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Do Amazon Gift Cards Work For Amazon Prime

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Members also get access to Amazon Video, Prime Music, and the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library. Note: Monthly and Prime Video memberships currently can't be given as a gift.

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Thanks to those Prime benefits I have been able to save some money that I would otherwise have spent on magazine subscriptions, e-books, video, music, games, photo storage, and other streaming services. It is quite disappointing if/when your Amazon .com Gift Card Balance is more than sufficient to cover your Prime membership for the next few years.

Thankfully there is, although you won’t be able to pay for or renew your Prime membership directly and automatically, you can actually use your Amazon .com Gift Card Balance to buy the Gift of Prime, redeem it yourself and enjoy it as your own Prizefight Membership. Important : Due to Amazon ’s recent policy, viewing the Gift of Prime page will require a sign in.

After your trial ends, customers who verify with a valid Debt or Medicaid card receive access to all Prime benefits, just $5.99 per month. Click here to start your 30-day Free Prime Discounted Trial.

Click here to start your 6-month Free Prime Student Trial. You are currently a regular Prime member and your membership will end within a few days.

Please note that due to Amazon ’s recent policy, viewing the Gift of Prime page will require a sign in. Go to your Cart page on Amazon .com (checking out the Gift of Prime on the Amazon app is not currently available) and click the Proceed to checkout button, and you will be directly prompted to the “Choose gift options” page (see image above).

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Click the Save gift options button to continue. Double-check and make sure that the recipient’s email and the delivery date are correct.

Once you have received your email with details for redeeming the Gift of Prime, the next step is preventing your credit card from being charged on the day that your membership or your trial ends by canceling the membership altogether. Please note that Amazon obviously doesn’t want to lose you as a member, so you will be prompted with several options before you are finally able to cancel your membership.

Go to your inbox and open the email with details to redeem your Gift of Prime. Click the Start enjoying Prime button to redeem your Prizefight Membership (see image above).

You’ll be prompted with “You are signed in with, etc”, and click the Continue button to confirm that you would like to use that Amazon account for your Prizefight Membership. Or you can leave your membership setting as it is and pay your future Prime membership manually using your Amazon .com Gift Card Balance with the Gift of Prime again.

Update 1: If you want to become a Prizefight Member using your Amazon .com Gift Card Balance without 30-Day Free Prime Trial, just repeat the following steps: Skip step 6 because you obviously do not have to end your membership if you are not yet a Prime member.

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Update 2: If you want to give a Prime Membership to someone as a gift, just repeat the following steps: Enter the gift recipient’s email address correctly.

What you should pay attention to is which date your Prime Gift membership will actually end. For instance, my previous Prime Gift membership would end on December 21, 2020.

5% back at Amazon .com every day 5% back benefit is only available for eligible Prime cardholders Access to special financing for Amazon .com purchases of $150 or more Access to equal monthly payment financing options available on select Amazon .com items I've realized how much time people waste calling customer service for things that the page offer options.

Delivered status update but still not receiving the package: Search first with your neighbors, family members and wait up to 24 hours from Monday to Thursday, on Fridays you have to wait at least until next Monday 7pm for they to be able to send you a replacement or give you a refund. If the item lowered the price or if you found it cheaper somewhere else (buy it there, save time) Due to a lot of reasons like inventory, different sellers and availability, they will not adjust the price even if you ask for a supervisor.

When I decided to go for the 30-day Amazon Prime membership trial, I thought my gift card balance would be used to automatically pay for the subscription when the trial ended. The gift card balance I had been more than sufficient but all Amazon prime benefits were canceled when the trial ended.

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Select the 3-month or 12-month plan and click Add Prime to Cart. Place your order and pay using your gift card balance.

After successfully placing the order, you should receive an email with details on how to redeem your Prime gift. This is exactly how I was able to pay for a year Amazon Prime membership using my gift card balance.

Redeemable towards millions of items store-wide at Amazon .com or certain affiliated websites. It was the first for Amazon Prime in the program's nine-year history, and the online retail giant said the increase was necessary to offset the fuel and transportation costs needed to deliver millions of items in two days, for free.

Sign up at the holidays to get free shipping on your gift purchases and then cancel, for example. There's also the option to sign up for Prime for $12.99 per month, though if you plan to use it for any length of time, the $119 annual fee is a better deal.

If you're a regular Amazon user, Prime is a pretty good deal. But perhaps you're on a budget and are looking for ways to pay less than $119 for Amazon Prime free shipping and other perks.

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If you have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer (Debt) or Medicaid card, you can sign up for Amazon Prime for $5.99 per month for up to four years. Shoppers who tend to buy the same things should look into a Subscribe & Save Membership.

Members must select eligible items, and choose a delivery schedule to subscribe. FreeS has a continually updated database of thousands of free shipping coupon codes for a massive number of online stores.

Since we know you'll be shopping like crazy, we wanted to make sure you're aware of all the benefits that come with being an Amazon Prime member (it goes away beyond just free, 2-day shipping). Just remember, only Prime members can shop the deals, discounts, and score freebies on Amazon Prime Day.

To access the discounts, download the Whole Foods Market app to your phone and sign in with your Amazon information. The Amazon Reload program is a convenient payment plan for people who shop on the site regularly (so, everyone?).

A program called Prime Samples is about to change the way you shop for skincare (and food, vitamins, you name it). In exchange for thousands of eligible items (think video games, Kindle E-readers, books, cell phones, and more) Amazon will send you a gift card.

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But outside exclusive television, you can also watch movies and shows from other networks including Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer and even HBO's entire back catalog. If your Prime package doesn't get delivered within the hours Amazon specified, you'll receive a shipping refund and may even qualify for one free month of Amazon Prime.

All you have to do is contact Amazon via email, phone, or live chat, and they'll handle the rest. Amazon will still deliver your package within six business days, and to say thanks for giving them some extra prep time, they'll give you a reward credit that you can use on things like e-books, Amazon Instant Video movies, groceries on Prime Pantry, and more.

Your Prime membership is basically like the library card of the future, because with it, you can read unlimited books, magazines, and comics using the Kindle app. You used to be limited to one free Kindle book per month from the “Editor's Picks” list, but now they're unlimited, so go wild.

Granted, this service does cost $5.99 per 45-pound box, but as a Prime member you have access to bonus items the rest of the public doesn't. For starters, there's Habit (a website that offers discounts on designer clothing and home goods) and then there's Amazon Elements (a line of items that the company considers staples thanks to customer reviews).

Even if you don't like to pull out the controller to unwind, this is a handy tip to keep in mind for gift giving. It's called Prime Now and, depending on the lines at your local grocery store, might be the fastest way to grab last-minute goods.

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Additionally, members can take advantage of free, one day delivery on more than 10 million items on qualifying orders with no minimum purchase amount. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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