we were required to work an extra day a week, but overtime money was nice, especially during the holidays!! Pay & benefits My pay and benefits at Amazon .com The pat wasn’t bad, but the benefits were very limited because we were seasonal employees. Job security and advancement In terms of job security at Amazon .com, I think Job security was nil, they let go of all the seasonal drivers, subcontracted all the jobs to outside companies.

Overall it is a temporary position, revolving door, pay is decent compared to customer service jobs, but compared to volume of work versus UPS, FedEx and USPS you are definitely underpaid for the amount of work you do. They expect you to be out on your route by 2pm, and deliver 100+-200+ stops in areas that close by 5pm and it obviously gets dark within 4-6hrs and by 4hrs have to take mandatory break for 30min which only slows you down more.

On own away from supervisors, plenty of time to self, Have to be self-motivated and handle the solitude Was this review helpful? Work-life balanceWork-life balance at Amazon .com is manageable Pay & benefits My pay and benefits at Amazon .com are good Job security and advancement In terms of job security at Amazon .com, I think are food.


When working for Amazon, the leaders will provide you with great people, give you projects that are new and exciting. Jobs on Amazon also gives you a whole range of opportunities that are needed for growth.

According to LinkedIn, Amazon has topped the list leaving behind Google for the best place to work in the US. It is a US-based e-commerce and cloud computing organization located in Seattle, Washington, which was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994.

Let’s witness few reasons on What it’s really like to work at Amazon, according to their employees But later on, the company culture got better, as the organization took some strong steps after going through the reviews of their unhappy employees.

As a result, almost 74% of employees recommended their friend to work for Amazon. “They get the opportunity to work with extremely intelligent people”“They can work from home”“Get number of opportunity for them to develop their skills”“Receive competitive benefits and compensation”“Make their lives better both professionally and personally”“The company rewards performance without merit” There are many millennials out there who try very hard to get into the top companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, etc.

The main reason for it is that these big giants provide them with things they would actually like to have. According to a recent study done by SurveyMonkey, Millennial are primarily interested in opportunities for career growth,” Jon Cohen, chief research officer at SurveyMonkey, tells CNBC.

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The Amazon pay scale is good and above average as compared to other companies, it comes with several benefits and also gives you the freedom to move around. A second benefit of working for Amazon is that it is perfect for those who want to build new things.

Amazon workers who have worked there for more than 10 years have also had the opportunity to build different kinds of elaborate systems that have changed the whole look of the company. After all, the people here will give you the chance to build whatever you think is right for the company and help them change for the better.

They have to stop branding others who are pointing towards them the issues which most workers face. You may have to work for a bit longer and sometimes a little more than you are expected to but the benefits will always be plenty.

Amazon today is one of the most successful companies in the world because here you will be given the golden opportunity to learn. Here you will be given different assignments where you have to deal with difficult clients, an extra load of tasks and whatnot.

But the benefit out of doing such jobs is that you tend to become a stronger person in the work field and become more prone to success in the future. If you are a geek and want to work for a company that will give you assignments regularly, Amazon is the place to be.

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You can work for long hours that come with a very high level of commitment. If you can run away from the legacy technology, there will always be a lot of cool stuff that will be worked on and the people here are brilliant and passionate.

You will be expected to work both evenings and weekends at home and have your head on the job all the time. You will be expected to work for about 70 hours every week, including the weekends.

If you don’t do that and work only 50 hours per week, your manager will not be able to tell you much. If you really want to become clever like them, always remember that you need to pay more attention to their behavior and what they do during difficult situations.

Life on Amazon also lets you learn loads about politics. For those who have worked here before have always spoken about the benefits of technology and what they have gathered out of it in the past few years of their experience.

Not only has the company given them opportunities to shine but also let them learn about politics and diplomacy. Once you have left a large company, you will be able to use the skills when you want, get more contacts, have more clients and buy those things which will renew the support contracts.

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Working for a big company like Amazon means becoming a part of a huge community! There are huge companies like Amazon that do not move at such places which mean you will have enough time to think and reflect.

The company in that way will be able to avoid wasting millions of money and secure themselves financially. Finally, if you want to learn a lot of things, Amazon is the place to be in.

Plus a company like Amazon has all the resourceful people you will love to meet. They will guide you throughout your journey on Amazon and help you work on the technical skills too.

Working for Amazon will always give you these huge health care benefits. The associates here can earn as well as take vacations now and then for their well-being, provided they perform well at work.

The associates that are non-seasonal tend to work for more than 20 hours per week and can accrue vacation during the everyday period. Amazon place will also provide the non-seasonal associates who are expected to spend more than 20 hours a week along with the personal time that is fully paid for.

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Amazon ’s job benefits also include providing relocation assistance but only for a few positions. Some benefits that fall under relocation assistance also include packing and moving all the personal commodities.

There will be rental tours as well to help and assist you when it comes to finding a proper residence. Whether it is parking, maid service or utilities, Amazon always helps you in these cases.

If you have read the post thoroughly, you will know that Amazon is not suitable for all kinds of people. If you are hard-working, consistent and willing to work 70 hours a week, this job is ideal for you.

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