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Do Amazon Iphone Chargers Work

David Lawrence
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
• 8 min read

FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon iPhones have long supported faster charging with a 12W iPad adapter, and Apple improved on that by introducing fast charging via USB Power Delivery (PD) with the release of the iPhone 8 in 2017.

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With USB Power Delivery, newer iPhones can theoretically support charging up to 22W. But considering Apple isn't including a power adapter with the iPhone 12, you'll need to either use an old (and potentially slow) power brick you have sitting around or pick up a new one, and it's important to make sure your new adapter supports the fastest charging speeds possible.

When multiple ports come into the mix, it’s important to understand the total power output for the adapter. If you're looking for a fast iPhone charger that's just a little larger than the old school 5W Apple power adapter, the Anger Power Port Atom PD 1 is the perfect choice.

This tiny adapter packs a serious 30W punch and is powerful enough to charge everything from your iPhone to the new MacBook Air M1. Anger's Gas-powered charger adds about 50% battery life to most iPhones in a half hour.

Like most of the products on this list, it ships without any cables, so you’ll want to pick up a USB-C–to-Lightning cord to get the fastest iPhone charge. Aura's Swift 18W PD Charger is a simple and inexpensive power adapter that delivers big results.

The extra wattage means it can easily do double duty, charging both your iPhone and iPad. Like its less expensive sibling, it features a stylish design and a folding plug for easy travel.

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The Boost Up Charge Pro is just the right size to easily fit into your backpack or luggage without taking up too much room. Like all Welkin products, the Boost Up Charge Pro has advanced components to protect against spikes in voltage and current.

If you do run into problems, Welkin offers an extended three-year product warranty as well as $2,500 for accidental damages to devices plugged into the charger. Native Union’s Smart Charger PD is ideal for travelers, thanks to included EU, UK, and US adapters.

Best for Small Spaces: Manpower PD Pioneer 30W An Tech USB-C Wall Charger At 1.6 by 1.6 by 1.1 inches (Had), the Manpower PD Pioneer is the smallest 30W charger on the market.

It offers more than enough power to quickly charge your iPhone, and it can even handle your iPad or MacBook. It ships without any accessories, so you’ll need to pick up a good USB-C-to-Lightning cable to get the fastest iPhone charging speeds.

If your nightstand is cluttered with cables for your AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone, it's time to streamline your power routine with a wireless charging pad. We've assembled a list of our favorite wireless charging stations for Apple products, with phone-only and multi-device options in a range of prices.

iPhones use slightly different wireless charging to Android devices, so it’s crucial that you look for PD (Power Delivery) if fast charging matters to you as that’s the one Apple’s iPhones use. Most wireless iPhone chargers deliver 5W or 7.5W and work through most iPhone cases.

Whether you’re a road warrior or a box set singer, these chargers, cables and pads are the best ways to keep your iPhone powered up. For fast charging (iPhone 8 onwards) you’ll need 18W or more and USB-C, not the older, more common USB-A.

It's a fast charger so it's a worthwhile investment compared to simply using the charging cable, but you'll begrudge the fact you need to pay the extra. It has that clean minimalist design that works so well for Apple devices, and it's as simple to use it as it comes.

Apple recommends this charger for the iPad Pro and iPhone 8 or later, all of which support fast charging; despite this, Apple didn’t provide a fast charger with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR or the non-Pro I Phone 11, so this is a purchase you’re going to make while pulling a pretty sour face. The difference between the 18W charger and the ancient 5W one is dramatic: with the former you can get about 50% charge from flat in half an hour, but the latter takes about six years.

(Image credit: Anger) SpecificationsReasons to buy +Very powerful+Two-port version available+Smaller than Apple equivalent It comes in two flavors, a single-port one and one with a second USB-A port; while they both have the same usual selling price, at the time of writing the single-port one is being heavily discounted on Amazon.

Like many such chargers it’s dual voltage so you can take it with you on holiday to charge your iPhone, your Kindle, your camera, your Apple Watch and anything else that needs topping up. It works with high-powered chargers including Apple’s ones and is lab-tested to withstand 30,000 bends, which means it should last thirty times longer than lesser cables.

Anger is so confident that it offers a lifetime warranty: this cable should last much longer than any of your iPhones or iPads. The question here is whether you want the increased strength of the braided Power line Plus II, which is only a little more expensive.

It’s long enough to stretch from a wall socket to the sofa or from your in-car charger to the kids’ iPad in the back seat. Nylon braiding means it doesn’t tangle easily, and the sleeves at the joint between the cable and the connector prevent the bending that can lead to dangerous fraying.

The colors range from utilitarian gray to hard-to-lose red and rose gold. Our only niggle is that the lightning end feels a little looser than Apple’s own cable, especially in our iPad.

It's not as durable as some other options here with the cable prone to eventually fraying unless you're very careful but you have the guarantee of compatibility thanks to this being made exclusively for Apple devices. The cable works with iPhones, iPads and iPods that have Lightning connectors so it's fairly flexible here.

You can also use it with numerous types of USB-C power adapters to gain fast-charging functionality. Reasons to avoid Here’s a handy one for people with gadgets of various vintages: a triple pack of 6-inch charging cables that covers preflighting iPhones, iPads and iPods, plus modern Lightning devices and non-Apple micro USB devices such as Kindles, console controllers and cameras.

Sometimes little things make a big difference: at 1.2 meters (4ft) compared to the more common 0.9 meter (3ft), Welkin’s Boost is a little longer than the average iPhone charging cable. It’s a typically high quality Welkin product, although personally we prefer braided cables to smooth ones.

Sophie has the answer, and while it’s hardly cheap it’s compact, stylish, easy to clean and particularly handy for commuters and travelers. It will chuck 7.5W of power at your iPhone and works through cases up to 3 mm thick, while the Apple Watch connector is housed at an angle that’s ideal for Bedside Mode and the AirPods charging point doesn’t obscure your view of your Apple Watch’s face.

Unlike standard wireless charging pads you won’t need to buy or provide a separate wall charger, either. Reasons to avoid The Apple Magnate charger is designed with the iPhone 12 in mind, using the smartphone's magnets to align correctly and thereby ensuring you get the best possible charging speeds.

Instead, you clip the Magnate charger to the back of your phone but it's still far more convenient than plugging in a regular charging cable, plus it's faster. As always with official Apple products, expect to pay a bit of a premium for the convenience of properly aligned magnets.

(Image credit: Apple) SpecificationsReasons to buy +Very portable+Charges multiple devices If you want a highly stylish wireless charger that also happens to charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, the Magnate Duo looks gorgeous.

It's not as fast as other wireless chargers because it only offers up to 11W when hooked up to a (not included) 27W wall adapter, however that won't be an issue if your focus is overnight charging. Where the Magnate Duo does stand out is in its ability to be folded in half and easily deposited in your pocket for safe keeping.

You won't have trouble finding room for this device when it's not in use, and it's ideal for regular travel. Just bear in mind that you're paying the Apple premium for good looks and a practical design.

(Image credit: Anger) Wireless charging at solid speeds For example, a typical 10W wireless charger will deliver that power to Android but drop to 7.5W or even 5W for an iPhone.

SpecificationsReasons to buy +Very powerful for a car charger+USB-C for fast charging iPhones+USB-A for older devices Many car chargers deliver tiny amounts of power, and that’s a problem if you want to charge something hungry such as an iPad, or if you need to recharge a flat iPhone in a hurry.

Anger’s Power Drive PD solves that problem: it’s a 30W charger with a fast USB-C port as well as a USB-A port for older devices and devices that don’t support fast charging. That means you can charge your iPad while topping up your iPhone, or just recharge something big like your laptop.

It’s a good option for running older devices or for maintaining the charge you already have, so for example you could use it to power your phone when you use it as a sat-nav: no matter how far your destination, you’ll still have a fully-charged iPhone when you get there.

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