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Do Amazon Have Their Own Planes

Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 13 December, 2020
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Until January 2021, the operation leased all of its aircraft from other cargo airlines. In 2017, it changed its name from Amazon Prime Air to Amazon Air to differentiate themselves from their eponymous drone delivery service.

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However, the Prime Air logo remains on the aircraft. In late 2015, Amazon began trial cargo runs out of Wilmington Air Park under the code name Project Wordsmith.

In December 2015, Amazon announced that it would begin its own cargo airline to expand its capability. In March 2016, Amazon acquired options to buy up to 19.9 percent of Air Transport International's stock and began scheduled operations with 20 Boeing 767 aircraft.

On January 31, 2017, Amazon announced that Amazon Air would make Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) its principal hub, and began operations on April 30, 2017. Amazon received $40 million in tax incentives and plans to begin construction on a 920-acre (370 ha) facility with a 3×10 ^ 6 sq ft (69-acre; 28 ha) sorting facility and parking space for over 100 cargo aircraft; the project is estimated to cost $1.5 billion.

Amazon has completed a new regional air hub at Fort Worth Alliance Airport (AFW) and does not airlift third-party packages. The new regional hub began operating on October 2, 2019.

For 2019 and 2020, Amazon has committed to leasing 10 additional 767-300 aircraft from Air Transport Services Group, which would bring active aircraft to a total of 50. Phase one of the CVG sort facility, encompassing 440 acres (180 ha) is scheduled for completion in 2020, while the remaining 479 acres (194 ha) will be developed by 2025–2027 during phase two.

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Amazon eventually plans to have over 100 aircraft based at CVG with over 200 daily flights and 15,000 employees. In July 2020, Amazon Air had secured up to six million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supplied by Shell Aviation and produced by World Energy.

In September 2020, Amazon committed to buy four aircraft under thereon operations. The four 767-300 aircraft were previously under the ownership of Wester, who purchased them from Qantas in 2015.

Hubs/Focus Cities Future Destinations Terminated Destinations An Amazon Air Boeing 767-300ER(BDS) operated by Air Transport International. As of October 2020, Amazon's fleet averages over 24 years old, one of the oldest amongst major competitors including Lufthansa Cargo (less than 11 years old) and UPS (20 years old). As of November 2020, Amazon's fleet consists of the following aircraft.

Amazon's Prime Air cargo jet fleet is bigger than ever and has a new name”. Amazon in talks to lease Boeing jets to launch its own air-cargo business”.

Amazon .com is negotiating to lease 20 Boeing 767 jets for its own air-delivery service, cargo-industry executives have told The Seattle Times. The online retail giant wants to build out its own cargo operations to avoid delays from carriers such as United Parcel Service, which have struggled to keep up with the rapid growth of e-commerce.

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“2nd Update: ASG, Amazon, strike deal at Wilmington Air Park”. In conjunction with the commercial agreements, ASG also has agreed to grant Amazon warrants to acquire, over a five-year period, up to 19.9 percent of ASG's common shares at $9.73 per share, based on the closing price of ASG common shares on Feb. 9, 2016.

Amazon latest: Company will lease office space at CVG”. Amazon will lease office space at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport while it shapes plans for its massive air cargo hub there.

Matt Begin, Amazon .com Inc. will build a $1.49 billion worldwide air services hub at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, airport officials said Tuesday. “Beyond Prime: Amazon Air gets a shorter name for Christmas, at least in the news”.

Even though “Prime” isn't included in Amazon's latest references to its cargo air fleet, it looks as the company is sticking to its custom of using prime numbers as the tail numbers for its planes. So it's a good thing there's an unlimited supply of primes.

Amazon Air expands with 10 more cargo aircraft, bringing fleet to 50 planes ". The planes are being leased from existing partner Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (ASG), which Amazon had previously tapped back in 2016 for 20 Boeing 767 freighter aircraft.

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Amazon Air Seen As Little Threat To Incumbent Package Carriers”. “ASG Expands and Extends its Aircraft Leasing and Operating Agreements with Amazon (Press release).

Wilmington, Ohio : Air Transport Services Group. Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASG), the leading provider of medium wide-body cargo aircraft leasing, air cargo transportation and related services, today announced agreements to lease and operate ten additional Boeing 767s for Amazon .com Services, Inc., to extend leases for twenty 767 aircraft ASG currently provides to Amazon, and to extend the operating agreement through which ASG's airlines operate those aircraft in the Amazon Air network.

Amazon facility on track to begin operations at CVG by 2020”. Amazon has an update on its massive air cargo facility at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, and it appears the online shipping behemoth could be operational -- or at least partially up and running here -- by 2020.

“Experts: Amazon Prime Air could bring up to 15K jobs over time”. In addition to the Prime Air hub, an unnamed developer announced at a June Sanitation District meeting it wants to reserve sewage capacity for a 2.2 million square foot sortation building with 15,000 employees.

^ Amazon Air secures sustainable aviation fuel”. “Featured Map for 28 December 2017: Amazon Prime Air's Christmas Rush”.

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Amazon Prime Air is a planned system to deliver packages to customers using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) or drones, but currently it uses a fleet of 21 Boeing 767-300ER freighters to carry packages between distribution centers. “Via expanding to handle more Amazon planes ".

The Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority on Tuesday agreed to begin what could be a more than $4 million project to build an additional cargo plane ramp at the airport before Amazon's Christmas rush hits in November. Amazon Air coming to Anchorage, speeding up package delivery”.

Amazon Air is joining other cargo carriers at Ted Stevens International Airport. The move could mean faster delivery for Amazon Prime customers.

The announcement was made Thursday on the airport's Facebook page. According to the Facebook post, the company will begin flight operations on June 27.

Amazon Air has launched cargo service to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The daily cargo flights began this week.

With CVG as the hub, Amazon Prime Air flights are operating from Ontario, California; San Antonio; Seattle; Tampa; and Charlotte among other spokes in the wheel. Few companies besides Amazon even boast the resources to go from zero aircraft to a major player in air cargo this quickly.

The Texas-based company, Pinnacle Logistics, will lay off 149 workers, according to a letter sent to the R.I. Department of Labor and Training by Mark Else, the company's chief operating officer. Five Amazon flights per day will be allowed at March Air Reserve Base, despite residents' fears that they'll again be subject to loud flights like those that disrupted sleep for three years.

Airport officials voted Wednesday, Aug. 1, to OK the flights after consultants said the impact will be significantly smaller than the DHL flights that rattled residents from 2005 to 2008. “More cargo flights at Lambert could mean getting your package faster”.

ABX would begin service this month, while Air Transit International would commence in October. “UPDATED: Amazon primed to land again at Wilmington Air Park; info on applying for jobs coming soon”.

Amazon confirms move into B737-800 freighters with Southern Air CMI deal”. Five aircraft are scheduled to be placed into service in this fiscal year.

Amazon may, in its sole discretion, place up to 15 additional Boeing 737-800 aircraft into service with Southern Air by May 31, 2021, subject to Amazon's confirmation that it will exercise such options no less than 240 days in advance of the scheduled delivery date for each aircraft.” ^ “ASG to Lease Twelve Additional 767 Freighters to Amazon ".

In December 2018, Amazon committed to lease those six plus an additional four 767s from CAM by the end of 2020. “National Transportation Safety Board Aviation Accident Investigation: Atlas Air #3591 crashed into Trinity Bay (DCA19MA086)”.

On February 23, 2019, at 1239 Central Standard Time, Atlas Air flight 3591, a Boeing 767-375BCF, N1217A, entered a rapid descent from 6,000 ft and impacted a marshy Bay Area about 40 miles southeast of George Bush Intercontinental Airport (KIA), Houston, Texas. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 121 domestic cargo flight, which originated from Miami International Airport (MIA), Miami, Florida, and was destined for KIA.

Accident description for ASN Aircraft accident Boeing 767-375ER (BCF) (We) N1217A Trinity Bay, near Annual, TX at the Aviation Safety Network. “BREAKING A Prime Air Boeing 767 has crashed into Trinity Bay near Houston Bush Airport”.

A Boeing 767 has crashed into Trinity Bay shortly before 12:45 p.m. The Federal Aviation Administration issued an alert on Atlas Air Fight #5Y3591 after losing radar and radio contact with the plane approximately 30 miles southeast of Bush Intercontinental Airport.

“Three confirmed dead after Amazon Prime Air cargo plane crash in Texas”. The three people aboard the Amazon Prime Air cargo plane that crashed outside Houston have been confirmed dead, the plane's operator said Sunday.

The Boeing 767 operated by Atlas Air was a scheduled cargo flight for Amazon from Miami to Houston on Saturday when it nosedived into a swampy area about 30 miles from George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

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