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Do Amazon Gift Cards Work In Canada

Paul Gonzalez
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
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While the number of options is somewhat limited, I decided to broaden my own horizons in search of gift cards that can be used in Canada and other cities and states around the world. The terms and conditions come from the websites of the stores and restaurants (or my calls to their customer service departments) and are, therefore, subject to change.

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Please check the link provided to confirm the accuracy of the merchant’s gift card redemption policies before placing an order. Gift CardInternational RulesCountries American Eagle Outfitters The American Eagle Outfitters website says that American Eagle or Aerie gift cards may be used online or “in any United States or Canada AE and/or Aerie store.” Please note, however, that the gift card will be accepted for purchase online in U.S. dollars and that the funds will be processed at face value in U.S. funds.

To make purchases and redemption easier, Amazon has a currency conversion tool that can be used at checkout to calculate the value of a gift card. Cross-acceptance and cross-currency redemption is only possible between the U.S. and Canada at this time.” United States and Canada Costco Costco website says, “Members and non-members may use the Costco Cash Cards to shop at any Costco location in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and online at or on United States, Canada and Puerto Rico Eddie Bauer According to the Eddie Bauer website, Rightwards purchased in Eddie Bauer US and Canadian retail stores can be redeemed in participating stores in either country, regardless of card currency.” United States and Canada Banana Republican Navy After an exhaustive search of the company’s website, I called customer service to find out if Gap brand gift cards can be used outside the U.S.

According to the customer service agent I spoke with, Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy gift cards purchased in the U.S. can be redeemed at any of those stores in Canada. I received further clarification that, “the balance will always be in USD, and the currency conversion takes place at the POS at the time of redemption.

Starbucks Cards issued in Greece, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey may only be used in the country from which they are issued.” United States Australia Canada Hong Kong Ireland Mexico United Kingdom. For those stores and restaurants that do allow their gift cards to be used outside the U.S., a currency conversion will be needed to calculate the value of the gift card.

Some websites clearly outline whether their cards can be used internationally, some provide clarification deep inside terms and conditions pages and others don’t have cross-border redemption listed at all. We might not have the flexibility of sending Visa gift cards to friends and family members across the border, but there are some really great store brand gift card alternatives.

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Your barcode is linked to your Amazon .ca Balance and your funds are immediately available for use. Save or print your barcode prior to visiting a participating store.

Phone number : Tell the cashier your phone number and pay any amount between CDN 5 and CDN 500 to add to your Amazon Balance. If you have already verified your phone number, the transaction will be immediately reflected in your Amazon .ca Balance.

If it is an unverified number, check your receipt for an Amazon .ca Gift Card Claim Code that can be redeemed at WWW. If you don’t have a claim code on your receipt, you can verify your phone number here.

We created Amazon Cash because we want to serve all customers, including those who prefer not to use debit or credit cards to shop. You can make an Amazon Cash transaction at any participating store.

6) Can I make an Amazon Cash transaction using a debit or credit card? If using a barcode or a verified phone number, funds are available immediately after the cashier hands you a receipt for your transaction.

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We will send a confirmation notification to the email address or phone number registered to the account. At any time, you can also view your Amazon Balance activity under Your Account.

Mobile phone or Tablet : In the Amazon App, go to Your Account then click on “Manage gift card balance” in the Amazon Wallet section. Once payment occurs in store, make sure you receive a receipt for the Amazon Cash transaction from the cashier.

If your Amazon Cash transaction is not listed on the receipt, please work with the store’s customer service to troubleshoot. If you have a receipt confirming the transaction, but funds have not been loaded into your account within 15 minutes of payment, please check your balance activity on Amazon .ca.

Your barcode is linked to your account and can be used every time you want to add Amazon Cash. If your barcode is not scanning, please make sure your phone’s brightness is set to the highest value and then retry.

If you are still having issues with the barcode being scanned, we suggest using our Print-at-Home option which you can access by visiting WWW. Here you will be given an option to print your barcode which can be brought into the store for scanning.

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Additionally, many stores will have the option to add Amazon Cash via your phone number or using a claim code. To use, visit a participating store, provide your phone number to the cashier or kiosk and specify the amount you want to add.

If your phone number is unverified, some stores will provide you a printed receipt with an Amazon .ca Gift Card Claim Code. To verify your phone number, login to Your Account, and click on “Login and security”, then click on “Add” next to “Mobile Phone Number”, you will be prompted to select a country code from a drop down menu and enter your phone number.

Enter the code to confirm that you are in possession of the mobile phone number you are linking to your account. Once this is complete, your mobile phone number will be linked to your account and you can complete Amazon Cash transactions using that phone number.

From the Amazon Cash home page click on the “Confirm your phone number” button. Amazon .ca Gift Cards never expire and carry no fees.

Multiple gift card designs and denominations to choose from. Redeemable towards millions of items store-wide at Amazon .ca or certain affiliated websites.

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CDN$25.00CDN$25.00 FREE Delivery on your first order. Reader Jason asked me if I could put together a list of stores that let you use gift cards in Canada that were purchased in US.

Airbnb Banana Republic Costco Fairmont Gap brands Home Depot J. Crew Lululemon Marriott Sears Starbucks Works: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong, Doesn’t work : France, Germany, Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand. The reason people might be interested in this is that it’s often a lot easier to purchase discounted third party gift cards in the USA than it is in Canada.

If you’re Canadian it might make sense to purchase these third party discounted gift cards with a card that has no foreign transaction fee. As of April 1, 2012, federal regulations made it difficult for gift cards sold within the United States to be used elsewhere.

For, that means our Visa Rightwards may be used in the U.S. and District of Columbia wherever Visa debit cards are accepted, but they cannot be used at any merchant (including Internet, mail order or telephone order) outside the country. You could buy a closed-loop gift card, meaning one that is only redeemable at the issuing store or restaurant.

But some brick and mortar stores like Gap, Banana Republic, Aerie, Costco and more will also allow you to purchase a gift card in the U.S. and use it across the border (and vice versa). Click to find my growing list of gift cards that work in Canada and other countries.

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Cash can easily get lost or stolen with no hope for recovery and traveler’s checks are somewhat inconvenient to use. But gift cards, on the other hand, are flexible, easy to use, and can be replaced if lost or stolen.

Additionally, Visa gift cards that can be redeemed wherever Visa debit cards are accepted, offer the flexibility of a credit card without some concerns typically associated with carrying plastic. And since the card isn’t tied to your bank account, you don’t have to worry that your account will be overdrawn, your identity compromised or your credit rating jeopardized should the card falls into the wrong hands.

In essence, our Visa gift cards are an excellent choice for your next road trip–use them almost anywhere, as long as you don’t cross the border. If you still want an alternative to cash and travelers’ checks for a trip abroad, however, read below for more information on Visa gift cards that work internationally.

Redeemable worldwide wherever Mastercard debit cards are accepted, you can “get your choice of currency and cash back at participating merchants”–so you’ll never have to stand in line at the currency exchange counter when you could be out sightseeing. If either one of these gift cards is lost or stolen, you won’t be responsible for unauthorized purchases.

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